International Men’s Day events not run by feminists

International Men’s Day (IMD) is nearly upon us again. Feminist groups are trying to appropriate IMD to talk about how men and boys should change and be better. We’ll I’ve got a message for the feminists. Men and boys are just fine as they are. What needs to change is how society treats men and boys. Paul Elam and Tom Golden had a discussion about a feminist attempt to co-opt IMD in Australia. The audio can be found on Paul’s channel here.

In order to counter these efforts we are offering a list of IMD events being run by MRAs and/or friends of our movement.

If we become aware of any additional events we will update this article live.


A planned Brisbane event has been cancelled. We are reliably informed this event will be on for 2018.


Some additional Indian events have not been publicly announced but we’re
seeing if we can get permission to publish additional information.

United Kingdom

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17 thoughts on “International Men’s Day events not run by feminists”

  1. ” Feminist groups are trying to appropriate IMD to talk about how men and boys should change and be better.”
    In other words they are trying to make it “International Bash Masculinity Day”. Just like every other day of the year.
    Well they can get stuffed.
    Men and boys are great.

    1. And they want to solidify the flawed concept that men celebrating manhood should pour all their energies and resources into helping women…as if they aren’t helped already nearly every day about nearly everything.

      “Real” men aren’t allowed to care for their own sex and its issues. They must abandon themselves and obsess over women—again!!

      That is what their co-opt is.

      1. “…as if they aren’t helped already nearly every day about nearly everything”.

        I must admit MGTOW-man that the disconnect from the gynocentric general public on this demonstrably easily proven FACT, is causing me so much stress and anger that I have to be concerned about my health…again.

        All one has to do is a search and cursory glance of all the articles, news reports, TV shows, government programs, marches, and agenda driven groups for women and women’s issues to see that this FACT exists and is real. Oh and to top it off, search “women and children” as icing on the cake.

        No however, our gynocentrism is so pervasive and complete that people can get away with alternate reality statements like “Every day is men’s day”; OMG projection is almost an understatement. I must say that I have to leave the room if I am talking to anyone that utters this completely fucked up statement; the compulsion to do something not so pretty can be almost overwhelming.

  2. OMG my old lady had this piece of feminist filth American Horror Story on the tube when I came in today. Have any of you watched this absolute hit you over the head with fembot propoganda piece of crap TV show? This was right after I had talked to her on the phone about International Men’s Day.

    Check it. The feminist heroine lol in the show has a showdown with white nationalists that are absolute cartoon versions (even though I can’t stand white nationalists) of white nationalists. The main antagonist actually says to super fem that men are never going to allow women to be equal, bosses are never going to stop staring at their tits, and that women are never going to be ALLOWED to make as much as men, and he says to her to go make him a sandwich lol lol lol. If it was satire then this would have been hilarious, but these assholes are serious with this shit. Oh and to top it off, while she is putting her son to bed, MZ femtard says to him “You’re going to be a better man than the MEN that came before you”. Aaaaaargh!!

    I said to my wife very angrily that I couldn’t believe she is watching this garbage when we have boys. I then went into my kids bedroom and talked to them about International Men’s Day and how proud they should be.

    1. You have to acknowledge the hard truth that your wife is not all that different than other women. At least she didn’t divorce you, yet.

      1. Yeah and I get that.

        After hearing and reading about horror story after horror story for several years, I have managed to put away some funds that no entity would have access to. Also I have a log book of several years of incidents that I have recorded that could be interpreted as…well, JUST IN CASE.

        Even though it would probably still be an uphill battle, I would play as dirty as possible to keep my kids if the Family Court Gestapo tried to take them away.

        1. Smart but remember, even if you have your ‘ducks in a row’ they will actually fabricate something to make you fail. They hate you and want your money that bad.
          “From HER no evidence is needed. From HIM no evidence is sufficient”.

    2. Good on ya, and good for you. Call it out when you see it. Wherever you see it. Feminism is a hate group and Feminists are hateful, sexist people.

      1. Ever seen Doctor Who or Sherlock? Steven Moffat is so eager to jump on his own sword for feminism it’s ridiculous. And that was before the ‘Abominable Bride’ episode of Sherlock, which had such a boner for women killing men as a kind of ‘liberation’ that it actually managed to piss of the feminists! No, wait, the feminists were angry that Sherlock was ‘mansplaining’ and that the show made feminists look like psychopaths…

        Sherlock became a loveletter to Moffit’s own self-fladulation and idolatry of women. I’d bet money he has some kind of sex offense or daddy issues in his closet.

        1. The current Dr Who is peppered with outright male bashing comments that ARE NOT answered or returned in kind by ANY of the male characters in the show. This is absurd especially considering the character of this current incarnation of Dr Who…a sarcastic mouthy asshole loaded with one liner zingers; it’s simply amazing that such a character all of a sudden loses his ability for sarcastic wit when a female directs a stupid male bashing comment his way.

          1. He’s a classic beta male desperate for approval at any cost. He thinks that if he whips his own gender enough he’ll win acceptance with the bigots. The hypocrisy is amazing. Has called his entire gender arrogant, stupid, belittles men who seek help, tells them that nobody wants to hear what they have to say, and outright deifies women. If he isn’t a serial abuser I’ll be VERY surprised. I’m especially glad he’s off the team for this series because a female Doctor would be an absolutely unprecedented chance for him to constantly patronize and belittle men yet have it be completely in character.

  3. Daily Beast editor Gloria Erin Ryan also went the snarky route, commenting, “Extremely fitting that International Men’s Day and World Toilet Day are celebrated concurrently this year.”

    Q-What do men and toilets have in common? A-They take a lot of shit from women.

  4. By “better”, do they mean more like them? Okay, fine! Let’s strip off and go and get totally blotto and throw up in the gutter and get picked up and taken home for the night and wake up in the morning full of regret and cry rape. Let’s whine and moan and bitch about everything we don’t like in life and blame it on women. Let’s constantly ask dumb questions like “does my bum look big in this?” or “do I like business-like in this?” Let’s say dumb things like “no means no… but sometimes it means yes, even though I say no… but then again, it might be a definite maybe…” Let’s shave our eyebrows off and then paint them back on. Let’s write tacky stuff like ‘The Penis Monologues’, and pass “naughty”-shaped comestibles round when we all get together for a boys’ night out. Let’s be default victims and think up ever new ways to back up our victimhood. Let’s have “me time” and “light-bulb moments” and be “yummy daddies”. Let’s make everyone around us miserable and blame it on the moon or the time of the month. Let’s justify every wrong thing we do while castigating women for doing the same things. Well, this is only the start, really. Now then – are we “better” yet?

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