The sex robots are here and they are all you will ever need

There will always be naysayers. Blue-pill thinkers insist that men[1] can only find satisfaction through a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood woman. Meanwhile, science fiction prophets have painted a future full of robotic dream girls, perfectly indistinguishable from their human templates. Here on Earth, demand is soaring: companies are pouring R&D dollars into the problem; artificial intelligence is improving daily; and robot brothels are opening to meet a swell of demand from curious men.

Some men look at the current models and see the glass as half-empty (not life-like at all), while others see it as half-full (all of the holes work). Both of these responses are fair, but there is one category of man who has become lost. He is enthralled by the idea of these robots. He sees them as a game-changer, and the solution to his problems. He tells himself that he is almost ready to quit women. All he needs first is an electronic one.

The cyber-dolls we see in fiction are a metaphor for men gaining the power to quench their thirst without women; for being freed from the deprivation that biology has imposed on us, and that stands as a gauntlet that each man individually struggles with throughout his life. In that metaphorical sense, the robots are already here. A man can already have a perfectly happy and fulfilling sex life without ever coming into contact with a woman. The fact that so many self-identified red-pill men have become lost in the metaphor demonstrates how subtly blue-pill ideas can disguise themselves.

Women have no such fixations on us. Their sex toys are not full male forms, but simple, utilitarian tools, designed to hit the right nerve endings, which they do with super-human prowess. The story of a man going head-to-head (so to speak) with a Hitachi Magic Wand would end like John Henry’s encounter with the steam engine.

Henry Ford is famously quoted, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” An even better analogy is the history of inventing the airplane. Designers struggled without success to create, in effect, mechanical birds. The breakthrough did not come until the Wright brothers set aside imitating nature, and used every advantage available to mechanical objects. Not propulsion by flapping wings, but by a propeller, a technology that is impossible for a living thing.

Every man’s primary sex partner, throughout life, is himself. This is true whether the man has a fifty-year marriage or is a life-long celibate. For decades, sex educators have encouraged women to take ownership of their bodies, explore them, and figure out how they work. Men have not received this message, presumably on the assumption that naughty boys cannot keep their hands off themselves, anyway. Sex robots are not a pinnacle that, once reached, will solve everything. They are merely one peak within a mountain range of techniques, toys, and activities for personal satisfaction. Just like no bird can fly as high or as fast as a Boeing 747, these options present men with variety, feeling, and sensations that women cannot provide, all to be indulged in selfishly and at will. Hoping for life-like sex robots should not distract from what is available today, including pornography, erotica, toys, internet chats, and much more.

So why is that seemingly red-pilled men fixate on the dream of artificial women to soothe their cravings, while leaving unmentioned the banquet table of options already spread out before them? Gynocentrism is a factor, of course. By fixing our gaze on the female form, men avoid ever having to overcome our natural but immature disgust and fear of our own bodies and sexuality. Homophobia, which is perhaps gynocentrism’s greatest invention, plays a role too. God forbid that a man would allow others to understand his sexual energies as directed at anything other than a hot chick, even in this case a plastic one.

For men unable or unwilling to clear this mental hurdle, the fight was lost before it began. Such men must realize: you are attached to women in a way that women are not attached to you, and you will have to pay the price. If the female form is your idol, sooner or later you will worship. And if a billion men, all stuck in the same trap, cannot even talk about it without centering the female form because we are too squicked out by male bodies and sexuality and are afraid of sounding gay, then we are in no position to complain about a ladies-first world.

Nobody should be ashamed to own a sex robot or any other toy, but it is misguided to see robots as the single answer, rather than just one piece of the puzzle. Men with robot fixations are over women like Noman Bates is over his mother. In a commercial for doll vendor, “The-Doll-House,” robotic spokesdoll Celestina cleverly challenges the idea of dolls as creepy and unappealing by asking the plaintive, pouty question, “Do you think I look creepy? Don’t you think I look real?”[2] It is genuinely funny, but the idea of designing robotic women to be passive aggressive also recalls the scene from Psycho when Norman receives an imagined dressing down from his mother’s desiccated skeleton.[3]

One major lesson of the red pill is how society binds men through shame. The manosphere helps individuals fight back by naming shaming tactics for what they are and standing up against them. Our societal narrative for sexual shame says that that it comes only from religion, or conservative upbringings. This creates a blind spot that prevents many of us from recognizing it within ourselves. The safe, comfortable path is to leave the shame alone, to deny its very existence, to tell ourselves that we feel no shame, but that we are just healthy, “normal” men, and all we need is a woman—or, if that has been ruled out, a robot. The red pill helps men rise beyond shame, and represents the only path available in today’s climate for men to live in fully actualized self-acceptance.

The options available to men today for self-stimulation dwarf what they were at any time before in human history, and they are increasing with each passing day. Metaphorically, the sex robots are already here. Nobody should waste a moment waiting for the rubber-and-silicone ones to catch up.

[1] This article addresses the experiences of most straight men, and is directed specifically to the MGTOW-minded. For brevity, the existence of other men is ignored.

[2] At the end of


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61 thoughts on “The sex robots are here and they are all you will ever need”

  1. evilwhitemalempire

    “So why is that seemingly red-pilled men fixate on the dream of artificial women to soothe their cravings, while leaving unmentioned the banquet table of options already spread out before them?”
    For men, masturbation is a kind of ‘soft option’ who’s excess leads to genetic extinction.
    Obviously this is because men must compete much harder for access to females than the other way around.
    A woman can make a habit of masturbating pretty much all the time and not have it interfere with the ‘work’ of her finding a mate simply because, compared to men, she has so little work to do in that area to begin with.

    (btw, this is also the reason that a straight woman’s sexuality is more flexible in accommodating lesbianism than a straight man’s is in accommodating homosexuality. A female can spend lots of free time fucking other women and it won’t interfere with her getting a man. While a straight man ‘going gay’ would likely never go back owing to the greater ease of sexual access he gains in doing so. Indeed, I’ve argued many times with conservatives that if homosexuality was truly a -choice- ALL young hetero men would choose gay for this reason.)

    So it’s no surprise that the male brain evolved to be much more sensory minded about sex. A thing that appeals to ALL his senses (looks good, FEELS good, smells good, etc.) is the evolved criteria for his limbic brain to judge whether or not he’s deposited semen in a uterus or just ‘wasted’ it in his hand.

    And so it is that the sex doll/robot is seen by the man as being a little more than just masturbation.

    BUT we must not become complacent about the ability of this new tech to stop feminism.
    Defeating feminism means depriving it of it’s thirsty mangina, white knight support base (without which feminism would easily have been pimp handed from ever getting started to begin with).
    That means providing these men with a superior alternative fucking feminists.
    In any population there are genetic variants. SOME of these male variants will have brains genetically wired to be ‘more picky’ about sex with a robot.
    Those that are pickier will obviously make more children, over time, than those less picky.
    This will lead to theirs, eventually, being the dominant male genotype.
    When this happens then the robots will be useless at beating feminism.

    So there is only a narrow time window when the balance of power will be in our favor.
    And so, during that time, we must use that new power to take steps to insure feminism can never ‘re-evolve’ like some kind of antibiotic resistant disease.

    1. Honestly, what happens when these robots become cyborgs and can reproduce with artificial wombs? i dont see a problem with a mother of my children that will be faithful and never runaway with my wealth….

  2. “Homophobia, which is perhaps gynocentrism’s greatest invention”

    That is exactly right. As gynocentrism increased, society started to destroy male spaces and separate and isolate men from one another; then women started coming in and demanding that men prove their heterosexuality; then started accusing men of homophobia if they defended their heterosexuality. Multiple level shaming and shit testing tactics used by women. In the past it wasn’t like this. Men were able to openly touch and show affection without being accused of homosexuality (let’s face it, it’s an accusation):

    Even today homophobia is considered to be male-exclusive; nobody accuses women of hating homosexuals, nor do anyone care about lesbians (even in the middle east lesbians are not killed while gay men are). All the while it is women who passive aggresively hate gay men, for they know they cannot extract any resources from gay men and they cannot sexually manipulate gay men, therefore treating them as defective women, as “girlfriends”, as “fabulous” etc.; and gay men don’t have much spine to stand up for their manhood. Of course, all of this is blamed on straight men. All of it.

    1. “…then women started coming in and demanding that men prove their heterosexuality; then started accusing men of homophobia if they defended their heterosexuality. Multiple level shaming and shit testing tactics used by women. In the past it wasn’t like this.”

      The herd. The gynocentric herd is manhood attainment central. Men need to break free, else they will be rounded up into corals of obedient puppets with no honor and very little humanity if at all.

      Change men, change the world. But it looks as though the women are winning when it comes to changing the men, when it should be men doing it for themselves and their boys. If we MHRAs can’t be the ones to change men, we do realize we lose this entire thing?

      Feminism is an unfair fight. Because most men can’t deny women the things they demand even when they want the most male-destructive, family-destructive and world-destructive things, else be shut out of procreation, men are at a specific and exclusive disadvantage. Balanced or not, yesteryear’s arrangement between the sexes, by default, was more truly-balanced than what we have today. Not looking to return, but nature surely had a way of finding that balance.

      Just one more way to say that feminism is actually about female supremacy. The thing is, I think most all men know it already, but the drive to be accepted into the manhood herd must be their priority. Egos and orgasms.

      Change that, and we win. Our species wins.

      Men really do need to think about what they are doing and not doing. They seem to be doing everything they shouldn’t and nothing that they should…even if it hurts themselves, their boys, their futures, and the entire world.

  3. Once they improve and become widespread, the most interesting reactions to watch will come from divorce lawyers and feminists. Will we see a prostitute version of John Henry?

      1. By a John Henry, I’m referring to the Ballad of John Henry, the railroad worker who won the contest with a steam drill over who could do more work in a day. Man vs Machine, the worker who refuses to go down quietly and let the machines take his job. There actually are a few women out there in the sex trade who could very well outwork a sex doll. However, in the Ballad, John Henry wins the contest but then collapses and dies from exhaustion.

  4. Turd Flinging Monkey

    Brah, I have a shit ton of sex toys, and I’m about as un-homophobic as you can be without actually being gay, but sex robots are SOOOOO much better than jerking off, or even the fanciest sex toys available.

    Why? Well I (or rather Celestina) explains it in the video “News: Sex Robots: Form Vs. Function”

    1. evilwhitemalempire

      TFM, about half of your videos (including this one) will not play properly (page keeps reloading).
      Have any other viewers reported this problem to you?
      I have seen it also with a few other (completely unrelated) YouTube vids.
      But for some reason it seems, to me, like mgtow vids have been singled out.
      I’m not completely convinced that it’s purely a technical problem.
      Seems like maybe YouTube is looking for a way to block your content without admitting to it.

      1. Sounds like you have some technical issues to fix on your end. Browser version? Are you using addons? Adblockers? HTML5 or Adobe flash?

      2. Turd Flinging Monkey

        Sounds like an HTML5 Flash issue. I had the same problem a while ago. Just download an plugin and you’ll be fine.

    2. Lol. apparently TFM things you are not a Real Man™ unless you are fucking a sexbot and riding a butplug.

      Do you whisper strawmanese into her delicate little silicone ear?

    3. You do you, I do me. Double entendre intended.

      Most men IMO find sexual stimulation through form(visual stimulation), but like most women
      this is also through fantasy, or the mental stimulation brought out by the image. Unlike porn, or a pocket pussy, these sex robots provide a tactile stimulation much broader than the simple five friends or other toys. Like porn or other sexual stimulation, most healthy men exit the fantasy and move on to other things throughout the majority of their day once this mood satiated.

      These toys sound like fun and a perfectly healthy way to express ones self sexually and “Get Off.”

      I think the dysfunction comes when men lose the concept of tool and attempt to replace intimacy with the toy. That is another topic, most likely for Red Pill men trying to navigate this malaise.

      1. As Nietzsche might have said about intimacy with a sexbot:

        And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

        1. I don’t have a bad word, but I have the same concern I would have about any IoT device, amplified by the increased privacy concerns around sex. Once the sex robot companies get used to the money that the initial sale and maintenance brings in they are going to start casting about for other revenue streams and realize that they are in the remote sensing and big data industry and it is at least as lucrative as the sex industry. Just yesterday I set up an Amazon Echo in my home because I’m interested in writing skills for it. That has left me pondering the uses and abuses it could be put to. A sex robot is essentially an Echo that you can stick your dick in so I’d guess the same concerns would apply. Amusingly, It knew who Paul Elam is, by way of “The Red Pill” movie.
          A product idea: sex robots will eventually have downloadable profiles/personalities . One could be Red Pill Rachael, who introduces her owner to MHRM philosophy at his most vulnerable moments. Yeah, this gets creepy real fast. 😉

    4. “Without being Gay”?
      You’re a Dyke TFM and you fucking know it.
      You love to laud it over many of us other LesBos just because you’re a Top and you get to stick you’re impressively bulbous clitoris into ceLEStina but just because you get a gorgeous Non-Cis Woman to come home to don’t forget that Transgender (Bottom) Lesbian Hermaphro-Dykes have always got a meaty brown Cleveland Cock-Sausage brewing in our womb-chambers tickling our G(irl)-Spots into the peaks of sexual sodom-ecstacy before our Sacred Backdoor Love-Gashes give birth to our beautiful B.ig B.rown C.ock-babies…… “Without being Gay”,, pffft.
      How dare you not give voice for Transgender Lesbians??? Caw.

    5. Oh my, TFM spamming the comments at AVFM.

      I appreciate your comments, but there is something lacking in them. Much like your videos, there is some good stuff, but in the end its like fucking a lump of silicon.

  5. This won’t discourage anyone from owning a robot. What will is that they probably smell like raincoats or seat covers.
    All women need do is cut out all the criticism, nagging, complaining, bitching as well as claiming ex husbands’ income and property. They can get jobs and support themselves. Cut the crap and robots will become less popular.
    There will always be a market for them, though, among the disabled.

    1. Dream on. And brace for article upon article of “ban sexbots” (they are taking our jerbs) and “where have all the good men gone”

      1. We can expect this from women, who are responsible for nearly all sexually repressive legislation. It’s their lazy, hysterical behavior in action.

  6. whats good about sex is fucking a woman into a quivering orgasm. a robot isn’t going to replace that, you know its faking, instead of just probably faking. a robot is just glorified jerking off…..methinks the novelty soon wears off.

    the change that’s needed, is for men to stop thinking a woman wanting ya, or being able to keep a woman happy with ya, makes ya more of a man than the next guy. its as easy as saying, putting up with women’s BS doesn’t make me a man…….no robots necessary.

    1. That is going to be exceedingly hard. Men still love the idea of pleasing a woman and being desired by one. That’s why women didn’t starve once fleshlights became available.

    2. It’s true everyone but an idiot will know this isn’t a real person but they will still be used because guys can get pretty desperate and very tired of women’s crap. I hope they’ll be a corrective to females.

  7. I agree with the article. I think porn “leveled the play field” between men and women. Most men today have little to no interest in prostitutes, because our desire for sex as “a physical need” is no longer an issue. I think, like women, we are now drawn towards sex for emotional and egotistical reasons.

    1. Hookers are usually expensive if they are very attractive. Many are not particularly skilled and probably as mechanical as a sex bot.

      For the price of a session with a high end call girl you could subscribe to a month of top quality porn – with change to spare for a fleshlight lol. And no chance of breaking the law or catching a disease.

      Feminists will be putting tremendous pressure on lawmakers to ban all porn in the coming decades I am sure.

      1. Feminists and traditionalists say they hate porn because it causes us to see women as sex objects, but it is obviously precisely the opposite reason: it causes us to STOP seeing women as sex objects, as our only means of sexual release.

        1. A “sex positive” feminist wouldn’t hate porn.

          But women who hate porn do so for two reasons:
          1). They worry about higher expectations that could result from it from their man.
          2). They worry if he has an outlet aside from her it will be harder to use sex as a tool of control.

          Doesn’t matter if they are feminist, traditionalists or whatever. If they hate porn it’s either/or performance/competition anxiety or fear they will lose control of him.

          In both cases it is often the fault of the women.
          1). If she doesn’t think she is able to please him sexualy she could simply watch porn with him and find out what he likes. Or ask him. Of course as women are now raised to not please men (but men have to please them) this kind of woman is rarer now. Her conditioning may override actual love of her man. She might also have been raised with odd views of sex or he could be into something dangerous or unpleasant too no doubt.
          2). If she uses sex as a tool of control instead genuine passion she’s a manipulative harpy who needs to re-evaluate what insecurity she has that she things she has to use sex the way dog trainers use treats in obedience training.

          Of course sometimes men are just addicted to porn. That is a thing too. And no one of either gender likes an addict.

        1. True.

          It’s also risk free in terms of disease, offers more variety and where prostitution is illegal ensures you are not going to be jailed.

    2. “Most men today have little to no interest in prostitutes”

      If that was the case they would not be that expensive. Demands and supply dictate the price. So with the high price of prostitutes it clearly demonstrate that you are wrong.

      1. So how many men do you know that have visited prostitutes? Also, the high price is not due to high demand, but low supply (of women willing to be prostitutes).

        1. Probably a pretty big proportion of the men i know i guess. But it is not exactly something they brag about so most of the men you and i know that has payed for prostitutes we don’t know that have done so because they never told us. After all in most western countries around 15-20% of men have used prostitutes.

          And no there is not a low supply. At least not where i live (even tho it is illegal to use a prostitute here) or the places i have visited. It is just to google “escort” and the place you are and you will find hundreds or thousands of them. And if you contact one of them it is pretty unlikely that there is any queue, and if there is it is only one customer before you. There is a lot more queues on taxies than on prostitutes, even in brothels.

  8. The Turing test will be the ultimate test for the effectiveness of sex-bots. If the sex-bot is female and the user of the service is a male, then the male will be asked if he can distinguish whether the sex-bot is a human being or not. If not, then the Turing test will apply and men will be emancipated.

  9. There are men who quit women and don’t even want a plastic one. I guess the ability to stream 1080p 60fps porn anywhere with a smartphone helps.

  10. Áine Hee von Sax

    I have 9 dogs. I chose living creatures, not soft toys, although soft toys can look very cute and they don’t poop in my yard or force me to run through the forest come hail or high water. I’d also not need to feed them/spend huge amounts of my resources on keeping them wormed and vaccinated. Same goes for robotic dogs. We very possibly will reach a point where we will be able to replace real dogs with AI versions, but you know.. unless those robot dogs will poop and will have to be granted their walks – I’d pass. No matter how much I moan and complain at times about the ‘drawbacks’ of living with these brats (forget travelling as well) – they enrich my life, and the (natural) drawbacks oddly enough are part of that package.

    I see the same issues with dolls. Yes, sex might not be comparable to the desire to live with a dog, but the very fact we are trying to create life like creatures to replace the real deal (the real deal often inconvenient and granted – in our current times a real probable danger), sort of makes me believe the dog example still fits. Other living and breathing humans come with all sorts of drawbacks too, but the only way to replace another human being is to create AI which will contain at least some undesired traits.

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that in our current climate the prospect of entering a relationship is so riddled with risks and dangers, it renders it for many a no go, and sex toys can certainly provide relief in regards to some of what we end missing when we are not with another human being (reason I am in full support of such dolls), but we do need other human beings to live healthy and fulfilled lives, that’s simply how the species ticks, so dolls should only be considered tie-bys, while solving the problems of our unjust and ill societies has to be kept in focus.

    (disclaimer: I am a highly asocial individual, I dislike most humans and spend most of my time away from humans, but I am also aware that this is not my most mentally stable trait :P)

    1. Agreed. Sex toys don’t replace necessary social interactions, but they have a valid use. Maybe someday society can get past the shame game and simply realize that this is yet another example of MEN innovating and inventing, up to and beyond the limits of current technology. It’s what men do, and have always done.

      (Being asocial isn’t a sign of instability; it just means we’re odd birds and outliers. Some of us are more stable with less human contact.)

      1. Áine Hee von Sax

        Obviously many women will try to make the use of dolls appear ‘sick’, because of course only someone of sick mind could possible prefer a doll over a ‘real’ woman *cough* Surely the logical question to ask should rather be ‘why would a man prefer a doll over me?’ yet that could lead to some unfavourable answers, thus it is far better to just degrade and dismiss men who make such choices.

        (I certainly am more stable with less human contact >.> but I do question at times why, as it does not seem logical from an evolutionary point of view, yet I tend to view this as a sort of ‘disorder’ I have developed in response to a not very healthy human society, and I guess it came down to choosing the lesser evil)

        1. I’ve always preferred to be alone. I have family and friends whom I love very much, and I was happily married for 25 years (to another introvert.) Some of us are merely at one far end or another, of the sociability spectrum – without being anti-social. I sort of identify with seeing it as a disorder though, because it is something I’ve had to work to overcome in order to interact “normally” with people outside of my small circle. I don’t even dislike people in general, but I’m uncomfortable around them even though I know it’s good for me to socialize with them. I’ve grown comfortable with the fact that I’m an oddball, and I’ve become friends with a few wonderful fellow oddballs since I finally stopped trying to be something I’m not.

          1. Áine Hee von Sax

            Like you I certainly have known this preference of being away from people since early childhood, however, I also know this preference for me was clearly linked to ‘sensing’ traits in people, as well as making experiences already as a child, which in a way ‘put me off’ human contact. I observed a lot which scared me, not big massive traumatic events, but instead the little things, not even always directed towards myself, but what people (including children) would direct towards other humans as well as nature and animals. I felt very alienated due to this, and I think it were these already early observations which led to my social anxiety. It takes a village to raise a child, and while community is pretty much dead, we are still raised through the interactions with other humans. An ill society (and I think there is no doubt our societies are growing more and more ill) does impact on our development. Some adapt, others struggle – one way or another we end developing ‘disorders’/problems due to this.

            We’d not even be on this site, would humanity not be so broken. The injustices men endure are a result of humanity continuously taking wrong turns. It might be inevitable turns due to the evolution species undergo on this planet, and I must correct what I said about not liking humans, as it is too blank a statement. I feel deeply for humanity, as those wrong turns being taken lead to suffering, and this suffering in most cases is undeserved, because even though individuals might develop very bad traits, these traits are commonly not conscious choices but results of the human environment. No one, for example, who has ever caused me hurt and damage, did so due to an inherited ‘evil’ within them, but because they themselves were broken and suffering from their own brokeness. Same goes for any hurts I have caused, for my own failings upset me even more than the failings of others.

            I do interact and am considered an extremely friendly and extrovert appearing individual when I move among other humans, as I believe it important to smile and to be kind, but I do avoid contact aside from a very selected circle of individuals who I put trust in, and I do at times wonder whether I’d be more accepting of contact, if society would be less ill.

          2. Áine Hee von Sax

            Yes, my mother said I was a very loving and happy child. Can’t recall this, my memory begins with memories of others (none family), pretty much, and basically all of those early memories of others are not pleasant, and how I felt scared and alienated due to their behaviour.

            Same time though I also fully agree with what you said at the beginning, that we are ‘oddballs’ in a way, for most do not take our path away from society, but instead adapt. For whatever reason, adapting is for those of our make-up not an option, and instead we end retreating. It is an interesting ‘game’ to imagine a different humanity, and how a healthier human environment could have led to us embracing social interactions instead of avoiding them, but I’d say this goes for everyone – a healthier and better society certainly would impact all of us positively (one can dream… <3).

          3. ” I’ve grown comfortable with the fact that I’m an oddball, and I’ve become friends with a few wonderful fellow oddballs since I finally stopped trying to be something I’m not.”

            Good for you Suzy. You learned how to say no, and became a WGHOW.

          4. Interesting articulation of the differences in how men and women are treated differently when they self-stimulate or self-stimulate with artificial means. For women, it’s natural and good and freeing. For men, it’s odd, piggish, sick. Weird stuff.

      2. Advanced in AI are rolling forward like you would not believe.

        Someone will link the two together at some point.

        Chatbots online have been able to fool people into thinking they were chatting with a young teen for whom English was a second language…that was three years ago.

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