International Men’s Day

International Women’s Day, International Day of the Girl Child, International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, International Widows Day, International Day of Rural Women, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

These are all the days pertaining to females recognised by the United Nations.

There are none for men and/or boys. In fact, the unofficially recognised International Men’s Day (19th November) is celebrated by the U.N. as World Toilet Day. Apparently the contribution men and boys have made to the world are unremarkable and  the following issues are unworthy of being marked and struggled against:

7 males are circumcised for every female globally.

Globally, of 72 million children out of school, 46% are boys. In the developed world,  boys struggle more at school, are more likely to be excluded or drop out and less likely to go to university, boys born in 2016 are 75% less likely to go to university than girls (U.K.), they also can be expected to see less success there if they do.

They are the majority of workplace  and combat deaths, homicides and suicides.

They die younger and yet far less money is spent in researching “male illnesses” as compared to “female illnesses”.

Men are the majority of the homeless.

There is still, over half a century after the invention of the Pill, no hormonal contraceptives available to men wishing to avoid pregnancy.

When there is  a baby, it is often up to the grace of the mother whether or not the father  gets  to have a meaningful input into their child’s life- and if she decides against it fathers have little sway in the secretive, ideological, morally bankrupt family courts.

If a man desires not to be father, while a woman can choose to abort, have their child adopted or even abandon them; If she decides to keep the baby, he has no legal option to opt out of the responsibility.

Men experience domestic abuse at a rate similar to women and find that police are often unwilling to help them and that services for them just don’t exist.

Men find prejudice in the Criminal Justice System where sentences are far greater for men than women.

Governments and global organisations like the UN have special departments (as well as events) for women and girls  and yet nothing for men and boys faced with complementary challenges.

And on top of all this, men are subjected to contempt in the public square on a scale unimaginable for women. This misandry can be seen in the media, in interpersonal interactions, education and even in the law with toxic, man-hating feminist beliefs written into bills and public policy.

But, hey, as a wise man once said: “fuck ‘em”, fuck the U.N. because International Men’s Day is going ahead and; in  London, we’re saying fuck you to the institutionalised hate filled supremacy movement that is the weaponised branch of gynocentrism that entrenches neglect/contempt for men, boys and their issues (aka feminism)- because the Men’s Day March Committee is  putting on two proudly pro-masculine, anti-feminist events this IMD in London.

We’re kicking off proceedings with a March for Men that’ll take us from Trafalgar Square, past the Royal Courts of Justice and onto Parliament carrying purple balloons with labels for us to write our own personal messages about men, boys and masculinity.

We’re then moving on to a conference with 13 speakers, none of whom are friendly to feminism:

We have a special film being prepared by Fidelbogen, the strict anti-feminist philosopher. He will be delivering a piece on strategy for dealing with feminism.

We have Joanna Williams, author of Women vs Feminism. Jo has questioned the very need for a Men’s Day (as well as a women’s day) and will be talking about the need for men and women to work together, appreciate each other and give up the competition over who is most oppressed.

We have Mike “Doctor Randomercam” Stephenson, Honey Badger. He will be discussing: why men are funny, but not happy.

Mike Buchanan, leader of the Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) Party, prolific author and organiser of the International Conference on Men’s Issues. He will be making the case that male genital mutilation is not only abhorrent but also illegal in the U.K.

Belinda Brown, anti-feminist writer and researcher. She will be promoting the role of fathers.

Will Franken, the finest comedian in the U.K. and social critic who will be exploring masculinity.

Jordan Holbrook, M.R.A. blogger, vlogger, and researcher. He is to present his research on the human gender empathy gap.

Neil Lyndon, author of the first U.K. mainstream media article that attacked the feminist narrative and raised men’s issues, as well as the book No More Sex War (to be found in this collection). He will be advocating for the role of women in securing men’s rights and well being and calling for a Family Union to uphold the fundamental interests of men and women.

Adam Bulford, M.R.A. Honey Badgers contributor and founder of the Men’s Rights Community Facebook group. He will explore how the feminist definition of patriarchy continues to demonise men and in doing so justifies anti-male discrimination and obscures men’s problems and the harms that they suffer.

Mark Pearson, who came to the movement after being falsely accused of sexual assault, will be updating us on the status of the case he has against British Transport Police for their farcical handling of his the original case.

William Styles, who tried and failed to set up a Men’s Forum at Plymouth University, will be relating his experiences.

And Steve Moxon, author of The Woman Racket and Sex Differences Explained (as well as many scientific papers) will be exploding feminist myths about inter-personal violence with the latest science.

So, there will be a  mix of issues being raised as well as celebrations of masculinity and it’s set to be a great day all round with plenty of food for thought- and action. You can find out more about our events at our site and buy tickets here. I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, we will also be uploading footage from the events to our YouTube channel.

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26 thoughts on “International Men’s Day”

  1. If im not mistaking the UN made it “toilet day” after being lobbied for years for it to be Men’s Day.

    but like I always say, men aren’t baby seals, we aren’t going to be GIVEN consideration or empathy.

    We have to decide what we will accept individually and as a group, and make our own rules!

    Kudos to the MHRA, for deciding to make Nov 19, International Men’s Day.

    1. Toilet Day was founded by the World Toiled Organization in Singapore on 19 November 2001 …. and was later adopted by the UN.

      1. The royle family of the UK is said to bring their own toilet seats.
        The may be something to this treating women like princesses after all ;p

    1. That pic is a good example of why tampons and pads should be taxed, they are a luxury alternative to non disposable menstrual underwear not a necessity
      As they do not break down when wet they block sewers. meaning that men (and to be fair about 5 women world wide) have to unclog them and/or that shredders have to be installed leading to raised costs in upkeep and power.

  2. This sounds like a great event, I look forward to seeing the footage on youtube.
    It is nice to know that at least one place in the world, masculinity will be celebrated rather than denigrated.
    P.S. My mo is coming along nicely.

  3. Fun fact: During the 1990s UNESCO feminists had policy meeting in Oslo, and invited Michael Kimmel, Robert (sex change) Connell, and Michael Kaufman etc. as “experts” to set the global policy agenda for understanding men for the decades ahead. All UN signatories would be encouraged to follow its ideology. At that infamous meeting the proposed institution of an “International Men’s Day” was discussed as a vehicle by which men and boys would promote women’s protections and issues.

    [Quote] “Suggestions for an International Men’s Day and a UN conference on Men were discussed.”

    Thank fuck MRAs like Thomas Oaster got IMD up and running before these totalitarian gender ideologues instituted it.

    PS. For more on the infamous Oslo meet, see

    1. How’s it shaping up Kaddy, are plans on track and is there a reasonable amount of interest from attendees?

      Wishing you guys all the best and a big thumbs up for making the effort.

    1. Feminist: ” But we do not acknowledge any of these problems, because we only recognize 0.00015% of the male population who have a lot of money and have the top job in the corner office. No other men exist. The sewerage, electricity, garbage and mining systems just run themselves.”

  4. What a great opportunity for men and boys, PLUS any women who care about the males in their lives, to get involved in such a worthy cause.

    As much as it can be seen as an insult to men about the international dunny day, I think we can take it as proof or evidence of the sacrifice of men for the betterment of women and children. Let us co-opt this international toilet day as part of our own celebration, because it epitomises the point we are trying to make with a perfect example of what men go through and women do not.

    Big thank you to all who take part in this event. I pray it is a huge success and that you get a lot of media attention to the march.

    Men are good! (TG)

  5. I don’t oppose the idea of an international men’s day per se, but I would oppose giving it any kind of official recognition. I have a few reasons for this. Let’s look at women’s issues for a moment. Rape for example has been made a gendered issue. As a result, we tend to ignore male victims and even female victims by female abusers.

    Now imagine if we made international men’s day official, and then made all kinds of issues men’s issues around that. For example, some men are trying to make suicide a men’s issue. The problem with that is that it would then tend to exclude female victims of suicide. When we look at the damage that making certain issues ‘women’s issues’ has done to men, do we really want to exacerbate the problem by then making everything else a men’s issue? Rape should be viewed not as a women’s issue but as a mental-health, domestic-abuse, and a criminal-law issue. suicide should be viewed as a mental-health issue, etc. If any thing, we need to put an end to making issues gender issues, not contribute further to the problem.

    1. ” As a result, we tend to ignore male victims and even female victims by female abusers.”
      That is not a result of rape being made a gendered issue. It is a result of the deep human instinct to protect females in order to preserve our species. No matter how much attention we pay to men’s issues, we will never diminish the significance of women’s issues. Ever.

      Most of what you “know” about how the sexes relate to each other, you have learned from feminists. Most of it is dead wrong, and much of it is the mirror image opposite of reality.

      1. Maybe. I’ll give it some thought. As an aside though, is there any site that specializes in discussing legal proposals to better deter sexual and domestic abuse before it happens? It could be MRA, feminist, whatever, as long as it’s gender-inclusive. Most of the sites I’ve found just focus on helping a victim after the fact. Thanks.

        1. I doubt there would be a website on the internet in the world that would be like you are wanting to look at. There is only one victim in this world and it is a woman. There are no male victims, so there is no need to be inclusive.

          Keep digging, because you will be profoundly affected by just how deep this hateful rabbit hole goes. Actually, I should have called it a ‘rabid’ hole, because that is a much more fitting description of feminists and their cohort.

    2. You have made some very good observations and points here. Not only that, the MRM of the past agreed with you completely and they did indeed follow that pathway.

      The problem is, the feminist dominated govts, govt depts and ngos in all western nations, chewed these men’s groups up and spat them out on the ground then stomped on them.

      The men running most of those groups were what we call ‘blue pill’ and they failed to fully recognise the true identity of the beast they stood before. They thought they were fighting politicians, govts and govt depts like family courts and law enforcement etc, but never took one single moment to scrutinise the evil of women in the general community OR their own complicit behaviour that brought about their own pain and suffering.

      Things are different today. We have a bunch of people whose numbers will now be in the tens or hundreds of millions worldwide, who are looking through ‘red pill’ coloured glasses and they can see all this evil I speak of and they are fighting it on whatever level they see fit.

      It has been proven over the past 100 years of the men’s rights movement’s failed campaigns, that you cannot fight this battle on the grounds you have suggested. What you suggest is logical and would be the way most people would choose, should their enemy have even a modicum of humanity within their sorry carcasses. Sadly they do not.

      So the only way to fight this fire, IS with more fire. Although this campaign has been going only for a few short years, it has been the most successful campaign in the history of the men’s rights movement and it continues to grow and grow. We know this, because the backlash is exponentially increasing along with whatever we do.

      You sound like someone with an analytical mind. Put it to good use. Educate yourself on the true evil that lies behind what you currently see and hopefully you’ll see that the only way forward IS to take up your sword and shield, then march in to battle shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the men and women who now make up the MHRM or the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

      And yes, you will get hurt in this fight too, so best you steel yourself for what lies ahead!

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