Men who sit at the screens

In his four volume series Masks of God, mythologist Joseph Campbell documented the transformations of religious stories over millennia, demonstrating that the guiding narratives for civilizations underwent numerous revisions, or in some cases replacement, with the relevant populations quickly adapting to the new narratives to help them make sense of their lives and the world around them.

Those new to the MRM may not immediately see how this is relevant to the movement, particularly in an era they consider post-religious. Those who have been in the MRM for the longer haul, however, know that we continue to be influenced by cultural narratives (or if you like, myths) which guide our perception every bit as strongly as did the old religious stories examined by Campbell. Feminist myth-making provides the perfect example

Some may remember Angry Harry’s wonderful series ‘Who Rules Over Us’ in which he tried to impart to readers this very sense – that there are ‘entities’ as he called them, large institutional organisms generating narratives that we absorb, willy nilly, as our own. These, explained Harry, are contemporary mythologies which guide the sleepy masses, while those who perpetuate them are often driven by motives of power, profit or revenge.

Today, as in the ancient past, we are steeped in mythologies pretending to describe the nature of men and women – many of them highly destructive to human relationships. Our dominant mythology, euphemistically referred to as romantic love provides an example of the urge to power by those who perpetuate it, for behind each romantic story is the goal of increasing the power of women through acts of male chivalry. Neither does the myth escape the rhetoric of feminists who are the leading promoters of it: males are latent beasts who must atone though gestures of chivalry, and women are damsels in distress.

Emma Watson, leading actress and champion of the HeForShe campaign, specializes in playing medieval gender roles

But not all mythologies serve to increase the power, profit and revenge of tyrants and therein lies the challenge for men’s rights activists who work to create new accounts of life that include the male perspective. To that end social media and a keyboard are the ultimate weapons as Angry Harry maintained to the end:

It is the growing brain in cyberspace that is the major source of the progress that is being made outside of cyberspace. Nothing else – and no other men’s group – comes even close to achieving what the collective activism of those in cyberspace are achieving.

Even those heroes whose activism is largely outside of cyberspace (and there are now quite a few of them; e.g. Fathers For Justice) are supported very strongly by the activists who operate mostly within cyberspace.

Indeed, the internet is providing men’s activists with one of the most powerful tools imaginable when it comes to furthering their cause and seeking to empower themselves. There has been nothing like it throughout history. And so to complain about the fact that the men’s movement is mostly making use of the internet is about as daft as complaining about the fact that soldiers in the past mostly carried guns and were usually part of an army.

Putting this another way: The increasing activities of an increasing number of men’s activists are likely to generate a structure that will, eventually, be quite recognisable as an organism that is the ‘men’s movement’.

And this will happen quite unconsciously.

As such, perhaps the only really important message for men’s activists to take on board is simply this one.

Stay active!

The men’s movement is growing all the time. And much of this is due to the collective activism of men-who-sit-at-screens.

‘Men-who-sit-at-screens’ – writers, computer folk, scientists, the intelligence and security services etc – are, in many ways, a certain breed of men – with, loosely speaking, more brain, less muscle, more introvert, less extravert etc.

And many of us grow to be this way as we get older!

it is men-who-sit-at-screens who will knit together the men’s movement.

And it is men-who-sit-at-screens who will knit together the men’s movement.

There will be men’s activists who will dash hither and thither around cyberspace harassing the enemy and gathering up information to feed to webmasters and authors. There will be webmasters and authors sifting, analysing and re-arranging information to create feeds and ideas to push into the more mainstream media. There will be mainstream media activists who repackage the information for a much wider audience. There will be computer folk who will help the men’s movement to grow inside cyberspace. And there will also be men-who-sit-at-screens in many other walks of life who will do their bit to further the men’s movement and its aims.

For example, there are, apparently, some 50,000 police officers and security agents in the USA whose work mostly involves trawling the internet.

Needless to say, they are mostly men.

Furthermore, if you take notice of the gender of the columnists on most of the political websites on the internet, you will see that they are overwhelmingly men.

Yes indeed. The men’s movement is going to grow into the most massive organism. And, eventually, not only will no other group be able to compete with it, no other group will survive its wrath should it engender it.

The men’s movement is going to be dominated by men-who-sit-at-screens.

(This will be true for so many reasons – some of which are mentioned above – that it would take far too long to discuss them here.)

And men-who-sit-at-screens are not particularly representative of men in general.

More importantly, they are not particularly representative of those who have typically wielded the most power in the past.

For example, ambitious politicians, soldiers bearing arms, feminists, racial leaders, wealthy corporate executives, union leaders, film stars, media moguls, and other such entities have led the way in the past.

The men-who-sit-at-screens have not had much of a say!

But the times they are a-changing.

And the shift of power toward men-who-sit-at-screens will definitely bring about a change in the overall psychology of those who have the most influence.

These will include male authors who write pieces on all sorts of different topics, computer folk who write software, design websites etc, security agents who scour the internet for information, activists of all persuasions, and others too numerous to mention.

And then there are those men who just regularly log on to read the material that is online.

These are not the same kind of people who have had power in the past.

Their psychology is very different.

No. Not in every case.

But, statistically speaking, they are definitely very different.

And in the near future, and partly thanks to the men’s movement, men-who-sit-at-screens will begin to understand that, together, they represent a truly mighty force.

A huge force!

It does not matter whether they are on the left or on the right, and if they are fighting like dogs. The truth of the matter is this – whether they like it or not. If they are ‘men’, and they also sit at screens and they also keep reading about the same kind of stuff, then they really, and truly, and very deeply have a great deal in common – far more so than they usually recognise.

And the reason that they usually do not recognise this commonality is largely due to the fact that they do not see themselves as ‘men’!

But, one day, they will!

And, at some point in the future, the psychological force that they create will dwarf all others.

And so, all in all, the future seems quite rosy for men-who-sit-at-screens.

Angry Harry’s website is testament to the power of online activism, where his work alone has reached millions of people in comparison to the few we might otherwise reach in our physical social circles.

Some readers might object that they don’t follow stories at all but simply follow facts, which itself becomes a story about not following stories. On close inspection, to be sure, when we remove the superficial story-masks we wear what we find are even deeper undercurrents of story, layers of narrative accumulated from childhood that go all the way down to the bone. Narrative gives a worldview, and provides identity, which rings true in Shakespeare’s line “All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players”. We are all enactors of stories, our own stories, and what we need are stories that ring more true to our experience of being male.

In summary, the internet is where we share our stories and by doing so we challenge the dominant narratives, mirroring the findings of Campbell in regard to the narrative upheavals of traditional religions. What we need is a New Testament on men’s issues, one that will succeed the tired old story of male servitude to a quasi-aristocratic class of women. This process begins by understanding that the persuasiveness of stories will always trump clinical facts – despite their veracity.

Men and women are after all story creatures, and it’s by this mode we can tell ourselves into existence beyond the restrictive stories that currently dominate the discussion on gender. By that route, as Harry contended, we can change the world.

Further Reading:

The following excerpt from philosopher Richard Kearney delves into the power of stories: Where do stories come from?

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  1. Jonathan Watson

    “Narrative gives a worldview, and provides identity, which rings true in Shakespeare line “All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players”. We are all enactors of stories, our own stories, and what we need are stories that ring more true to our experience of being male.”

    This paragraph rings very true for me, and this understanding of psychology is one of my favorite things about both Peter and Paul’s writings.

    Thank you Peter for the excellent article.

  2. “Furthermore, if you take notice of the gender of the columnists on most of the political websites on the internet, you will see that they are overwhelmingly men.

    “Yes indeed. The men’s movement is going to grow into the most massive organism. And, eventually, not only will no other group be able to compete with it, no other group will survive its wrath should it
    engender it.”


    This is rich with insight and with beautiful expression. You have inspired me to write something

    1. Come write more and express yourself to the fullest in the “A Voice For Men” Forums. We would love for you to lend us your voice to our discussions!

  3. AH was a visionary, a prophet of the Mens Rights Movement. He is rightly revered by those of us who constitute the army of men-who-sit-at screens aiming to transform the social narrative which is so toxic for men and boys.

    Gentlemen, keep up the good work!

  4. “By that route, [men sitting st screens] as Harry contended, we can change the world.”

    Change men, change the world.

    Although I still do not see enough men sitting at screens, the number is growing. But a lot of them are essentially working against men too.

    I often say how I do not think our keyboard efforts are enough. I still feel this way, but the words contained in this article are encouraging.

    However, as with the recent Australian traffic-stopping protest of men on IWD, this type of work must not be downplayed as something unnecessary. I will always believe that the feminism vaccine will be best served with an occasional booster shot: real street protests. And I look forward to the day when protest like this are more common because online, our efforts are still too easy to be sidelined and ignored.

    Not saying keyboard work isn’t powerful, but as I also have said many times here: we need to be turning over every stone in our collective fight to help men and boys. Just do all we can, then when we look back and see that we did some things unnecessary, won’t such be better knowing that we worked as hard as we could?

    Angry Harry is and always will be one of my greatest heroes. But I just want us to do all that we can too.

    The shock of mainstream when Australian men hit the pavement still reverberates in my soul and spirit. I want more of it too. People need to physically see men pulling away from being obedient puppets.

    Turn over every stone. Wouldn’t Harry be proud of this too?

  5. The hardest part of this is teaching men just how pointless it is to oil the squeaky wheel. It will never stop squeaking. It needs to be discarded. I don’t think our wheel will ever squeak as loud as theirs, it’s just not what men do. People need to be shown that feminism was never any good, that the world view of feminists was disastrous from the start. Women have always had more protection and often more choices than men. Anti feminism is essential to change the zeitgeist.

  6. Modern 2nd wave Feminism evolved during the TV era, where limited access, 15 second sound bites, and emotional arguments could be used to shout down anyone who opposed them. With the internet, there is no in-your-face shout down, text dominates, facts and logic prevail, Feminism is screwed.

  7. Samantha Stephens

    What happens if/when the internet is censored? We all know at present The MRM is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and I hope it will continue to grow by leaps and bounds – destroying feminism completely.

    Governments, globalists, and the powers that be want feminism firmly in place as it is serving their interests of ever increasing wealth and power.

    I’m afraid once the MRM becomes well known, more powerful, and becomes maybe just a little to much of a threat to the puppet masters who control feminism, sites such as this will be shut down.

    MISOGINY!!! dont’ch know.

    1. The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.
      – John Gilmore 1993

      Still true. It can’t effectively be shut down, but it can be made hard to find by messing with DNS or a UDRP complaint like having to change their name to As most sys admins and network admins are male that might be a good demographic to put some extra effort into.

    2. What happens if/when the internet is censored?

      Censorship has already blanketed the main social media platforms thanks to feminist and SJW ideologues wanting to silence the opposition.

      But the toothpaste is already out of the tube re men’s issues and there’s no putting it back….. same happened with the early newspapers in the 1800s which saw many revolutions, and TV in the early 1950s which opened the door for the black rights movement to squeeze itself out of the tube.

      This always happens in new media technologies (newspapers, radio, TV, internet), where a window is opened for long-censored voices before the elite wrest control and start censoring those same platforms. Twitter, facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia etc all victims of an increasing censorship that simply didn’t exist 6 years ago, and now the remaining placeholders of free speech on the internet are limited to personal websites and blogs which will also be censored in the future through ISP terms of service.

      The good news, the really GREAT news, is the message is out there, we succeeded, and the internet is far from a closed door…… we can continue to give momentum to the message via social media – we simply have to get more creative and navigate the new terms of service of social media sites.

      1. When ISP is controlled by feminists, will it affect sites like AVfM? Are there ways we can “provide” for ourselves? Any new mechanisms on the horizon?

        If the future doesn’t look good for us this way, I sure hope we are, by then, seasoned enough with protests to give them something else to seek control over. As much progress that we have made, it can all go south quickly (a couple generations, or less), no?

        1. Are there ways we can “provide” for ourselves? Any new mechanisms on the horizon?

          I’m not enough into the politics of provision to know the answer to those questions MM, but I’m certain that ISPs will, or in fact are, increasing their terms of service to include no hate speech etc. And ISPs who don’t do that of their own initiative will be increasingly regulated by government legislation in host counties demanding they carry censorious TOS with their hosting provisions.

          There will be ways around it, much as we see with banking which creates safe havens for tax evasion. However most mainstream soc media conversation will probably happen on heavily regulated, censored platforms…. and where “most” conversation is happening is where the dominant narratives are entrenched.

          Just my take, someone deeper into the technicalities might be able to throw more light on what the future holds.

          The good news is that our perspective is now strong even in censored spaces so it will be near impossible to eradicate it, and it will likely continue to take hold in the minds of netizens. That means our mission is partly successful….. now it’s just a matter of driving the nail deeper, even if we have to do it more carefully without naming ideologues “cunts”. Lol

      2. Except hardware manufacturers are greedy and they are not going to stop innovating and making today’s IT service center technology into tomorrow’s consumer product. Which means the ability to create rogue internets is not limited to those who own the hubs on the Internet backbones, it simply requires the will (and the need) to do it. That’s why I’m not worried. In the creation of the Internet we have witnessed a fundamental change in human history. It’s not just the technology that makes this change, it’s the idea, the expectation planted in people’s minds that they should be able to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world at any time. Once people get a taste of freedom like that, they don’t want to go back. We’ve seen the results of this over the last quarter century: the authoritarians of whatever stripe, and that includes feminists, are on their way out. Kicking and screaming to be sure, trying to retain control through more and more desperate attempts at manipulating the media as we’ve seen in the last election, or outright physical force, but the writing is on the wall. It’s impossible to physically coerce people into following you, you have to control their minds and the information they receive. If you lose control of that, your reign is done. We live in very, very interesting times.

    3. We do what we do, we study, we learn and figure it out. Over the last couple of years I’ve learned a pile more about websites and social media than I thought I ever would. Throwing up websites gets easier and faster. The portals and gateways are points they can control and censor, but the websites and articles can be shifted around. If they try to push you out into the dark net, you just make sure you have mastered other portals. Google, facebook and twitter are dominant, but that also means if you skip them you skip most of the censoring, but you don’t retreat. You do what others have done in the past, talk in coded signals in ‘public’ using references they don’t understand to signpost where to find the material. But I don’t think it will come to that, they are not that powerful, their power comes from manipulation that comes from maintaining an illusion. Even if they do continue trying to censor, it just means we get the mystique of the forbidden, and it’ll still be game on.

    4. I feel it too. They are coming for our voices. The truth is too much for them. They can’t have their way as long as the truth is allowed. I am surprised they haven’t acheived more by now, but they are chomping at the bit to steal our human voices.

      “Governments, globalists, and the powers that be want feminism firmly in place as it is serving their interests of ever increasing wealth and power.”

      That, and some people, as crazy as it is, still think women are behind. They let the greatest ruse overtake their actual observations. Regardless of the numerous ways women are ahead, since they do not “enjoy” (wink, wink) the status of men— something that comes with expenditures and sacrifices most women aren’t willing to make, they are quite successful at still duping enough people into saving the poor damsels…in what turns out to actually be saving them from having to be equal.

      They want the same status, but will never attain it honestly, unless they quit the gendered-problem ruse and join reality to become truly equal. The thing is, the only thing holding them back from acheiving equal status is themselves.

      1. Samantha Stephens

        Feminists don’t want equality. Not now or ever. They want female superiority. Sadly the vast majority of society has been brainwashed and indoctrinated into believing women are and always have been somehow “oppressed.” Globalist governments want a sort of imaginary “faux” female superiority in place. This artificial female superiority infantilizes women by keeping them crying for more and more and making them evermore dependant on government monies and programs. Feminisms continued and ever escalating lies and propaganda keeps telling men they are less than human and are forever responsible for women’s (imaginary) problems. Feminist doctrine, disinformation, and blatant, hateful lies are designed to keep men in a constant state of psychological defense so they (being hardwired to cater to women at enormous costs to themselves) keep serving, providing, protecting, and dying for their female masters.

        Women at present have far more rights and privileges than men – and all of society has been censored from saying so and most of society has been brainwashed from believing this truth.

        Infantilized, sophomoric females and emasculated, vitiated, lap dog men are malleable and are easily controlled, and contained.

        There you have it. Exactly what globalists want, and exactly the reason feminism was engineered and introduced to the masses over fifty years ago.

        Not to tough to understand. I figured this out when I was about ten years old.

        1. What you speak of…this mass delusion of insanity that society is under, is probably the most sweeping and overarching systemic denial that I can think of. Really what else comes close?

          A woman’s life and well being is valued far above a man’s ( the evidence is so vast for this that if anyone denies it, it’s like they are saying up is down and black is white). Several branches of government are dedicated to women’s health…none for men. There is an incredible array of women’s only government programs, and none for men. The MSM, politics, and the entertainment industry spend an incredible amount of time catering, ass kissing, and patronizing women. In some western countries there are no repercussions for women making false allegations against men; as a matter of fact, they are rewarded in many cases. I could go on and on.

          Yet people will look at you with a straight and say that women are oppressed and that we live in a misogynistic society

          Karen Straughen said that in order for such a large segment of society to buy into something so bat shit crazy that flies in the face of the reality of the world around us, there to be something going on in the back of our brains; the ancient wetware that we are born with.

          1. Samantha Stephens

            Yes, the “ancient cave man shit” made it all possible – it’s called “hardwiring” – the way both male and female brains have formed over millennia’s of hormones, biology and evolution.

            Women give birth. For thousands of years, giving birth and raising a baby to adulthood without mother, child, or both dying in the process was extremely difficult – bordering on almost impossible, whereas one male could impregnate hundreds of females – not tough to do. Gynocentrism (protecting and providing for vulnerable women) evolved because of this. Gynocentrism, though no longer necessary for human survival remains ‘hardwired’ into human beings. Which is why to this very day men will blindly protect and provide for women even to the point of death, and women are all about self preservation and will mercilessly exploit a man’s resources even if it means eventually destroying the very hand that feeds them.

            Feminism is simply gynocentrism in the extreme.

          2. “However, I don’t believe the grip that this insanity has had on society would have been able to take hold to this degree if there wasn’t some ancient cave man shit going on.”

            We can rise above ‘nature’ and mythology. We must show our lizard brains who is the boss. Many of the things that we believe are important are really only trivial pursuits for morons.

    5. It seems like individual whistleblowers and those who leak info the whole world should see,like Assange,Ellsberg etc,eventually end up with a significantly higher support due to their courageous deeds resonating with the general population.
      Having the power to change a cultural narrative as Assange’s wikileaks had surrounding the support for ongoing military involvement and their conduct, has Govt.’s worried . Govt.attempts at scapegoating those whistleblowers is openly criticised and exposed eventually.
      A movement towards boycotting the misandric MSM in favour of Sky news (for example) could be something ordinary people can do to avoid overt censorship.
      The popularity of that could help drive ongoing viability of uncensored media.
      Entire countries that are censored find ways to get the truth.
      Men will make it happen.
      I’m optimistic a critical number of thinking people will demand the truth,protect the whistle blower and expose the scapegoating.
      Feminism has scapegoated men through the MSM for years,which drives more interest in mens rights and exposes their own ideology as iniquitous. Eventually.

  8. Harry is smiling, I am sure. So are Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung.

    Thanks, Peter, for this documentation. You are spot on in the brutal simplicity of the big picture. Men who sit at screens (and a few women as well) have forever changed the way even the sleeping masses see the world. It’s been a thing of beauty to watch as feminism, once the unquestioned purveyor of the hidden truth, a lauded guiding light for justice, was exposed, falling into being the butt of jokes and gruel for radical, hateful and quite insane ideologues. All that, from a simple tinkering with the storied images of our mythology.

    It’s fucking beautiful.

    1. It deserves to be added that Harry viewed AVfM as a particularly special site when he spoke of the impact of men-at-the-screens. That’s why he came to work at AVfM behind the scenes in recent years, to help it make even greater inroads into culture.

      And the beautiful thing with Harry’s website, AVfM, and others is they are preserved in electronic aspic long into the future where the stories will continue to offer an alternate perspective and render feminism a thing of mockery…… beautiful to watch indeed.

      1. Like so many others, Angry Harry was the first MRA sites I landed on so many years ago and his influence remains legendary.

        RIP Harry

    2. Angry Harry and Naughty Paul — they got me to sit at the screen, and the info I put out is sill spreading far and wide to new and unpredictable audiences.

  9. Completely agree with the power the internet gives the M(H)RA today, especially in the matter of intelligence gathering since dissonant ideas and contradicting facts are always kept well buried by the dominant ideology.
    But, If the causes of the men are to become real, some time-to-time incursion in the real world is also necessary and Cassie’s Red Pill is a great example of that. Even knowing she is not one of us, the simple fact she brought our concern to a more traditional media made the ground of some people shake. I think Milos is another, even being, at best, an anti-feminist, and with all defects he may (or may not) have, that provocateur gave a good push towards a narrative changing.

    Also let’s not forget the cybernetic world is also very prone to censorship. Internet is also full of problems and being restrict only to the virtual world can pass the wrong image of us being only internet trolls.

    Oh, and before I forget, I must applaud the initiative of Paul and others with the conferences about men’s rights.

  10. We have been manning the ramparts while simultaneously storming the proverbial castle thanks to the internet. That said, they don’t know what to do with us because they can’t co-opt us, and they have nothing we want. They will try to find some chink in our armor, and never give up. They are too greedy to do so! And too in love with themselves. They have been destroying families for profit, prestige, and influence. We never should have assumed they would listen to us. Now we have to take it, and clearly they recognize that soon we will be able to take it!

    1. ” We never should have assumed they would listen to us.”


      “Men’s rights activists must wake up and realize that the time for trying to counter the hypocrisy with rationality – with essentially male arguments, using facts and truth, in the hope that sense will prevail – is not going to make any difference to the relentless feminist long march on men” -Herbert Purdy ICMI-16

  11. I’ve been saying for a while now that the internet is an outlet for how people really feel. You don’t hear these views in the mainstream media, which gives you a good idea of who is really oppressed in this society. Every newspaper seems to be a supplement of The Female Eunuch or The Second Sex, with every female columnist expressing nothing but feminist views in every column they write (with the notable exception of Melanie Phillips). A male columnist would not be allowed to do that about men’s issues, but then they are more concerned with the wider issues that affect everyone, not just themselves, which again shows you where our respective hearts and minds are. God bless the internet!

    The movement is growing, and more and more women are becoming embarrassed and disgusted by what those feminist animals are doing in their name. Attempts to censor the internet will only highlight what power-crazed bullies they are. Cowards too – they can’t bear any opposition AT ALL. It’s too late now anyway – we’re off and running, gathering speed. Long live love, long live the MRA.

    On a lighter note, did anyone read Keith Richards’ autobiography, Life, a few years ago? Apropos of their 1978 LP, Some Girls, he mentioned that fuss the feminist animals kicked up about the sleeve back in ’78, adding, “we always like to piss them off.” You go, Keef!

    Good article – I’ll recommend it.

  12. Thanks for this Peter. Excellent article and such a good reminder from Harry. So often we can forget that every line we write on the net, each video, and each comment are the power of Men Sitting At Screens. I love that phrase! MSAS! With the Red Pill it has become a little easier to see that we are starting to win a bit here and there. Keep it up! Sit at Screens! Ho!

  13. Thanks Peter. Good points and I think it had to be said.

    I firmly believe that this is the generation whose method of activism, is MSAS (as Tom has said). There have been other methods used in the past, including demonstrations in the streets and in parliaments, plus all manner of petitions and letters. Even public suicides, which were very sad. All of which came to naught!

    Yet, in just a few short years we now have literally millions of people around the globe actually talking about this stuff, and much of this conversation only began after one particular Texan decided to create a blog and start telling women they were lying and rotten bitches for doing the stuff they do and he posted their stories online to embarrass them, plus he started also telling men they deserved the crap they got if they wanted to be a white knight.

    No one had ever said this stuff in a rude and crass way before and without apology. Best thing to ever hit the internet and it has worked a treat. FTSU!

    We can safely say now that Paul, his antics and all the people he has had working with him, were the catalyst that realised a surge in this type of behavior and activism on the internet and now into the MSM.
    It gave many people the impetus and strength to start up their own activist pages and sites, where they lambast feminism and SJWs mercilessly. There was none of this on the internet before.

    So, as I said, it is my belief that for our generation today, our form of effective activism is not out in the streets demonstrating, it is right here behind the keyboard and in front of the screen.

    There will definitely be a day soon where our activities will be curtailed and when that day comes, it will enrage a younger generation who will then take to the streets and fight for their rights. And yes, it will be a bloody fight at that.

    We can feel proud that we have assisted in sowing the seeds of truth into the minds of many people, where at some point in the future, these people WILL take affirmative and positive action to change all those things that we consider today as being a ‘cancer’ on our society.

    And feminism is the greatest and most malignant of all these cancers!

  14. You know, there are thousands of books on atheism out there. Hell, there’s even a “good book” based on humanist thought. I’d love it if there really were a New Testament on men’s issues.

    1. Looking forward to that New Testament on men’s lives….. we sure can do with less gynocentrism and more brotherly love.

  15. MartianBachelor

    Interested parties may want to look into something called the ‘Semmelweis Reflex’ for a better appreciation of the “invincible social power of false truths” (Thomas Szasz).

    Ignaz Semmelweis was a mid-nineteenth century doctor who first came to understand that women were dying after childbirth in large numbers because of the doctors’ dirty hands, and their transmission of disease from woman to woman (or corpse to the living). Washing of hands with a 1% chlorine solution was the, uh, solution.

    This inconvenient truth embarrassed the profession. When he persisted beyond about a decade he was incarcerated and quickly died in an insane asylum at the age of 47. There’s some speculation it may have been the late stages of syphilis caught from a patient, a common hazard of the profession then.

    Timothy Leary’s translation of the Semmelweis Reflex: “Mob behavior found among primates and larval hominids on undeveloped
    planets, in which a discovery of important scientific fact is punished”.

    Xtians are especially eager to kill all visionaries (they *worship* the state execution of a dissident bachelor), so the last thing you want to be in this barbarian Bozotopia is ahead of your time, even by just a few years.

    Nikola Tesla – the “man out of time” – fared a little better, to cite one other example; he only died penniless and forgotten at the age of 86. But the unit of magnetic flux is named after him, whereas nothing in science is named after his chief rival (Edison).

    And never forget the Humphrey Principle… In the midst of the 1968 presidential campaign, at the height of the Vietnam War, when the whole world thought the US had gone completely insane, when the suggestion was made to cut our losses and immediately withdraw all our forces from SE Asia, he said: “We must not seek simple solutions.”.

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