The insidious nature of reverse sexism

My wife and I traveled with another couple to Amish Country in Pennsylvania.  It was during that trip that an instance of reverse sexism occurred.

The other couple was a white male and an Asian female.  The Asian female, having been raised in China to be pleasing and understanding to her man, appeared outwardly to be submissive.  The man appeared outwardly to be dominant.  At one point they were taking pictures of each other in front of an Amish buggy.  They had only taken three or four pictures when a tall white woman strode up behind the man, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, in a rather nasty and condescending tone, “Excuse me, we’d like to take some photographs if you don’t mind.”

My friend, who was raised to yield to others (having been the youngest in his family), stepped aside and allowed the woman and her husband to take photographs.  Only later, when we were all sitting having lunch, did he realize how angry he was at the woman who interrupted him.  “Why was she being so pushy and nasty?” he wondered.  “Why couldn’t she just wait her turn?”

I agreed and told him that I had noticed her and her husband watching.  “She seemed angry even before she interrupted you, as if she was offended by you.”

“I don’t know why she would be offended,” he replied.  “All we were doing was taking pictures of each other.  She acted like we were taking pictures forever, but we had only been doing it for two minutes.”

“You weren’t just taking pictures.  You were a politically incorrect couple taking pictures and acting very happy and in love with each other, and that was what was offensive.”

I went on to explain my psychoanalytic take on the proceedings.  Many people today have a particular conception of how a relationship between a man and woman should be.  The man and woman have to demonstrate their version of equality.  Many people today immediately view a white male who marries a submissive Asian woman as a sexist.  They are offended by such a relationship and judge such men as wanting to control a woman and manipulate her and exploit her.  They make a prejudgment about such couples.  It is a kind of prejudice.

On top of the prejudice or reverse sexism in this case was discrimination and persecution.  The woman acted out her prejudice by persecuting (punishing) the male by snapping at him and bullying him, thus belittling him in front of his wife and in front of us.

The woman knew nothing about my friends.  They in fact had a very equalitarian relationship insofar as they engaged in constructive communication, shared their thoughts and feelings honestly with one another, had equal and mutual respect, and made decisions and compromises together.  Neither tried to control the other, and both were devoted to making the other happy.  He was not sexist in his behavior toward her, and she was not toward him.

This is the essence of equality: mutual caring, empathy and respect.  It is about men respecting women and women respecting men.  Equality is not about who has the most money or power or rights.  That’s not equality, that’s competition.  One of the reasons I admired my friends was that they weren’t concerned about who did this or who did that.  They were concerned about listening, sharing, being self-objective, and doing whatever it took to make their relationship work.

Hence, the woman’s judgment and action toward them had nothing to do with my friends and only to do with appearance and how she interpreted appearance.  This is an insidious kind of reverse sexism because, first of all, it goes on without being noticed.  Over the last century men have been demanded to look at their sexism.  Women have not.  Few women writers have written about female sexism.  Nor have many men written about it.  It is as though it doesn’t exist.

The above instance is but one of a multitude of small and large renditions of reverse sexism.  It happens in families all the time, as when a woman judges a man through some preconceived notion of what a man is or should be, or raises her boys differently than her girls because of some preconceived notion of what boys are or how they should be.

One comes across reverse sexism whenever women make generalizations about men, such as “men are cheaters,” “men only want one thing from women,” or “men just don’t get it.”  All such generalizations represent stereotypical and prejudiced thinking, but today it appears to be okay for women to make such generalizations about men, but very not okay for men to make them about women.

Perhaps it is time for women to examine their own sexism and how it may be harmful to men, to children and to our culture.

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  1. While I appreciate the article, I have to give some criticism here. First, I’m really tired of hearing sexism and racism modified by “reverse.” These behaviors and thoughts do not have a direction, and therefore not one is “reverse” while the other is not.

    The other criticism is that the impatient woman might have just been a cunt. Or she could have been having a particularly bad day. Or she could have had a headache and no skills compartmentalizing her feelings. I think you may have read a lot into this particular encounter.

    But I would be interested in reading more from you on the topic, especially with regards to such everyday observations, that we may see what patterns emerge.

  2. “Over the last century men have been demanded to look at their sexism. Women have not.” Those sixteen words sum this whole article up for me. Women can be, and are, sexist too, and as I often say to feminists, let she who is without sin cast the first stone!

  3. Unfortunately there is no point trying to get women to change their sexism by pointing out how it harms men. Women, and society in general…..don’t care about shit that harms men. It doesn’t care about shit that harms children either in fact, unless the harm can be attributed to men, or a least to a man. The only thing that really matters in our gynocentric civilization, is what harms women, or even just what upsets them, or what they don’t like about something. Women’s sexism will be addressed when, and only when, it is inescapably obvious, that it is harming women themselves. That moment will come when vast numbers of men have gone mgtow, and no longer give a rats arse about women, or their feelz.

    1. Then there will be a lot of women in society turning on feminists calling for their blood. Feminists in the end will be the most hated of all women. But this will not fix the problem that all women will still face.

      Getting men back to the marriage table again, even just to talk, will take a very, very long time. There will always be a certain number who will marry and reproduce, but there will be a very large number who will not.

      So that leaves at least one generation with a large number of both men and women who will die out, leaving no issue on this earth to carry on their bloodline.

      I think by then the idiot females in society will have gotten the message.

      1. I have came to the conclusion that there are many, many men, who even when they KNOW how fucked up things are, and what female nature is really like, and how the laws are all stacked against them, they will still do it. Mgtow has a lot of these phony red pillers too. You can talk to them, and they will tell you how fucked up women are, how fucked up the law is…..and how they have walked away….and then they are falling all over the next woman that bats her eyelids at them and letting the next woman who sucks their dick move in to their house. Things have to get worse before most men will stop acting on their instinctive directives and truly decide to not allow a women into a position of such power in their lives. Mgtow is growing yes…..but there are a lot of wannabes who can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

        1. You are right Stu. I wasn’t going to bother mentioning those men, except in passing as I did. Too many men out there will never hold fast to any rules they set for themselves, and yes, even many so called red pill men.

          However, the numbers of true MGTOWs will grow and these men will not bow to women at all, unless certain conditions are met and the women know that the men will be their equal and also demand equal responsibility from them. This however, will never happen until society itself has changed all laws and all the demands currently put on men.

          I am convinced that there will be a generation of MGTOWs and a generation of women, who will not marry and not procreate. They will die off and not leave any issue behind to carry on their bloodline. This will reduce the population somewhat.

          There will be those who will see what is going on and they will fight to change it. The problem is, the women will be fighting all this, long before the pussy begging men ever think about it. It’ll have to come from the women, then the mengina will simply follow the girls and fight with them.

          Pathetic I know, but that is how it will go I recon!

          1. You and I will not live to see that day. Men are too fucked up at this point and MANY generations must still come to pass I feel…

          2. Depends how old you are. I’m 55yo now, and I think I will probably live to see the day the tide turns and feminist power recedes. In fact, I’m becoming sure of it. However, I’m also sure that there will be massive upheaval, economic depression, violence, massive unemployment, basically a depression as the feminist machine dies a slow death and they and their manginas and white knights become more and more desperate to keep it going. I think things are beginning to unravel now. Massive growth in mgtow will be the thing that puts the nail in their coffin. And for that massive growth to happen, the current newly emerging tread of mgtow getting together face to face, and forming groups has to continue. It’s a lot easier to walk off the plantation when you don’t have to walk away alone, to a life of solitude. What men have to get through their thick skulls is that the old model of family and kids and white picket fence is beyond saving. It is nothing but a prison for men. It can be resurrected only after it’s total destruction. Women will not support making it more fair and equatable for men until they can not obtain these relationships to start with.

          3. We are the same age but not in agreement about this coming-to pass anytime soon. I just don’t see the numbers needs to effectuate a change, and the insane feminists keep passing laws that are becoming literally out of control! Men continue to stand there with their mouth hanging open and giving up their rights without even a whisper!

            ‘Awareness’ does not equate to change. Not yet anyway-

          4. Yes, right now, as we speak, many mgtow are starting to see that the completely lone wolf approach will come to naught in the end, with any freedom gained by going mgtow today, being lost tomorrow due to the ever tightening vice of the feminazi continuing to make more anti male laws and policies. A group of a prominent mgtows just conducted what they called the International mgtow summit in Bangkok. It was a fairly casual affair, with a handful of mgtows who are well known via their videos getting together and doing commentary together. A few others who were not there joined in via chat programs. I’ve also heard a lot of mgtows calling for meetups, and the formation of mgtow groups lately. I’ve been saying this is what is needed for years…..and now that the feminists are ramping things up and making even just socializing with women dangerous….. I think mgtow are starting to get it……that they have to form groups and exclude women and manginas if they want to have any social support and company at all. This is the first steps towards mgtow becoming a true community…..a brotherhood of red pill men. I knew it would happen eventually……and I’m quite excited to see it starting.

          5. You are right with a lot of things Stu. However, I’m not sure if I share in your enthusiasm for the near future. I hope you are right, because I would truly like to see men/MGTOWs be the ones to finally get the majority of men to see their error and actually step up to the plate and fight this thing. I just don’t know that they will.

            I just keep thinking that the only positive effect from MGTOW will be that it will piss enough women off that THEY are the ones who get off their arses and put feminism down like a rabid dog, because they are finding it very hard to have sex with a man, let alone marry one.
            And even that is a long way off!

            It just makes me feel that men are so pathetic that they will always do what women want them to do. So if a large enough group of women turn against feminism, fight the family court and govt depts, change all the laws that give women positive discrimination, I can only see that the men involved would just be following orders from the women.

            If this happens, then once feminism is dead, we will see yet again another society based on gynocentric and chivalry principles.

            If men finally grow some balls and a spine, then take charge and force the change themselves, THEN and only then will we see some new rules come into play. There will still be some gyno/chivalry crap, because it is genetic. However the major portion of any new construct will be far more equal than has been in place for the past few hundred years at least.

      1. Largely true.

        This is a big example of the old adage “it doesn’t matter until it happens to you or your own”.

        Super feminist Judith Grossman who’s son was taken through a kangaroo court, and the feminist whack job at Huffpost (her name is elluding me at the moment and I don’t feel like looking it up) that had a melt down because her son was arrested on rape charges without regard to proper due process, are prime examples of this.

        All of a sudden these assholes gave a shit when it was happening to their sons, but apparently it was OK and even welcomed when it was happening to other people’s sons, fathers, and brothers.

        1. Same for finger-pointing accusations. Too many men automatically believe any women that finally have the “horrendously oppressed strength” to come out with accusations years and decades later. They jump on the accusation = guilty circus right away. But when it happens to one of their own, then—THEN— they get all huffy about women getting away with punishment that is not the result of due process.

          1. Yep. Most men are pathetic pussy begging manginas and white knights. The man in the mirror is the one good man…..and maybe a few other blood relatives or very special friends…..apart from that……every women on this earth is above all other men.

        2. “There are many persons ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the make the first move – and he, in turn, waits for you”. -Marian Anderson

        3. “Super feminist Judith Grossman who’s son was taken through a kangaroo court college tribunal”

          as was the mother of paul nungesser of Columbia( the mattress girl case)

      2. Well, ah… nope. They do not.
        Massive evidence to the contrary settles this quite nicely.

        The hatred starts at birth when mothers cuddle girls over boys and from there I could write a book…

        1. It’s both.

          Like I said below, there is this massive outrage from many of them when it happens to their sons, but they throw them under the bus in the way that they are raised.

          Raising them up to be disposable entities as well as teaching them to be good little white knights is just one example. Fathers of course figure heavily into this as well; I am so fucking sick of seeing and hearing about how much they love their sons followed with “I’m gonna teach him to be a good man; he’s gonna learn to respect WOMEN”. Aaaaaaarrrgh! They are so inculcated that they actually think that they are being good parents with this shit. Gawd I have to control the urge to just haul off and slug some of these motherfuckers that are parents to my sons’ friends.

          1. Indeed! “Save the women and children first. Never hit a women. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Ladies first”
            Tell me, where is all the good sayings about men? You know, the gender that BUILT AND MAINTAINS EVERYTHING YOU SEE???


    2. It is already harming women themselves. They do not want to acknowledge it, but too bad. These things will not go away until, well, it goes away. Expecting it to go away by barking orders to males only, is irrational and futile. Equality requires equal adults to set the proper examples.

  4. Women’s sexism is all over the map. Interesting observation about the gentleman…but I would say that the man in question needed to step up and tell that woman to wait her turn. Set a limit. Folding up and giving in to her pathology is not helpful to anyone.

    Glad to see your last comment about the standing judgements towards men and boys and how these are potent sexism but are seen as perfectly fine. I would add the sexist remarks and expectations women have about the way men process their emotions and their incredibly narcissistic expectation that men should be just like them.

    I would urge you to drop the “reverse” idea. It minimizes the potency of female to male sexism. Sexism is sexism and it does go both ways.

    1. “Now listen snowflake, I was here first and your vagina does NOT give you any special privileges with me as I am a man and MGTOW! Go find some other simp to harass and falsely accuse; I’M TAKING A PICTURE HERE!!!”

  5. It seems an ancient yet active form of behaviour, the feeling of disgust/anger at behaviours we feel disturbed by.
    Most demand adherence to their “Righteous” (non disturbing) behaviour as the price of belonging.
    Mono Culture is eventually fatal.

  6. Feminists are the biggest sexists in the world. NOW is pretty much like that triple-letter organization we can’t speak of, except its hate is directed toward all men, not just blacks.

    One of the pillars of feminism is that all men are bad–and, of course, all women are good. If that’s not sexism, what is?

  7. If we want to think about who has ‘privilege’ in this world, women in the West are perceived as having the moral authority on everything. A woman acting offended by something a man does usually elicits acquiescence from the man. The challenge for men is to be unflappable in the face of a woman who acts offended by something and expects immediate compliance with her requests. It’s nerve-wracking for many guys who have, for example, been raised by single-mothers and are used to just having to comply with women with no help from an older male role model whose job it is to balance the power of the mother vis-a-vis her sons.

  8. Where I live the population is about 50/50 White/Asian and there’s plenty of mixed marriages. In the singles pages Asian women seeking White men exceeds White men seeking Asian women by an 8 to 1 ratio. Asian women are not passive and submissive, the term Feed the Ducks was started in Thailand.

    1. No, they are not passive and submissive at all. From what I observe they are strong and at times bold, but respectful of whatever relationship contract they are living out (unlike western Women).

      For example, go into the kitchen of any Chinese woman dutifully cooking dinner for her husband and watch how quickly she will tell him to get out, sit down and wait. No shrinking violets, such women.

      1. Ha, I identify with that. I’ve read that Japanese women can be quite submissive. However true that may be, I’m sure there are exceptions; and I bet even the submissive ones aren’t so to the point of being passive and can still assert themselves when necessary.

        Chinese women have a reputation for being dominant tiger moms, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (and again, I’m sure exceptions exist there too). And they don’t confuse dominance with abuse. Many may have dominant personalities, but they often have loving and trustworthy characters to accompany those personalities.

        My Chinese wife and I both enjoy cooking, but she’s not afraid to let me know when she wants to do the cooking. Better yet, she’s not afraid to point out my character flaws and help me through them any more than I am hers. We do so respectfully of course, but I can tell you she does not fear me in the least. If I’d been the abusive type, I believe that she would have fought back without much hesitation.

        She suffers skin allergies and has no fear telling me that because of that, it might be better that I clean the house and do the dishes because I don’t suffer skin allergies. She’s not lazy in the least though. We both work and earn money, she enjoys cooking, and the only reason she doesn’t clean the house or do the dishes is because of her skin allergies. She compensates by doing the shopping, cooking, etc.

        But no, most Chinese women whom I’ve met are well educated and aren’t pushovers in the least.

  9. Culture is far more complex than many ‘feminists’ (or perhaps more accurately English-speaking feminists) realize. few of them seem to realize that much of their analysis is limited to Anglo-normative relationships and, even then still overgeneralize and miss the mark.

    I’ll take our marriage as an example. For lack of better terms, I’d describe the relationship between my wife and me as symbolically patriarchal, practically female-dominant, egalitarian, just, and happy, without any contradiction between these.

    Here’s what I mean. Our marriage is patriarchal in that, for cultural reasons, my wife expects me to make the final decision on important matters. It’s female-dominant, mainly due to our respective personalities within the marriage, in that I consult with her on all matters and generally tend to bow to her ideas and recommendations and she has no fear of sharing her ideas and recommendations with me. It’s egalitarian in that we still respect one another’s boundaries and strive to promote our shared mutual interest, and happy as a result of that mutual respect. In fact, the dominant language between us is her first language and I have learnt to cook her national dishes among other things.

    In some cultures, the word ‘patriarchy’ is very narrowly defined to the point of being more symbolic than practical, and does not necessarily contain a negative connotation. Patriarchy and matriarchy are considered separate from male or female dominance too. In that sense, in the Chinese mind, a family can be

    1. dominantly patriarchal,
    2. symbolically patriarchal but practically female dominant,
    3. dominantly matriarchal, or
    3. symbolically matriarchal but male dominant.

    Within most Chinese families (including those of the Han ethnic majority), the first two (existing along a spectrum) are the more common. The Mosuo ethnic community is the exception where the latter two are more common.

    The Chinese also tend to distinguish between dominance and aggression, abuse., and oppression. In other words, a family can be either patriarchal or matriarchal or male or female dominant yet still egalitarian without any contradiction between these.

    The English feminist way of lumping patriarchy, male dominance, and oppression together makes no sense outside of English culture (and quite frankly even within English culture, but even less so outside of it).

    1. The English feminist way of lumping patriarchy, male dominance, and oppression together makes no sense outside of English culture (and quite frankly even within English culture, but even less so outside of it).

      And there’s the rub, we have an intractable Orwellian language mess. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that the word-tangle in English language cultures cannot be reversed, what way forward do you see for reintroducing the nuances, say for example those of Chinese culture? Or do you think it requires a new terminology to be created? Not saying I necessarily agree with the traditional Chinese models, but they are superior to the conceptual mess we have created in the West, if for nothing else than their clarity.

      I lean more toward a new solution appearing rather than a return to some older, or Asian model. That entails moving away from the traditional thesis (gynocentrism/feminism) – to an antithesis (anti-feminism) – to a new synthesis (a new form, incorporating viable bric-a-brac from what went before, and giving it a contemporary egalitarian twist to suit a new technological environment).

      I have no idea what a new form will look like, but potentially more egalitarian as opposed to misandric and gynocentric. It will unfold organically without the need for social engineering….. and those of us who challenge the cultural narrative will give it added momentum.

      We are on a path of widespread cultural change (all in flux ATM) but predicting the exact nature of what the future will look like is as impossible as predicting the dream we’ll have tonight while sleeping. Right now we protest, and hopefully wake tomorrow in something less than a dystopian nightmare.

      1. What I do like about the Chinese model is that it allows for diversity. It accepts that some family structures are patriarchal and some matriarchal as per the culture or traditions of the family in question, often but not always tied to ethnicity, sometimes religion, sometimes just because that is what works for that couple. Same thing for a male dominant or female dominant family dynamic. The couple adapts according to the personalities of the members involved in that marriage. All they really care about in the end is that the family be egalitarian, just, and happy. How the couple reaches that goal will depend on its unique circumstances rather than trying to impose a one-size-fits-call model.

        1. Diversity and egalitarianism, appealing to say the least. Maybe the Chinese can teach us something after all, which is perhaps why so many men are sponsoring Chinese women for foreign residency.

          Last time I looked about 90% of the partner visa’s sought by Western men are for Asian partners…. there are few Western women sponsoring Asian men ….. why would they when they have on-call gynoslaves in their own country!

          A point that came up in comments under another article is that Chinese women and western men have the highest suicide numbers, likely the result of being over-utilized and undervalued. That theoretically makes relationships between Western men and Chinese women the most reciprocally generous of all, as they are trained to be sensitive to and to serve the opposite sexes needs.

          That said, there are clearly bad apples among Chinese women and it would be foolhardy to assume success simply due to cultural selection.

          1. I absolutely agree. I’d say the number one determinant of a healthy marriage is character. Mutual attraction is important, and even money is to a certain extent. But beyond basic attraction and financial stability, character takes precedence over all else including even religion. Ethnicity has little to do with it.

            One myth I would dispel about Chinese women is their ‘submissiveness.’ That’s more of an individual character trait. Some Chinese women have quite dominant personalities as does my wife. You might have read about the tiger moms. But again, they distinguish between dominance and abuse. Even a dominant Chinese woman, as long as she is of comparable character, might still be happy in a patriarchal family. In her mind, that does not diminish her equality within the family since she’ll still expect to be consulted on all decisions and her husband to treat her justly but will still happily let him stand as the symbolic head of the household within a practically egalitarian family.

          2. One myth I would dispel about Chinese women is their ‘submissiveness.’ That’s more of an individual character trait.

            Very true. The ‘submissiveness’ claim is delivered always by disgruntled Western women who feel outclassed.

            I have difficulty with the ‘symbolic head of the household’ concept you refer to. What that translates to is the man will make the difficult decision in order to be held responsible for failures of same… which I see it as an unhealthy model, with women who are gentle and benevolent in the face of his mistaken decisions being among a minority….. more likely he will be shamed for failures, often ruthlessly and unfairly.

            So I can’t follow you into a general praise of that model, because in practice the carefulness just isn’t there on the part of many woman – Asians included.

          3. No doubt that can happen. That’s why character is important. That’s why consultation is important too to ensure that she supports the decision. I’m sure plenty of other structures can exist too. In fact, as long as the couple remain united, probably any family structure can work. Whatever works best for that couple. If the couple is divided, no structure will work since they won’t even be able to agree on one.

          4. Ah, consultation….. there lies the remedy. If the woman is consulted for her opinion, then failures often need to be shouldered partly by her if the couple are in agreement on a big decision. Less shame and exploitation of the man’s desire to please.

            If the woman encourages the man to make the difficult decisions without having given her firm clear views on same, then he should say “No” to being placed in that position… she is setting him up for pain.

          5. That’s where I think a symbolically patriarchal structure but practically female-dominant dynamic can work well. He makes the decisions but only after consulting with her. If we were to compare it to a constitutional monarchy, he’d be the king authorizing the legislation that she passes through Parliament. No decision can be made without each playing his part in the process.

            That said, I have plenty of Chinese friends in dominantly patriarchal families and they seem to be quite happily married too. So I guess a patriarchal family with the husband being not only the final decision-maker but also the most dominant personality can work too. I don’t know the intricacies of what goes on behind their closed doors obviously; but I imagine that even in a dominantly patriarchal family structure, there is still a need for the husband to consult his wife and include her in the decision-making process in some way.

      2. As for the language question, One option is to create new terminology. Another option would be to just do what I did by choosing the closest English term to describe what I want to describe and just explaining my terms. I imagine that over time, MRA’s will probably develop a whole new set of meanings for words. We might even borrow terms from feminism when appropriate but redefine them more precisely and accept more diversity.

        For example, while feminists hate ‘patriarchy,’ an MRA might not mind a matriarchal family structure as long as neither party was coerced into the marriage. If the marriage was mutually freely and willingly entered into, the partners are happy, and the relationship is still egalitarian (i.e. the wife might make the final decisions on important matters but ensures she consults with her husband and decides justly), then an MRA might just be happy for that couple rather than rallying against the ‘evil matriarchy.’ An MRA might view a patriarchal family structure as just one of two equally acceptable structures that can equally function along a spectrum of dominance while still ensuring equality within the family. Other family structures might exist that can ensure equality too.

  10. “Hence, the woman’s judgment and action toward them had nothing to do with my friends and only to do with appearance and how she interpreted appearance. This is an insidious kind of reverse sexism because, first of all, it goes on without being noticed. Over the last century men have been demanded to look at their sexism. Women have not. Few women writers have written about female sexism. Nor have many men written about it. It is as though it doesn’t exist.”

    Spot. On. I deal with this sort of thing all the time. The reality is that women have been told that their opinion and spot judgments of men are ‘wise’. In fact, they jump to conclusions so as to feel good about themselves because there will always be someone there to tell them they are right. Probably some dude who wants to sleep with her, frankly.

    The consequences go from annoying, as in the story here, to very real damage. On the job, for example, I know of situations where women have complained about a man in the office because he would walk over and talk to the woman at her desk. The man never made any kind of move, or questionable comment. When he would do it, as a friend, I told him to be careful because of the gender politics at work. She had asked him out for drinks because the two had gone to the same university. He never took her up on the offer and he never asked her out either. So, there was absolutely no firm indication of interest toward her on his part. He just went over because, well, he was being friendly and that’s who he was.

    Eventually, he stopped. But, the office was looking for reasons to downsize and cut staff. So, a year or so later, they trotted out his behavior of simply stopping by to say hi. That, and they accused him of being a bully because one day he yelled at a customer service agent from a credit card company over the phone while on the job. That’s all they had on him. The paucity of any indication that he was a bad employee didn’t stop them from beginning the HR process. And do you know what? My friend documented her behavior after they started the process and recorded 7 times in one week the girl stood and talked to other members of the office. A couple of times, they were so loud, you could hear them behind closed doors.

    Even with that documentation, that she clearly was a social person who wasted time on the job and disturbed others with her behavior, HR ignored it and moved toward writing him up. See, they had a vendetta against him and had decided, collectively, that he was a problem because vagina. Vagina. Vagina. Just Vagina. That’s why he was a problem. Makes sense, right? No real proof necessary and suggestion to the contrary be damned! The girl had decided that he was undesirable and that was all that mattered. Her decision outweighed firm proof that she was, in fact, the office gossip who went out with & socialized with everyone.

    I respect my friend for his persistence and attempts to stay with the organization. But, eventually, he had to leave. There were no emails to speak of. There were no complaints of groping. There were no verified statements that he made that were questionable. Just a bunch of angry, bitter, shitty, worthless, sexist women taking it out on him.

    Women do this all the time. They believe their spot judgments are precocious and somehow brilliant, rather than just a narcissistic need to feel good about themselves. I don’t need to point out that the men they ‘like’, in cases where real, actual, verified acquaintance ‘rape’ occurs, are the ones that they let in. So much for their judgment.

  11. Women’s sexism isn’t just harmful to men; it is harmful to women and girls as well.

    Just as with domestic violence, pedophilia, and really most other areas in this arena, when women do to men and boys what males can’t do to females, they actually set the example of the behavior they condemn. Fitting the primate pattern, it gets gets repeated. So how dare women complain when these things happen to them. In this context, and not by every individual, but they really do ask for it. The brain will not eagerly process “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    Equality comes with responsibility. Equality can’t be achieved without it. So we all need to control our impulses and related behavior. Else, how is it rational to expect these things to go away?

  12. “Perhaps it is time for women to examine their own sexism and how it may be harmful to men, to children and to our culture.”

    If women were either capable of, or interested in, doing that, it would have already happened in the last 170 years of feminism. Even the 11 million or so anti-feminist Christian traditionalist women led by Phyllis Sclafly, who successfully shut down the ERA, had absolutely no interest in doing that. Instead they openly advocated for “maintaining female privilege.”

    I think it’s time to admit that women inherently see themselves as the weaker/disadvantaged/victimized sex in comparison to men, because they greatly benefit from doing so; and as such, feel entitled to special treatment and sexism towards men, openly admit it, and don’t even consider it a bad thing. This was already the case centuries ago before feminism. Check out the 800 year old La Querelle Des Femmes.

    1. If they were capable. The colossal female ego is far more domineering and unrealistic than men’s, apparently far less able to be self-critical.
      Notice now that women are enabled to do anything men are society is swept by repeated sex hysterias, unstable, filled with rootless purposeless lives…
      Women may need stricter social controls…..

      1. They are not capable. Even if they were, they would be uninterested.
        “Women may need stricter social controls”
        Societies in the past, including the United States, perfectly understood this.

        1. I agree that there needs to be greater control on their behaviors. But there is a tension here that has to be recognized – the constitution. It’s based in the principles of freedom of expression, belief, choice, etc. Previous societies understood what we are dealing with, but trying to tie these things up using the methods & purposefully prevents that. I do see the necessity of MGTOW because of its basis in choice – men choosing to be MGTOW. That movement has the real potential to change not only it practitioners lives, but to grow and expand as well.

          I still say we have to document what’s going on with a nod to the litigious nature of our society. The courts will, in the end, have to be the final ‘social control’. Unfortunately, that’s going to be hard, but can work to our advantage. It’s kind of like the author Cormac McCarthy – he wrote and wrote and wrote and never really had much success. But once success hit, it hit across all of his work. I think that’s how it will be for the men’s movement.

  13. Great post 🙂 However I really don’t like the term “reverse sexism”… Sexism is sexism no matter who it’s aimed at.

    1. The author is a psychologist from New York; that’s double layered chocolate covered blue pill. What did you expect?

    2. Yeah well, I fucking hate the use of the word “However” because sometimes it gets used as a false positive like in your statement.

      Great post 🙂 However >>> then we hear how a person really feels.

      I agree with you that: sexism is bullshit no matter how it is delivered. Personally I enjoyed this article because someone that is smarter then myself put into words which previously I had trouble verbalizing yet felt on some sort of emotional level … there are a huge amount of writers here that pop on the light for me … I love it … God bless AVFM !

  14. I had a similar experience where the doctor as she was stitching up my wife who just gave birth, looked at me and asked “Now, you’re gonna wait until she heals up before having sex with her, right?”

    Right there in the delivery room, with all the nurses around, as I was holding my newborn son she openly insinuated I was going to rape my wife just because my wife is foreign.
    I just stood there and looked at the doctor dumbfounded. I just couldn’t reply.

    Every time I think of the birth of my son, this is the first memory that surfaces.
    Thank you, you misandrist cunt of a doctor.

    And the term “Reverse sexism” makes as much sense as “Reverse punch to the face” or “Reverse stabbing”.

    1. Just the thought of trying to have sex in what is essentially still a raw wound makes me physically ill. I couldn’t have imagined doing this to my wife after she gave birth.

      The fact that this insensitive twat even went there with you, shows what a disgusting piece of shit she was.

    2. That’s ugly. I think I would want to retort with something like “But filming starts in 3 days and we’ve already rented the pony”, just to scandalize the self-righteous idiot, but I’ve never had children and been awash in what can only be a whole grab bag of emotions, and then to be savaged in such a casually cruel way.
      Maybe every time you get that memory you could cast your mind’s eye down to your wrinkly, beautiful little boy? This is not my field, but maybe do that enough times and the ugly bit starts fading into the background.

  15. And .. .. .. a half of a second after Gerald Schoenewolf says (quote from above):

    One comes across reverse sexism whenever women make generalizations about men, such as “men are cheaters,” “men only want one thing from women,” or “men just don’t get it.” All such generalizations represent stereotypical and prejudiced thinking, but today it appears to be okay for women to make such generalizations about men, but very not okay for men to make them about women.
    Perhaps it is time for women to examine their own sexism and how it may be harmful to men, to children and to our culture.

    All the feminist females in the room heads explode from their Blood pressure maxing out.

  16. Sexism is bullshit no matter how it is delivered. Personally I enjoyed this article because someone that is smarter then myself put into words which previously I had trouble verbalizing yet felt on some sort of emotional level … there are a huge amount of writers here that pop on the light for me … I love it … God bless AVFM !

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