Should we execute women who delayed their #MeToo accusations?

Imagine a gender-equal world in which both men and women are held to the same harsh standards of responsibility that now apply to men only. In such a world, I contend, the current crop of years-delayed #MeToo accusers would face execution as traitors to humanity, and their fate would be considered just.

#MeToo is a widespread wave of accusations of sexual impropriety, many of them years or even decades old, being leveled against men (and rarely, women). The alleged perpetrators of these crimes are only now facing summary punishment in the court of public opinion for crimes, and even non-criminal behaviors, that are alleged, unproven, and lack any evidence or due process of law.

A lot of recent articles suggest that there will be a backlash to #MeToo – that men will shy away from women, or that companies will demur from hiring women because hiring a woman is the same as signing up for a losing lawsuit when she inevitably claims sexual harassment when a male coworker tells her “good morning” in too cheerful a tone. See here, here, and here. One feminist even suggested that companies be forced to pay multi-million dollar fines when a male employee is accused, accurately or not, of offending a woman.

In law, delaying or failing to report a dangerous sexual predator might well be called “depraved indifference” to the risk to others (in the mildest of cases), and charges like “harboring a criminal” or even “conspiracy” or “misprision” become tenable. The definition of “misprision” is “the deliberate concealment of one’s knowledge of a treasonable act or a felony.” In his much-maligned article on libidinal brutality, Stephen Marche disparaged men who overlooked second-hand (hearsay) accounts of sexual impropriety. Covering up a first-hand eyewitness account of a man criminally complimenting a women has to be an order of magnitude worse of an offense than merely ignoring a possible specious account of the same.

In the military, the failure to report or respond to an enemy threat can be punishable by death.  For example, consider the case of Jack Dunn, who was sentenced to death for falling asleep while on guard duty. In Dunn’s case, no enemy attacked and no loss of life or material was associated with his negligence. Dunn had lots of excuses – he had just returned to duty after an injury and was filling in for another soldier for the second straight night. None of this mattered – Dunn was still sentenced to die.

The cases of the delayed #MeToo harpies are arguably much, much worse than Dunn’s nodding off. Their failure to report resulted in sexual predators being unchecked, possibly for decades, compared to Dunn, whose negligence harmed no one in an actual, practical sense. Dunn’s sentence was designed to keep other soldiers on their toes, protecting everyone in their military purview. In contrast, a woman who fails to immediately report a sexual assault arguably places every other woman around her at risk from the predator that is known to her and, perhaps, her alone. As with Dunn, no excuse should matter – neither her exhaustion, nor fragility, however poignant, are relevant excuses, just as Dunn’s exhaustion and recent combat injuries were of no matter in his fate.

If a sentence of death is called for in Dunn’s case, it is more than justified in the case of, say, Rose McGowan, who took a cash settlement to cover up the sexual peccadilloes of Harvey Weinstein twenty years ago, allowing Weinstein, allegedly, to continue his sexual reign of terror for two decades. Executing McGowan would send a clear message that covering up sex criminals for cash should not, and will not, be tolerated in a gender-equal society.

If we are serious about gender equality, fighting sex crimes, and punishing those who cover them up – and we should be serious about all of that – then a woman who puts other women at actual risk (by squelching timely reports of a sexual predator) should face execution as a consequence of her avarice or cowardice, just like a male soldier always has been for the crime of neglecting the welfare of others.

In the US, all men, at age 18, are required to register for the military draft, regardless of their victim status. Women should be compelled to face the same legal responsibilities, and associated penalties, for covering up crimes, even when they are the alleged victims of those crimes. When it comes to protecting society from criminals, THAT would be gender equality – the gender equality that all feminists always seek to prohibit and destroy.

Is calling for justice a backlash? Of course not, and if you want men to regain trust in women, this would be a great first step. Of course, we will require other concessions, as well.

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82 thoughts on “Should we execute women who delayed their #MeToo accusations?”

    1. So now we are taking our cue from Turkey? Really? America is a completely different animal. Turkey has a Secular government run by MUSLIMS. India is run by muslims and hindus. They are completely different governments and societies. All we in America are saying is hold accusations to the tried and true
      ” Innocent until proven guilty” instead of the feminazis “guilty until proven innocent” which is used by the “me too” narrative. Many women ARE the evil ones in many cases. When they decide to destroy a mans life with false accusations. See , when a man is accused , regardless of guilt or innocence, his entire life is destroyed. Now in the case of guilty men , their lives should be interrupted and he should pay the price, but, it is the innocent men who pay the highest price when that accusation follows him the rest of his life. It appears you don’t believe there ARE innocent men so I am wasting my time .

  1. This whole “Sexual Harassment Allegations” started in Hollyweird, which we know has always had a reputation as being on the demented side. Hence; I’m not going to go into detail (you can figure it out on your own). Lots of different spiritual beliefs say all life on earth is interconnected, that when you bring harm to one person or thing it has a ripple effect to all of creation. Now; with that being said when a female can flush someone’s life or job down the toilet just by making an accusation all it does is make me suspect and a little more untrusting of all women, it pushes me deeper into my Zeta MGTOW maleness.

    1. It actually started on college campuses. Once Trump got elected and DeVos repealed Obama’s Dear Colleague letter, women started to lose power and attention; so they decided to do MeToo.

      Not to mention, India and Turkey had MeToo campaigns 3-4 years ago. India after the Delhi gang rape case (which was partly a hoax and saw innocent men get lynched to death) and Turkey after the murder and attempted rape of a young woman in 2013.

      1. You hit the nail on the head. Obummer and his little letter was eliminated and the Feminaziarchy lost some power so it had to do something to regain it. “Me too” was their answer. If a woman was asked out by a man they weren’t attracted to it is labeled sexual harassment or assault. If a man they weren’t attracted to complimented them it was sexual harassment. And on and on.

          1. Unlike so many, HW did have victims; he used his power to damage the ones who said no. And to be perfectly fair, some of those who said yes were also victims – at first. However they became accomplices and co-conspirators when they chose to remain silent.

          2. How bout the innocent men who are accused simply to destroy them? The whole “me too” narrative expects us all to immediately “believe the accusers” with no evidence whatsoever. This is the only time I can recall that the moral code of “innocent until proven guilty” was turned on its head into “guilty until proven innocent”. The Feminaziarchy has planned this from the beginning , I am not saying that Weinstein is innocent but I am saying it is laying the groundwork for the communist Feminaziarchy to destroy all Christian Heterosexual White Men to eliminate them or marginalizing him in society. In effect taking all their strength and power away.

          3. and….?

            I was replying to a specific comment which asserted that HW had no victims, and therefore implied that HW is one of the innocent men who have been accused. He’s not. “…the innocent men who are accused simply to destroy them” is a not what either comment was about. Surely you’re not here at AVfM to complain that we aren’t giving enough attention to the innocent.

          4. “Perhaps the most revolting character that the United States ever produced was the Christian Businessman.”
            ― H.L. Mencken

          5. “Perhaps the most idiotic commentator on a male space was Pseudo Seneca”
            — Someone better than you.

          6. “The capacity of human beings to bore one another seems to be vastly greater than that of any other animal.”
            ― H.L. Mencken

          7. I sell my arms and my brain to my boss. If I didn’t do so, I wouldn’t have an income. I fail to see any difference between that and a woman who decides to sell herself. Nor, for that matter, do I see difference between that and a woman who simply sells her beauty. In both cases, it’s a trade. They get a lot more for selling themselves than I do.

          8. Yes, and that would apply to those who invited and/or accepted his advances, not to those who said “no,” and against whom he retaliated. The reason I would include a few who said “yes,” is that a handful of them may have actually been coerced into the exchange under duress. However they were no longer victims the moment they left his immediate presence and failed to call the police. They were accomplices by the time they accepted the rewards.

            Let’s not pretend there are no genuine predators in the industry. Hollywood is crammed with broken empty people who sincerely believe they can be happy if only they can win the approval of enough strangers. It’s a playground full of shiny new toys for any human predator. Vulnerable wannabes strategically allow themselves to be taken advantage of all the time, in every industry. It doesn’t mean they should be allowed to withdraw their consent after the fact, and punish their abusers years later. But it also doesn’t mean they weren’t abused, even with their consent. People consent to their own abuse all the time; ask any man who neither walked away nor hit back, the first time a woman hit him. Is it OK for a violent woman to hit her boyfriend as long as he’s willing to tolerate it?

          9. Hell, Terry Crewes is one of Weinstein’s accusers. His accusations were pretty…vivid. Weinstein was awful to everyone, male and female. Of course, in Crewes’ case it was Weinstein who got lucky. Generally speaking it is unwise for an elderly asshole to grope a 250 pound former NFL linebacker at a party. And they’ve got a bloody wiretap case against him, too—I applaud the woman who went to the police & I reap3ct the cops who set up the sting. That’s not allegation. That’s evidence. Always be Recording!

            The case against Roy Moore is also pretty compelling. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn hard for a Republican prosecutor to get a regional restraining order placed against him in Alabama now, let alone back in 1980 or so.

            Some of the other cases are less compelling and the lack of due process in both high profile and low profile cases really, really infuriates me.

            A month or so ago Rep. Jackie Speier went on record discussing Congress’ extant policy regarding sexual misconduct on The Hill & it was appalling. It was almost a literal mirror image of the Dear Colleague Letter that the Obama Administration sent out in 2011. The difference was that The Dear Colleague Letter denied due process to the accussed and the Congressional policy denied due process to accusers.

          10. Funny how Roy Moore’s accusers, purportedly being under age, are suddenly silent since what they did was effective at preventing him from being elected. They were lying then and now are silent. And there was a butt load of voter fraud going on in Alabama.

          11. The cases against both Moore and Weinstein are pretty damn compelling. Many of the others, not so much.

    2. I agree and go further, I believe that the FEMINAZARCHY is behind this wave of “me too” crap. They are eliminating strategic males to put their feminazi females in their place. The “me too” movement entails even women who have been complimented by men they aren’t attracted to. Or asked out on a date by men they don’t see as attractive and they call it stalking . The worst of it is that they force the narrative that we should immediately “BELIEVE THE ACCUSER” without any evidence. We are trying and convicting men with NO EVIDENCE at all. There is no jury of their peers , no trial, no evidence. They are immediately convicted. There is no ” innocent until proven guilty” only ” guilty until proven innocent”.

  2. But…when men decide to hold women to equal standards, accountability, responsibility and duty, they will no longer have that method of competition for women…the one where they let women off the hook for things that if men flawed similarly, they will surely face some kind of punishment even if it takes erosion of their due process.

    This is but one reason feminism is not a fair fight. The dynamics between the sexes put men at a serious disadvantage. Superiority for women is inevitable under these pretenses.

    1. The Feminaziarchy should INDEED be held to the same standards in capital punishment cases. If they can murder like a man they should be executed like a man.

      1. I would say that most people would consider a child killer the worst of the worst right? Especially a premeditated serial child killer. Yet our society does nothing but make excuses for women when they do even that. Just a few months ago, a woman who planned and carried out the butchering of her seven children plus one of her neighbors children….and then tried to blame it on “some man” was sent to a mental facility where she will do cushy time and probably be let out in a few years and given help with housing and all sorts of things. Another woman who wheeled her toddler daughter down to a creek in her pram and then drowned her and then pushed the empty pram home and tried to say that “some black guy” kidnapped her daughter…….was given a 12 month community order…..that’s no jail time for her. Can you believe that. Have I woken in the twilight zone.

        When the eight children were discovered……butchered and piled up in a bedroom in the house, and it was thought that “some man” had done it, it was all over every TV channel, every radio channel…..and they were wheeling out all the rad fem anti male commentators and suggesting what new anti male laws we need to prevent this happening again. Then they found out it was the woman that done it…..and we never heard one word about it again. The biggest child serial killer case in Australia’s history…..just became and non story and the entire media just went quite about it.

        This legal system that lets women off for murder… actually responsible for the future murders women commit. Every woman out there knows that she can go as far as to mass slaughter children and will have excuses made for her and will at worst… easy time….and not much of it……in either a mental facility or a cushy women’s prison which is more like a holiday home.

        My remedy for child killers regardless of gender, or past life history is this. They be strapped in a chair and electrocuted until they are dead. And I’d turn the current down to a level that caused max pain without death….and leave them there screaming until they starved to death. No consideration at all given to anything other then……did you do it.

          1. Would that be so, if men had any say WHATSOEVER in the killing of their own children?
            Or are we to think like the insane feminists do who lie and say that “men don’t give a shit about anything other than getting laid”?

            It’s truly a damn shame that we men have allowed (and continue to do so) feminists so much power and control while we stood by and did absolutely nothing.

            Obvious we fucked up on that one…

          2. We have had no choice. The power and strength of our arguments are laid waste under the feminaziarchys immediate claims of misogyny when we do protest. And the willing accomplices in our media and government strengthens the woman’s argument and hue and cries of the evil man. Well the evil WHITE CHRISTIAN MAN.

          3. Assuming you are correct, what we are doing now (next to nothing) isn’t making it either.
            ‘Key Board Warriors’ ain’t getting it done! It’s time for action!

            OH WAIT!!! There’s a football game on…

          4. Infanticide is the worst of the worst sort of murder. And women are responsible for it . I can’t fathom a woman murdering her baby. I suppose it’s because in my day women were seen as the most loving and protective of babies. Guess there are a different sort or breed of women today they nauseate me.

          5. Women, just like men, have always been both good and evil, and everything in between. The difference today is that we now have a culture and a legal system that cultivates, encourages, and rewards evil in women. If you believed that women “in your day” actually *were* as “loving and protective of babies” as they were perceived to be, you weren’t paying attention.

          6. You could very well be right. I was raise with 5 sisters and 2 brothers and a very feminized mother who , in turn, raised my sisters and brothers and I to be the same. I took a red pill once I got married and was fed up with the palpable hatred the women in my life had for men. My mother and grandmother were very anti-male even misandrists. It gave me a whole new outlook. Some may call me a misogynist but that would be incorrect, I am just anti-mistandrists.

      2. Maybe if you’re murdered by a female you’re less dead than if by a man, just as you’re less impoverished if robbed by a female…

        1. Correct. Females ALWAYS get lighter sentences for the same crime a man commits. If you have an argument with a woman she KNOWS she can always threaten you with the police . I have actually heard women say that she can call the police even if SHE is the one doing the assaulting and the MAN will ALWAYS go to jail.

    2. Personally I do hold feminazis to equal standards but often get called a misogynist which doesn’t bother me . The issue I see many men have is that they have daughters and wives that brow beat them into submission. They use fear tactics, like not letting a grandfather see his grandchildren if he holds to his standards, or a wife not giving sex or accusing him of abuse which will inevitably lead to jail once she calls the police and the police will AUTOMATICALLY believe the woman even if SHE is the one assaulting the man.

  3. A woman recently decided not to be my friend when I told her I wasn’t interested in hearing her rape story. As soon as she started telling it, I just told her I don’t give any shits about her rape story. And she asked me if I thought she was lying…and I said I have no idea….and don’t care. And if you wanted anybody to care, you should have reported it at the time, and had it dealt with….not drag it out to gain some victim status every time you think it will gain you something twenty years later. Good riddance. All the false accusations and blown out of proportion trivial piece of bullshit I’ve heard conflated with rape over the years have made me feel like……whenever a woman tells me she has been a victim….I just write them off as not worth talking too or knowing. If that sounds tough……I don’t give a shit about that either

          1. I, for one man, am NOT OKAY with the current male oppression. I fight back every day against the feminazis I come into contact with.

      1. They’ll get consequences that manifest in their lives and as men all we will have to do is sit back and watch the shit hit the fan.

        1. Yeah, well- no so sure about that mate.
          Looks like things have been working out ‘quite-dandy’ for those criminals so far with no abatement in sight. I will reminder the readers here that AWARENESS does not equal change, and although this site (and a few others) have done a great job towards that endeavor, I still see the insane and toxic feminists hard at work passing laws that once on the books, will be EXPONENTIALLY harder to get them repealed! This after all, is the objective. “We’ve giving children to mothers post divorce for some 50 years now, why change a good thing”?

          The response from men-

          1. I believe “change” will only happen when men grow balls big enough to actually take these feminazis and their Feminaziarchy on and fight back regardless the consequences. But be prepared to be falsely accused of some sort of sexual crime , either physical assault or a thought crime against a feminazi. Maybe looking at one too long or brushing past one in a crowded elevator.

          2. My good friend SHREK (and several others here) believe it must come from the females themselves else nothing will really change. Perhaps this is accurate since it is they who authored, championed and are winning this war, it seems logical that they should be the ones to end it especially since most men refuse to engage in their own survival. It is said that only when enough females are inconvenienced by toxic feminists will they finally turn on their sisters and end this war on males. This will happen ONLY because of the loss to them, not the males!
            I maintain that men could do it overnight but nobody here advocates for violence even at the cost of years in prison for false allegations, the kidnapping of ones children, rediclous amounts of Mommy-Support and lifetime alimony in some states, ZERO reproductive rights and the list goes on and on all of it aimed EXCLUSIVELY at men only. Nevertheless, violence IS regularly administered unto males (done mostly by proxy) and yet, men are never allowed to reciprocate in kind. Therefore the dance will continue, and their war on men will progress.

            When did ‘asking them nicely’ ever work?

          3. Actually, I don’t think the exaggerated consent laws will hold up very well. Colleges that acquiesced to the Dear Colleague Letter are getting their asses sued left and right. And losing. A lot. And it’s not just conservative judges who are telling them to go screw. They’ve turned Gov. Jerry Brown and Betsy de Vos into allies on the consent issue. Did not see that one coming I must say. And there’s the little matter of Due Process. By overplaying their hand on sexual assault issues, the rad-fems have put themselves squarely in the crosshairs of the 5th and 14th Ammendmenta. When you’re defamed or falsely accused you have the option of taking the matter to Civil Court. A lot of people can’t afford that. But that’s not so much an issue for people with power. This is not fair, but sometimes you have to use the tool at hand. Look what happened with Rolling Stone and Gawker. There’ve been 50-some odd false accusations that have been settled against or resulted in penalties against colleges that supported false allegations. And there are A LOT still pending.

          4. Colleges need to be sued out of existence for what they did and continue to do to males! I have less than zero empathy for the universities that put money and femails above the truth!

            Die! Die! Die!

    1. Consent doesn’t exist anymore, feminists killed it.
      All sex is rape.
      In fact, many non-sexual things are also rape. Like looking at a woman.

      1. I have actually heard women say that “all sex is rape”. What have we done to this generation of women? Like I always say , we are living in a Feminaziarchy. Yes, I created that word but it actually fits and makes sense.

          1. “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things. If it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop.”

            [New Statesman interview, 7 January 1939]”
            ― Winston S. Churchill

          2. Get Rationale, and pull yourself together MGTOWMonster: you are trying to bully a stranger online; you’ve aligned yourself with men you don’t know, who whine about experiences they may or may not have had, but that you definitely have not experienced.

            MGTOWMonster, you act like “Women crave the chemical rush that comes from suspicion and indignation…they’ll happily get it from tabloids or otherwise living vicariously through their single girlfriends”, or men MGTOW has seen on TV ― Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male

            “He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte

            “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

          3. The Man On The Street

            ” you’ve aligned yourself with men you don’t know, who whine about experiences they may or may not have had, but that you definitely have not experienced.”

            You mean like the #metoo bull?

  4. We should pay closer attention to each other, holding one another accountable; the sexual abuse of boys, girls, young men and women is no longer acceptable.

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