Vancouver women’s shelter sues the victim

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38 thoughts on “Vancouver women’s shelter sues the victim”

  1. With women, it’s ALWAYS about money. Always. Money money money. Doesn’t matter to them if they destroy innocent men or actual victim women in the process.

    1. They think punishing innocent men with false accusations is a good learning experience for them. Apparently 30 years in prison still isn’t enough of a learning experience to satisfy those man haters.

  2. I had to do service calls in those Vancouver Wimmin’s shelters back in the 80’s. They flat out hated men with a passion, walked in on two young girls doing a lezzy scene for the director of one of them. The female worker at another one of them molest my brother’s date in a public place, when she saw me with them at a crowded event.

    1. The female worker in this case, was a fat girl with short blonde hair and the women’s place she worked at was near the corner of Broadway and Main in Vancouver. There was another young woman who worked there at the time(early 80s) and might know who she is. She had a PhD in English, crew cut and glasses. Small world Janice F.

  3. Well, isn’t this just typical. I am not at all surprised. Thanks to JTO for putting this into the public arena!

    I have only one thing to say to the greedy mongrels who are still trying to punish this innocent poor man and his family, by stealing his lousy 30 pieces of silver paid by the govt.

    If you women claim you were raped, I say bullshit.
    You are a bunch of liars.

    No human being, male or female who has been brutally assaulted in anyway at all, is incapable of seeing and acknowledging another true victim of another crime. I know it is easy to say that out of hatred for their alleged perp that they lose sight of reason, but when it is shown in the public arena that the REAL PERP has been caught and punished, then they should at the very least disengage from this poor man and have no more opinion. And that would be if they were completely heartless.
    At best they should feel sorry for him that he lost his life to the evil of the court system and their wrongful identification. They should also feel some measure of guilt too.

    But they don’t. Do they?
    They are still filled with hatred and malcontent toward this poor man!

    The fact that these bitches do not see this poor man as a victim screams a different truth through a loud haler into my ears. And that truth is that these are yet more examples of lying money and fame grabbing false accusers, who don’t give a damn who they harm in the pursuit of their money.

    And don’t blame the scumbags in the Women’s Shelter for this. This is exactly the same as the family court’s big green button. The machine won’t operate if no one pushes the big green button.

    Just because the women’s shelter offers to get them money, if these women were ‘TRUE VICTIMS’ of a terrible rape, they would tell the shelter to go to hell. But no, they are just femtards, filled with hatred toward all men, but this man in particular and they want more than blood, they want his money.

    These jackals are most definitely NOT rape victims and they have a huge reward awaiting them the day they stand before the Just Judge!

  4. Typical. Because we men allow it.
    And yet, even this will it be enough to get most men’s attention. I mean afterall, isn’t there a football game on…?

    1. Kronk. Oh, men see. Sure they do. How can they not? They are just lazy and selfish like this. The rules they have set to become (real) men require them to drop everything and pander over women, even if it leaves men disposable, else ignored and invisible. {Real) manhood means men aren’t allowed to care for their own sex. Real manly, huh?

      I just saw a TV show (no plug for it though) that showed a man that said “No man can ever win an argument with his wife”. (Code for “not allowed to win). Not because they are always right, but because, well, you know….

      As long as there are men willing to go on national TV and show pathetic, puppet-like disdain for their own male processes, knowing the boys watch too—emulating, how is it reasonable to expect them to ever be honest, when it is much easier to be a schlepping liar?

      And the women in the audience! They were all beaming with pride and empowerment when he said it. How clueless can they be to not see the selfishness in them always wanting to be right and inflicting this onto men they are supposed to love?

      I am reminded of a woman I know that would have been embarrassed with such a statement expecting her to be happy about it. Good woman, I tell you, for she sees the wrong. She doesn’t mind sharing.

      On the sports/football note: If people could have all the time back that ballgames have taken from us, all the money back, all the stress, all the energy, all the injuries gone, all the negligence… it would go a long way at solving so many of our real world problems. My—my.

      Sports have been a part of people’s lives for a very, very long time. It is easy to see how sports can help us; sort of like a medicine in itself sometimes. But didn’t ancient people reserve competitive games for the really good times, like once a year or something? Perhaps after the harvests, or around important marriages, etc…after they had put in days and days of sacrifices to ensure success in all the other ways needed? Surely they couldn’t have spent nearly every day of every year obsessing over every little play, every draft, every rule broken, every turn of events. Too much of a good thing will poison society. That is what is happening to us. it is over the top, badly! No sense of self-discipline when it comes to using sports as a deserved reward—not as a crutch to hobble through life, forsaking nearly everything else.

      If the men of the world have been tasked with protecting the species, what has happened? You’d think men could put this plaything down once in a while.

      And stop lying to women, the boys, and the world.

    2. Can’t we get on the phone and call all those guys who have loads and loads of money from running around with a ball to come running with that money to fight stuff like this, or are they just worshipped and paid all that money for nothing?

      1. Yes, they are stupidly worshiped and paid all that money for nothing but none from me! Also, they don’t give a shit! They pay for what ever they want (including women) so they have no “skin in the game” for our cause so to speak. The only hope now is for MGTOW to gain significant traction and then women finally realize all they gave up for their unjust war against men.

        God speed that day-

        1. The only way that would happen is if enough men with power and influence woke up and realized that they have a giant target on their backs.

          It is in fashion now for disgruntled females to come back (even after decades) claim they were used, abused, and coerced into having sex with celebrities and rich men. The sad thing is that the culture, the MSM, the entertainment industry and the legal system is rewarding this behavior.

          Gene Simmons of KISS, Warren Beatty, Magic Johnson, and Tiger Woods have all slept with hundreds of women. Both Gene Simmons and Warren Beatty are known for being players in their heyday, and I am sure some of these former lovers would jump at the chance for getting a potential paycheck and 5 minutes of fame.

          Unfortunately today, being a ladies man is like playing Russian Roulette.

  5. *Feminist run “Independant body” to “review” false convictions complaints,, sort of like the independant bodies they set up on college campuses? you know the ones they convict young menbecause they “feel” he looks guilty?? oh and will the feminists be in charge of the training for those also? like they are in charge of training sessions for the judges now?
    they have no compassion for an innocent man who falsely convicted as a rapist was likely raped daily for 27 years….human garbage.

  6. Why would a legal system even allow an entity to even proceed with such a case just boggles my mind, because 8 million does not bring back the lost 27-years.

  7. Canada always amazes me with this shit.

    The only place that has more agenda driven selective blindness is Australia.

      1. Look at the top article on Men’s Rights news regarding Charles Waterstreet. The asshole (ahem) “journalists” totally slanders Bettina Arndt with their lies and quote mining. The comments are just as clueless.

        They are so brainwashed to this ideological claptrap they never question it. What boggles the mind is Aussie’s are bombarded with women this, women that, women, women, women, 24/7 from the media, culture, entertainment industry, sports, and politics and they have the audacity to claim that Australia is “misogynistic” lol lol lol lol lol.

        I guess I’m preaching to the choir mate. You live there.

        1. Mate, you don’t know the half of it. It’s actually more sickening than that. I rarely watch TV now. I use my TV to watch my choice of videos, otherwise I just have music on.

          I rarely talk to women; in fact I rarely speak to men too, because you just know they are so brainwashed that they will act like a robot in their response to you.

          And of course when I am out in public and hear that crap, especially from other men, I (as any good Ogre would or should do) make sure they get something from me, be it a sigh, a grunt, a laugh at their idiocy and pussy begging or simply a comment on how pathetic they are for trotting along behind like a purple poodle.

          This of course also sets the women off. Just this Tuesday gone I said at my gym class, which mind you is 80% female, after one of the guys referred to them as ladies, “how do you know they are ladies?”
          A few heads exploded, some frothed at the mouth and one bitch in her 70s told me how she was about to chuck her water bottle at me. She of course proved my point!

          I said to them, the terms “Lady and Gentleman” is reserved ONLY for those people who prove themselves to be of high moral character. So if I don’t know people, male or female, I never use lady or gentlemen, because I don’t know if they are or they aren’t.

          A couple of the women agreed with me, but the rest just did as they always do when I spruik my Ogre’ish comments, and just continued to froth at the mouth.

          Brother, it is so pervasive here in this rotten country that we no longer resemble the nation that once existed prior to the 1950s Australia has lost its soul to Communism (cultural marxism) and is run by filthy stinking minded women and their male minions.

          Once upon a time Aussies had guts and courage and would fight any institutionalised abuses. We were so good that the German High Command once believed if they had ANZACs on their side they would rule the world. This is because our forces were the most effective in Europe on the ground, during WWII. Even the yanks requested our govt to send in our SASR into Iraq and Afghanistan to do reconnaissance and night raids, prior to sending in their main forces.

          Yet the country is now already past the S bend of the toilet, thanks to all the gutless stupid men and the overwhelming majority of man hating, narcissistic, greedy, selfish, childish, part time feminist women who make up almost the whole of the female population.

          I read a comment from another fellow on another article earlier this week and I’m going to steal it and repeat it here:

          “Every woman is a feminist in the family court!”

          Best piece of truth I have ever read in a long time!

    1. Australia is WORSE THAN CANADA?! No …. noooooo! I wanted to move to Australia. 🙁 Noooo …. that makes me so sad.

  8. I don’t doubt that there are numerous sexual assault cases that have never been prosecuted, either in the courts or in the court of public opinion. Nor do I doubt that there are numerous cases of innocents, like Mr. Henry, who were falsely accused and either convicted or effectively destroyed.

    Can we Americans stop losing their shit and let our basic system of justice, which is, by the way, one hung that we as a nation actually got right in principle, play it’s course? That whole innocent until proven guilty? Perhaps, given cultural habits, we might need to double down on that principle in these kinds of cases. Keep both accusers and accusees both anonymous until events play out.

    There’s been plenty of righteous backlash against false accusation amongst younger Americans, with false accusers facing censure, prison & in civil court, substantial financial penalties. It’s almost easier now for the little guy in these situations.

    Do we really want to do Salem all over again? Harvey Winstein was nabbed in large part because one of his accusers did the right thing, went to the cops, made a statement, got wired & took part in a sting operation. Weisntein’s conduct during that sting was pretty damning.

    Always be recording. If you’re a victim, male or female, got to the hospital and/or the cops & get forensic data. That’s the right way to pursue these cases. Coming out of the shadows years after the fact is almost never the right way. And enlisting advocacy organizations in these kinds of roles throws shade on everyone. The person you accused won’t be trusted but neither will you.

    1. Your last paragraph encapsulates the point that I have been trying to make with all of this.

      I do not want to deny anyone justice be they women or men, if they were sexually assaulted. However, coming out many years later and enlisting the aid of agenda driven advocacy groups and individuals to accuse someone of wrongdoing, is unfortunately going to cast a suspicious eye upon you if you are among shady individuals that are coming out and doing it for the attention and money.

      1. That’s kinda where the Cry Wolf Effect kicks in. You look at guys like At the rich old sleazeballs in Hollywood and politics and yeah, some of the accusations against the, appear pretty fucking credible, absolutely damning in some cases. But then you look happened with the Duke LaCrosse team and the raft of accusations that grew out of those 2011 Dear Colleague Letters to college administrations and all the false accusations they inspired.

        Truth is, people with power & high status will often use that power and status to hurt people below them, physically and sexually, for any number of seasons. And some people ar just psychos. I think what a lot of people fail to understand is that power dynamics and social status are a lot more fluid then most of us realize, and the real sociopaths are often most tuned into the shifting currents. Meanwhile a lot of innocent men and women are swept out to sea while their assailants and false accusers wade sadly in the shallows.

    2. The problem with your statement:
      “Can we Americans stop losing their shit and let our basic system of
      justice, which is, by the way, one hung that we as a nation actually got
      right in principle, play it’s course?”

      is that for 50+ years women have had an entire department of federally funded lawyers litigating to make the laws biassed against men with no counter to advocate for men at the same time, the is like putting weight on one side of the scales of justice without ever putting weight on the other. the legal system has judges that are subject to training by feminists who have to weigh cases against laws made by feminists or changed to be biassed by them. if you dont believe they are biassed then please tell me why when feminists from around the world had policy on the table at the UN banning the genital mutilation of children they excluded boys from this same protection?
      heres the link for the federally funded entire department of lawyers who have been affecting policy : legal momentum dot org

    3. I really agree with your sentiment, but juries used to even flat out refuse to convict female murderers. All they had to do is cry in court.

      It’s also men’s fault! We have to stop being such wimps and stop trampling on each other.

      Feminists have taken the rights from men that even the Nazis didn’t manage to take. Americans can fight Nazis in jack boots but when they wear heels, men roll over.

      We were played. It’s time to bring lawsuits. There is documented discrimination. We have studies on this now, such as the one by Sonja Starr in 2013. We should sue! Sue, sue, sue!

    4. ” Coming out of the shadows years after the fact is almost never the right way.”

      Agree 100%. I am of the opinion that anyone who raises a sexual grievance complaint in the media years after the fact deserves to have their complaint treated with the contempt it deserves. There are two reasons for this……..
      a) by deliberately not going to the police in the first instance, the complainant has demonstrated that they know damn well their complaint will likely not stand up to the standards of legal scrutiny. In such cases, it is easier to appeal to uninformed public opinion to condemn and sully the name of a person they have a grudge against.
      b) following on from the above point – it is near impossible to prove or disprove allegations of a sexual nature that supposedly happened years in the past. More often than not, there is no physical evidence and the matter gets down to he said vs she said. I don’t know about you but I can’t recall what I was doing on (for example) at 7:30pm the 23rd of June 1986. So if a woman were to say that on that day and time, I raped her, I would be hard pressed to mount a defence against this – apart from the obvious that I would not and have not ever done something like that. If a reporter were to shove a microphone in my face, the best I could do would be to say I have no recollection of doing anything inappropriate (as this would be against my general conduct and beliefs). In a court of law – supposedly – the accused does not have to prove his innocence; the accuser must prove guilt. However, in the court of public opinion if the accused cannot prove his innocence, he is a good as damned and anyone who makes these sort of allegations years down the track knows it.

  9. The British adversarial system is the least suited to address complaints of sexual coercion of any kind. A Canadian who is accused of any sexual assault should have the right to request an inquisitorial hearing. In fact, not only would this benefit the falsely accused, but it would benefit real rape victims too. It would kill two birds with one stone.

    Only rapists and false accusers would oppose an inquisitorial system. On that note, perhaps we should even make an inquisitorial hearing the default unless both the complainant and the defendant agree without coercion to an adversarial one.

    Another (albeit perhaps counter-intuitive) way to protect a person from a false accusation would be to allow him, while applying for a passport, to sign a contract with the Crown (with his contract status stamped into his passport and remaining valid for the duration of the passport) that would make it a criminal offence for him to fornicate and for anyone else to fornicate with him, under threat of a heavy fine that would double for each repetition of the offence.

    If a man were a signatory to this contract, and a prosecutor accuses him of having raped someone but can’t even prove beyond reasonable doubt that he even had sex with her, it would make it difficult for public opinion to believe that he’s really guilty of rape. As a result, a woman would then become very hesitant about making a false accusation against a man who she can’t even prove had sex with her, let alone raped her.

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