Meeting The Enemy: A feminist comes to terms with the men’s rights movement

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42 thoughts on “Meeting The Enemy: A feminist comes to terms with the men’s rights movement”

    1. I finally met her when I took my vacation in Australia. I was there for 32 days, had time to see and enjoy a lot of beautiful places and things.

      Our conference was in the middle of my visit there and from that point on, I knew that the things I would see and enjoy would be rivaling having met her. Indeed, she was the highlight of my trip. As gorgeous as the Sunshine Coast is, including my favorite—Noosa Head—such was still easily beaten by her own radiating sunshine.

      Before meeting her, I knew I would turn to mush, hardly able to speak without shedding a few tears and fumbling. So, I pre-wrote it and handed it to her. In my letter, and as I managed with my mouth, I told her that out of all the assets she has, including being a professional documentarian, the thing that beams most is that of her integrity.

      I also said that all we have ever wanted was for the truth be told.

      She delivered.

      Pure, raw, simple integrity…a most beautiful thing.

      Cassie, if you are reading this, THANK YOU sooooo much! How do we even begin to repay you?

        1. Glad you did. She will remember. It was an unusual meeting, I admit. It has made an indelible impression on me.

          She, and women like her, hold the power to put men’s issues, in the context of true equality, out front where they should be, too.

      1. Right for that we have to wait but she still is 1 of the VERY few females I know and met that is able to self-reflect and think and act upon it. Just for that she earned my respect.

  1. Cassie has proven herself to be one of the best people that I have known in this life. Her courage to pursue truth humbles me, and gives me hope.

  2. It’s a rare thing for a person to open his/her mind on a subject about which they have already formed strong opinions. Exceedingly rare. This young woman is to be admired. Especially after the amount of abuse heaped on her and the lies told about her by the professional victim industry.

    1. Samantha Stephens

      Yes, she is truly exceptional.

      I can only imagine the hatred and abuse aimed at her by the “sisterhood.”

      The only thing feminists hate more than men are women who disagree with their ideology of bigotry, sexism, and hate.

  3. Samantha Stephens

    “It has to start with listening.”

    That will never happen.

    Feminists will never listen to anything men or men’s rights activists have to say. Feminism is not about gender” equality.” It is about female superiority. In order for one group of people to achieve superiority, the group they want superiority over must be dehumanized.

    Feminists have dehumanized men since feminism’s inception, in exactly the same ways white supremacists have degraded and dehumanized blacks. The only difference between feminists and white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and any other hate group is feminism is government backed, media assisted, and tax payer funded.

    Think feminism is going to disappear or feminists are going to allow men’s voices to be heard any time soon?

    Think again.

      1. Samantha Stephens

        Or every man on earth walking off the job for a few days – refusing to be a slave, servant, ATM, meal ticket, protector, provider and overall disposable appliance.

        I would love to see what would happen to feminism once the lights went out, and the water stopped running – once the supermarkets were no longer full off food, and the vehicles ran out of gasoline.

        1. I already do this in my everyday life… I dont change tires, pump gas, carry groceries, fix their cars, buy then drinks or food, defend them, fight for them, protect them etc etc….

          1. Samantha Stephens

            Good for you!

            Once all men start to do what you’re doing feminism will disappear very quickly.

          2. With the exception of a few women that have proved they can and are willing to pull their weight I am the same.

    1. Taylor Carmichael

      Feminists most notoriously dehumanize unborn children and define them as non-persons. Both girls and boys, regardless of gender. They are sub-human, they are property. The discrimination against men is bad, but it’s nothing compared to what feminism has done to unborn children.

    1. The thing is that the “sisters” don’t really have any argument. Logic, reason and facts blow these animals out of the water every time. They just run away with their fingers in their ears and come back again later to repeat the process. It goes on and on and on, like watching your clothes go round and round and round in the washing machine for hours on end. Maybe that’s the idea – defeat us with sheer bloody tedium. After all, they’re very good at that.

  4. Cassie’s documentary The Red Pill is available to stream with Amazon Prime. It’s very interesting and well done. She’s a fair and honest documentarian, a rarity anymore.

  5. Johnathan Swift Jr.

    What I have noticed is that these young women who are “red pilled” almost always seem to be reasonably bright, attractive and well adjusted, something few of the so-called “third wave feminists” are. So, they were reasonable enough to engage in a dialogue and perhaps change their preconceived views. On the other hand, many of the radical feminists seem to be maladjusted malcontents or even borderline personalities who have concluded that their unhappiness or lack of fulfillment is the fault of the “patriarchy.” There is a fascinating dialogue between Camille Paglia and Jordon Peterson up on you tube now that discusses a lot of this.

  6. I already do this in my everyday life… I dont change tires, pump gas, carry groceries, fix their cars, buy then drinks or food, defend them, fight for them, protect them etc etc….

  7. Even though I applaud Cassie for going the distance to make the “Red Pill” movie and stand in front of an audience and say what she has said in this video I still am left with a twinge of suspect simply because she
    said she still supports “Women’s Rights” and feminists and cares about “Mens rights”. Shun me if you like, I don’t think she is fully enlightened yet, I still think she leans a wee-bit more on the female side, we need to get to a point where we fully support both sides, hopefully someday we will get there and even if we do we will still have to realize there are and probably will always be mental, emotional, spiritual, and
    physical differences between men and women.

    1. I think most of humanity leans a wee bit more on the female side; instinct doesn’t go away just because people are capable of recognizing it and moderating their responses to it. I don’t see it as suspicious; I see it as human. If more people could manage a slight preference as well as Cassie does, women’s rights supporters (which I believe includes most MRAs, because few if any of us don’t support women’s rights) would be the social and economic equivalent of any group-specific awareness/advocacy campaign or movement. We all have preferences, even those of us who have compassion for everyone. My favorites include men’s rights, cat and dog rescue, and lupus and pancreatic cancer research. What are yours?

  8. I Love to see this !

    I also need some kind of help. There was here on avfm (i think it xas last mont) a link to a study debunking the official low rate of false rape accusation. I can’t find it anymore. It was not an article publised on AVFM, but to another site.

    I REALLY could use it right now on a public discussion. Fellow MRA, i need you !

  9. Hard Little Machine

    I think in a perverse way this is little more than TED Talks stock in trade of being fundamentally contrarian. TED talks are exercises in bizarre conundrums; “up is down”, “good is bad”, “Left is Right”, everything you know is wrong, everything you thought was wrong is right”. It’s like a subtle self-help cult. So this plays to that, a bit. The audience of course was expecting the standard fare of NPR nonsense about gender and were ‘shocked’ to hear about MSM and from a women no less!

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