An open letter to the Chair, Board of Directors, White Ribbon Australia.

Following is a reproduction of an open letter sent to Nicholas Cowdery, Chair, Board of Directors, White Ribbon Australia by the President of the Australian Men’s Rights Association Inc (AMRA) two days ago. It’s fitting that we’re able to publish this letter on AVfM today, White Ribbon Day.

AMRA has made it clear that from this point on they will be directly contacting organisations and individuals pushing the gendered feminist narrative using open letters and asking them to justify their claims and actions. –Ed


Robert Brockway
President of Australian
Men’s Rights Association Inc.
Email: [Redacted]
Nicholas Cowdery AM QC
Chair, Board of Directors
White Ribbon Australia
Email: [Redacted]

Mr Cowdery,

White Ribbon Australia bills itself as “preventing men’s violence against women.” Within this context much of the activity of White Ribbon Australia is focused on domestic violence (DV) and intimate partner violence (IPV). Taking this approach, while ignoring the larger picture of DV and IPV, disadvantages not just men who are victims of DV/IPV but women who are victims of DV/IPV as well.

Reciprocal IPV involves intimate partner violence in which each person in the relationship is both a perpetrator and victim of IPV. The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge (PASK) Project, the largest meta-analysis of DV/IPV research ever undertaken, shows that more than half of all IPV is reciprocal.[1]

The Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study found high rates of reciprocal IPV among study participants. The document “Findings About Partner Violence From the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study” released by the US National Institute of Justice found:

When the data were analyzed, victimized women were 10 times more likely to be perpetrators than other women and male perpetrators also were 19 times more likely to be victims than other men.”[2]

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health also found that about half of all IPV is reciprocal IPV. The study examined differences in injury rates between reciprocal and non-reciprocal IPV and found that injury rates are higher in reciprocal IPV than non-reciprocal IPV.[3]

One of the key indicators of whether a woman will be a victim of IPV is whether she is a perpetrator of IPV.[3] It follows then that one important way that a woman can avoid being a victim of IPV is to not be a perpetrator of IPV. Research by Capaldi has found that this holds true.[4]

Models that ignore reciprocal IPV can inhibit violent women from receiving the support they need to stop their violence.[5]

White Ribbon Australia completely ignores reciprocal IPV as it advances a gendered narrative. By ignoring the prevalence of reciprocal IPV White Ribbon Australia is preventing effective interventions as its approach discounts the need to intervene with violent women. This will contribute to the continuation of reciprocal IPV and actually make it more likely that the women involved will be injured. By ignoring reciprocal IPV White Ribbon Australia is contributing to violence against women.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that the approach taken by White Ribbon Australia is fundamentally flawed. I encourage White Ribbon Australia to respond, explaining whether the organisation intends to address the shortcomings in its approach to IPV and if so, how.

Please note that this is an open letter and will be published in various locations online. In the interests of transparency we strongly encourage White Ribbon Australia to publish a response. From time to time we will report to our readers as to whether a private response has been received or a public response published.

Robert Brockway
President, Australian Men’s Rights Association Inc.


[1] PASK “Partner Abuse State of Knowledge” project, the largest meta-analysis of DV/IPV research ever undertaken.

[2] “Findings About Partner Violence From the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study”

[3] “Differences in Frequency of Violence and Reported Injury Between Relationships With Reciprocal and Nonreciprocal Intimate Partner Violence”

[4] “Researcher Says Women’s Initiation of Domestic Violence Predicts Risk to Women”, discussing the work of Dr Deborah Capaldi.

[5] “Domestic violence is most commonly reciprocal”

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93 thoughts on “An open letter to the Chair, Board of Directors, White Ribbon Australia.”

  1. Great letter Rob. I saw it on the AVfM Reddit, but can’t comment there anymore. I was on the mod list before it crashed, but have since been locked out of it .

    As much as you have been patently correct and respectful in that letter, I’ll be a Monkey’s uncle if you get a reply from them at all, let alone anything by way of a rebuttal to what you have stated.

    Good on you for trying anyway!

    1. Thanks Shrek.

      As much as you have been patently correct and respectful in that letter, I’ll be a Monkey’s uncle if you get a reply from them at all, let alone anything by way of a rebuttal to what you have stated.

      If they don’t reply we can make it clear for forever and a day that they can’t counter this argument. Some people in the media have already taken an interest in the argument I’ve made.

      This is the first of many open letters that White Ribbon Australia will be receiving from AMRA.

      Re Reddit, we’ll look in to it.

      1. Thanks about the Reddit Mate. I have tried to fix, but can’t use the same username or email address to register again. All on the server, but doesn’t recognise it if I try to sign in. Weird!!

          1. I dunno. Something had gone wrong with the site and they had to do some work on it. Unfortunately, I’m locked out of my account.

  2. mark mooroolbark

    Thanks for questioning this gender bigoted organization, Robert. I would like to ask them why they never refer to any violence perpetrated by women against children and men. There have been many examples of extreme violence committed by women upon family members in the past few years yet nowhere have these murders or vicious abuses ever been condemned or even mentioned in any literature or advertising by WR. I would simply ask: Why?

    1. Their false narrative that buys women’s admiration and brings in the those-fooled sympathy money must be maintained at all costs. If they ever let the real truth survive, their money source will dry up—meaning their high salaries they dole themselves will shrink.

    2. They just let the woman who took her daughter down to a creek in her pram and drowned her off with a 12 month community order. What a joke. If a woman can premeditate and murder her own toddler daughter….and walk free…….why the fuck should I think there will be any justice at all for any woman who commits any crime against me.

      1. Exactly. In fact the mother who murdered her daughter, Sofina Nikat, initially claimed a black male had run up snatched her child and run off. Her attempt to hide her crime shows that she *knew it was wrong*.

        1. Yes and isn’t that interesting?

          These fucking murderous and treacherous twats are quick to blame the black guy aren’t they? Like the lynchings in the southern United States, and the guys that thankfully got freed by the Innocence project.

          I tell my black brothers whenever I can that Men’s rights are Black men’s rights!

      2. That doesn’t shock or surprise me at all. After all, the murderer in QLD who slaughtered 8 children with a knife like they were animals in an abattoir, is now in some mental institution for a couple of years and will be let out. Apparently the idiot in the wig said she had suffered enough from her psychotic marijuana filled rage when she sliced up all those innocent children, that putting her in prison would not be just.

        1. Yes you see, if you or I had of slaughtered all those children…..then those childrens lives would be deemed to have value. But because it’s a woman who slaughtered them……that’s different. You see, children….or anybody else for that matter……who are butchered and slaughtered by women don’t actually suffer. It’s like……it must be a nice experience to be carved up with a butchers knife by a woman…..or held under the water until you are dead. And likewise…..all of their other loved ones…and friends… not suffer either. There is something magical about being brutally murdered by a woman that just makes it…….all ok. Can’t you just see what they mean……put yourself in the little girls position who’s mum took her down to the creek and drowned her. As she is being held under the water she would obviously be thinking…….oh…..I’m being drowned……but that’s ok because it is a woman that is drowning me so I’ll just lay here and enjoy it until I am dead. Same with those eight children slaughtered one after another throughout the day. As they came home…she lead them to the room where all the bodies of the others were piled up… that mean’s they would see all the bros and sistas mutilated corpses piled up there before they got to join the party. I can imagine it……like a suprise party……you walk though the door and all your bros and sisters are there…..butchered…..blood and guts all over the place……and you think………oh no……but then……your realize as the knife goes in your back…..that’s it’s ok……it’s just mum doing it…..not a problem.

          And this is why those judges don’t care that they are encouraging any woman who is pissed off with their kids to just reach for the knife, gun, poison, axe, whatever…….because it doesn’t really matter……’s not like something horrible… being killed by Ted Bundy or something…….it’s just mum. Can you see the logic now.

          These judges are murdering yet to be killed children by doing anything other then making these women rot in a jail cell until the day they die. And by enacting ridiculous laws like infanticide, which is what women, and only women, get charged with now instead of murder. Infanticide carries max 5 years, compared to murder, max life in prison with no parol So what they are doing is saying……if a child is killed by it’s mother……it’s life does not matter…….the crime did not matter. And what they are saying to every woman who gets it in her head to kill her children… that’s it’s ok…..go for it……it’s only a minor thing after all.

          Does anybody think the laws under feminism’s increasing control of are going to be holding women more accountable in future……or less. Day is coming when if a man is just randomly killed walking down the street by women… family will get a bill from the garbage company for having to pick up the body.

      3. Happens all the time, only failing in rare cases. Remember Rosemary West in the UK? I remember saying to a friend – who was a real mangina – at the onset the Wests’ trial, “She’ll play the woman card.”
        “What do you mean?”
        “She’ll play the quivering female and say he made her do those things because she was frightened of him.”
        And lo-and-behold, she did. And it was this dumb gynocentric society that gave her the idea that she could try that old ploy. Luckily, for once, it didn’t work.

  3. Excellent letter Robert. Pretty sure you will get nothing from them by way of a reply. But it is a win either way really. I saw a Facebook post from White Ribbon the other day, something about taking their meaningless oath. There is hundreds of comments on the post and the majority of them are push back at their gender based model etc. Some even questioned what they actually do, which we all know is nothing much. So it is good to know that many people are waking up to White Ribbon. I was going to leave a comment but they must have closed the comments because there is no longer an option to do so..

  4. In respect of domestic violence, there are two types of men in this world. Those men who perpetrate DV and those millions of vulnerable men who are victims of female perpetrated interpersonal physical or emotional abuse. Exactly the same is true for female perpetrators or victims. All the research from around the world indicates that this is a basic truth about human relationships. There is some dispute over the exact proportions, but most objective research suggests that the numbers of victims of both genders, is significant. Then why do male leaders and policy makers continue to deny that men are also victims and to deny men any real support or help ? I do not for a moment believe that our male leaders are ignorant of the true facts. There is something else going on here. Our male leaders are basing their opinions on a twisted set of values about gender. It is no different to racism, classism or xenophobia. Observation suggests that the motives of our male leaders is driven by a deep need to show off to younger women. Instead of behaving like Harvey Weinstein to get sex, our male leaders act as heroic ‘protectors’ blaming men for everything, thereby gaining the admiration and sexual favors of young women. Society is therefore bombarded with images of males abusing women and almost never a case exposing female perpetrators of DV or sexual harassment and groping etc, which surveys suggest are widespread. The current narrative reinforces the view that males are never victims. This narrative in the media and in politics must be confronted over and over and over and over until it drowns out the current gender stereotype that society is bombarded with every day. Every time we activists challenge a report that employs a gender stereotype, we change the effectiveness of the twisted value being presented. We must use every opportunity to expose the lies and dehumanization of ordinary, vulnerable male human beings.

    1. There isn’t any dispute over the numbers. Everyone knows full well what is happening, to what extent and who it is that is perpetrating this abuse. The only other noise you hear are femtards just disagreeing with everyone, including some of their own.

      As for your question. Well, you answered it within your own post!

      1. I enjoy reading your posts Shrek. To get justice in the end, we need passionate people like you to keep on talking and fighting.

        1. Thanks Mate!

          It’s a job we all need to keep doing. We may not see the changes in our lifetime, but we will certainly be the grassroots movement that creates the catalyst for change.

          Keep up the good work!

    2. You got it right. Most men, go along with whatever they think will win them the female approval, and hopefully….the pussy and blow jobs that go with it. They couldn’t care less about male victims because they don’t want to fuck them. Also, any support for male victims is seen as being anti female. Most women think like this……not just feminists.

  5. The opening picture has been used for other articles and every time I see it I get angry, it conjures up the concept that certain type of woman know she can bitch-slap the dog shit out’a you or yell at you all
    she wants and the moment you restrain her from hitting you or yell at her she plays the victim-card. i.e. you’re hurting me because you’re holding her wrists or you’re violent because you’re yelling at her.
    I’ve said this before; my job puts me if front of a lot of men from many different walks of life, they range in age from 20-years old to 60-years old, just a week ago a man of 50 kicked his girlfriend out because they were having a disagreement and he raised his voice at her and she said: “Don’t yell at me or I will call the police.”
    My point(s) >>> this gynocentic attitude of FEMALE GOOD and MALE BAD has been steeped into the minds of a couple generations of females now, study after study presented to the public show men to be the violent ones, yet there are studies that show women are the first to lose control of there emotions and strike first, those studies never make it to the forefront of the public eye.
    Hence, I honor the fortitude of men and women, like Robert Brockway, Paul Elam, Peter Wright, Dr. Ferrell, Typhoon Blue, Karen Straughan. In the meantime I will continue my MGTOW Zetaship, because thats the best I can do.

      1. Whats your point, do you speak from experience because you hit someone ?

        Because .. .. ..

        I’m not married, nor will I ever be married … so I don’t need to think about it one stinking little bit.

          1. Actually, I remember Bev being around long before Paul got AVfM going. I’m sure it was you sticking your nose up in the Aussie MRM some time back, when we had some groups going?
            Correct me if I’m wrong?

          2. Yes I have been around for a long time. Being the fly in the feminist ointment. Not as much these days retired and traveling. Still stick my head up when I can and rattle the feminist cage.

      2. Hey Bev, you are right. Women know just how to use an engagement ring. I have heard them bragging about it. What would they say if men said the same about a ring on their finger and how they could use it on a wife?

      3. Yeah or nails, or a heel, or a dish, or a kitchen knife, or teeth…..The list goes on doesn’t it?

        The “larger stronger” crap always makes me shake my head. Last I checked we’re not invulnerable like Superman and we can be injured quite easily.

        1. Yes, the list is long. One must become prudent and walk away from such a female willing to cross that line. Shun them I say, leave them to wallow in their own shit.

          1. Let’s not forget the cases where the woman drugs or otherwise incapacitates the man before mutilating him.

            And is often celebrated for it.

    1. Hey Karl, those studies that show men as the violent sex, are all bullshit. Women are far more violent than men are and are far more prepared to use violence first off without even thinking about it. They will strike out long before a man would even consider hitting anyone, let alone a woman.

      The real studies in the world show that the majority of violence in relationships is pretty much equal and reciprocal.

      Sadly, you are correct about almost all women. They all know that they can do these things and get away with it.

      1. “They will strike out long before a man would even consider hitting anyone, let alone a woman.”

        Not content with that, they will then go on and justify it, saying there were mitigating circumstances for doing so. With men, there are no mitigating circumstances, so where’s the equality that they’re so overly fond of pontificating about? The one good thing to come out of that preposterous #MeToo nonsense was that it highlighted to those who were ignorant just how hypocritical and mendacious feminists are.

        1. What do you mean “feminists?” Women in general are like feminists. When ever anything like this comes up in the media, pretty much the whole female population, bar a small number who see the lies, will be singing in concert with the feminists, demanding that these evil molesting men are put away forever, so they cannot touch another woman’s bum or ask her out on a date.

          Yeah, there are lecherous men out there and some find their way into these roles in society, because they know pretty sheilas are attracted to that industry like moths to a bright light. But they are only a tiny % of men who are like that. Not the whole bloody bunch.

          Tell me, I don’t have facebook. Do these people on the metoo site allow men to post up that they were abused by a women 40 years ago, or is it only for women?

          1. Sorry, I don’t have Facebook either, Shrek. Wouldn’t be caught dead with it. I only know about #MeToo because of all the coverage it’s been getting and you can’t really escape it, can you? But Facebook, Twitter… nah! This is my limit, Shrek!

            Yeah, I see what you mean, but I was trying not to fall into the trap of saying “all women”. I mean, the women in my family are very fair, and very critical of feminists, and bad women in general, as are the women at AVfM or those who regularly contribute to this site. This is probably why I have found women out there in the world generally to be a bit of a let-down, and often a real pain.

          2. I don’t say or believe all women are like that either. But a very big slice of the female population indeed are. They may say they are not feminists, but they will never condemn feminists or feminism. And isn’t it amazing how the majority who end up in the family court, instantly become feminists.

          3. “Even most women who do not actively promote feminism are happy to stand by and watch the male gender get crushed, knowing that even by non-participation, they will ride the coattails of the feminist cause.”

          4. Well, “facts are stubborn things”. Unless you are a feminist that is and then, they become irrelevant.

          5. Most the women so say they are neither feminists or anti-feminists support or influenced by feminism to some degree. Their problem with it is some parts of feminism.

          6. “Tell me, I don’t have facebook.”
            Just Google up the hashtag (#MeToo) and you see the tweets and comments pertaining it.

            BTW: You don’t need to have a twitter account to see tweets.

    2. “…yet there are studies that show women are the first to lose control of
      there emotions and strike first, those studies never make it to the
      forefront of the public eye”.

      Indeed and it’s funny don’t you think? A great many of those ‘studies’ are purposefully kept out of the public eye by …(wait for it)…men.

      1. Maybe they’re getting paid well to hide things or maybe they know they’ll lose their job if they let the cat out of the bag or maybe they’re just stupid fucking pussies.

  6. I got asked a question the other day by an individual that I thought raised a fair point, it was “Why do some of you in the men’s movement over emphasize the bad stuff that women do, rather than just talk about how BOTH men and women can be complicit in things like DV”?

    Well I rubbed my goatee and then responded “The day we as a society start looking at women as just human beings and not magical princesses, THEN I will stop isolating some of the bad shit that women do. Until then I think it’s necessary to point these things out”.

    1. I wonder if that person ever thought to ask why virtually all of the people in the feminist movement (not to mention the rest of the world) over emphasize the bad stuff men do. Perhaps because it doesn’t “feel” wrong or out of place to them?

    2. Yes sometimes we point out bad things that women do. I think this is principally to demonstrate that women are human and have human foibles.

      Having said that I think your associate may want to look closer at what we say about DV/IPV. We’re constantly pointing out that DV/IPV isn’t gendered. In doing so we are saying that this is something that both men and women do.

      You can also show them this open letter which is all about both men and women being violent in a relationship and why ignoring one side is a flawed strategy.

      1. Right.

        Your first paragraph is exactly where I was going with this.

        I always looked at the M.O. of AVFM as consisting of both Paul Elam style if you will, of throwing cold water in the face while shaking you by the shoulders shouting “Wake up you sunnuvabitch”! and a broader PR human rights of men message that many times encompasses both men and women.

      2. We don’t have to point out it is “flawed strategy”, they knows this already. It is done on purpose to further their evil agenda. Frankly, I am damn sick and tired of being nice and trying to “point out their flaws” like they just don’t know somehow. As I’ve said many times over the years, none of what’s happening to men and children in “family” court and feminism in general is an accident. This is not a case of good intentions gone bad. Modern, so-called “family” law and feminism has always been about providing for women at the expense of men and children.

        People are puzzled today by the “unfairness” of what’s happening. I have news for everyone –

        The current system WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE FAIR. It is actually designed this way!!!

        There continues to be gobs of social engineering unleashed on the public trying to convince men to “man up” for the sake of the female.
        Collectively it’s called Gynocentrisim. And it is alive and well. Some call it the ‘Pussy-Pass’ but what every you call it, it has to go…

    3. Right! I’ve been going on about women dishing out sexual harassment and objectification quite a lot recently, but only because they make such a meal of it. Most of the #MeToo stuff has been along the lines of “He came within a whisker of brushing my breast…” – really ridiculous stuff. Unlike the femtards with their own gender, we don’t claim that all men are angels and never have, but we need to point out at every turn that they are just as guilty of the things that they castigate us for, things that the majority of us wouldn’t even dream of doing anyway. The person who asked you that question ought to look for any positive things feminists have to say about men, because I never hear any. Things like “all men are bastards/rapists/fill-in-the-blank-mutatis-mutandis” and “all men should be put into concentration camps and shot” don’t count as positives, do they? Any more than the hilarity over the Bobbit bitch hacking off her husband’s penis. Doesn’t do much to restore one’s faith in Womankind, what?

      I have been sexually harassed by women (when I was younger, not so much now), but I have never sexually harassed anyone, so my scoreboard looks completely different to those “facts” that the femtards try to present as leverage for their ongoing advantage crusade. Likewise, most
      (most – not all) of the DV, adultery and controlling behaviour I have witnessed or known of has been committed by women (and no one bats an eyelid, of course). With them, it is simply man-bashing; we have a higher purpose than that of their sexist, infantile modus operandi. Sexism? They should have tried my high school! That would have told them all they need to know about sexism. They don’t even know the meaning of the word, despite using it so often that it no longer has any meaning. Females all too often don’t even know they’re born! I’ve had an easier time since only because I have rejected the gynocentric lifeplan set aside for me and all its attendant propaganda.

      I read the most arrogant piece yesterday, where this goonette lectured wannabe feminist men on the true meaning of feminism, that women face sexism “every waking hour” and then when a woman tells you are sexist, you’d better believe it because right is on her side. We’ve never been women, so we don’t know… apparently. And just how often have these arrogant tosspots tried on our shoes for size? Is that what they teach in Women’s Studies, blinkered narcissism? Ah… Gr-r-r-r!

      Sorry, Theseus, for the rant, but…

      1. It’s all narcissism.

        Apparently ass kissing and patronization are what pass for equality for these idiots. I have pointed this out time after time in regards to the sexism of low expectations. This to me is the smoking gun that feminists want nothing to do with equality; they are all about favoritism and the goodies.

        How in the fuck is walking on eggshells around someone while reflexively agreeing with everything that they have to say, actual equality? The stupid phrase “listen to women” is actually code for “nod your head and obey”. This is why male feminists are so repulsive and slimy; anyone that self flaggelates and prostrates themselves to this degree all for a pat on the head, is the most pathetic of creatures. The rest of the gynocentric general public isn’t much better though.

    4. Over emphasize??? How can false rape allegations, paternity fraud, legal kidnapping in family court, the sentencing disparity, DV, higher level of male suicide, lower levels of medical research funding for men, ZERO reproductions rights, male genital mutilation etc. be OVER emphasized???

      Very funny.

      1. Of course.

        To be fair though, the question was about highlighting the exclusive shitty behavior of women. Most of the issues that you mentioned also involve the complicity of gynocentric society; this includes blue pillers, white knights, and manginas

        1. Indeed you are correct. For it is mostly men who are the judges, mostly men who are the police, mostly men who are the lawyers and mostly men who pass gynocentric laws that shit all over anyone unlucky enough to be born with a penis! Why we continue to allow this insanity is a question nobody is will to answer save for this website and a small handful of others. If you see a problem and refuse to address it, do you not become complicit?

      2. I don’t think its funny at all, to men and women like us that post at AVFM its blatantly obvious ! BUT, you know that

  7. Glad to see this story here. It was also on the old “hot on the web”/ socfreespeech section of AVfM but trying all possible combinations of upper/lower case entries to my username/password, I have been unable to access it. Is there something new about this that causes us to not be able to sign in?

    Anyway, thanks Robert for pursuing this ruse. Gotta keep the haters of truth and feminist poodles called out for their lies.

    Btw, what did Erin Pizzey end up calling her site once the thieves stole her .org domain?

  8. A little OT but I just have to say it.

    So I flip open my wife’s copy of People magazine expecting to get hit with stupid bullshit right away, and sure enough it didn’t disappoint.

    On the front page there is an image and a quote from Michelle Obama (who I actually liked at one time) that says “To this day there are some people that can’t see who I really am because of my skin color”.

    Well no worries Michelle, I am no racist, I see you exactly for who you are….a fucking man hater.

  9. It’s the same the world over. On my local news last night, they announced that they are fighting DV again by opening… yet another women’s refuge! It was, as usual, all “many women this” and “many women that” and a complete denial of the fact than a) men get battered too, and b) most DV is reciprocal, a two-way street. Again, women are the helpless little victims, martyrs and heroines, scrubbing the floors and juggling custard and waiting for that bastard to come home from the pub and start laying into them, all apropos of nothing. Old fairy tales die hard. Change the record, will you! Oh, sorry, lest I be accused of living in the dark ages, change the mp3 file.

    1. DV appears to be the only crime where we ignore victims because they aren’t in the ‘majority’.

      For instance, we don’t ignore female suicide because men are overwhelmingly the majority, but when ti comes to DV, we can’t look at a single case of an abused male until every case with an abused woman has been addressed because ‘they are overwhelmingly the majority’.

      These are the same people who claim in the same breath that we don’t know the real numbers cause so much is ‘unreported’.

      1. Knowing now as we do that men are at least 50% of the victims of DV and that women are absolutely NOT the overwhelming victims, all of society should be looking at both. In fact, I would go as far to say that men are the victims of DV much more than women are. And I think that could easily be believed today when one looks at the way the majority of women behave.

        But as you say, it makes no difference who is the majority. It is only the female victims who are worthy of assistance and only male perps who are worthy of scrutiny and scorn.

        1. If only one man, ever, in history, was subjected to domestic violence, that man still deserves the same amount of support and effort as all the female victims.

          For any crime, it should only matter that a crime has been committed, not the gender of the victim and/or perpetrator.

          Also, so much of this rhetoric ignores that something like 70% of DV is bi directional (ie, both partners hit each other)

    2. One thing that amazes me is that for at least 5 decades where I live (in the US), I have watched as DV shelters are built for women, campaigns have been directed toward police departments to instruct the police to be more “sensitive” to women who call in DV complaints, endless talk on TV shows designed to tell women the signs that a man is an abuser, and not only has there been no evidence that these procedures have reduced domestic violence against women, but I see more evidence that it’s getting easier for women who kill their male partners to get lighter treatment in courts because of the woman having “snapped”, even if she kills him in his sleep, even if there is absolutely no evidence that she ever tried to leave him, even if she never filed a single complaint about him to the police. If we were a reasonable society, we would count all these measures as failures and stop flushing cash their way.

      1. If we were a reasonable society, we would have locked up all those murderous women and thrown the key away, so they die in prison, because they are indeed truly murderers, not victims.

        There is no evidence that any of these women were abused at all. The only evidence, is the tears the lying woman sheds in front of spineless police and judiciary. They get away with it all the time.

      2. Hello Trish.

        Yes, and if we speak out about this, they say we’re condoning violence against women, just like they accuse us of being “rape apologists”, as some feminist goon did with me on Spike a few weeks ago. Mind you, she was losing the argument, but these weapons are blunt now due to over-use, which is something they haven’t realised yet. It takes the poor dears a while to catch up. doesn’t it?

        Hmm, this thing about snapping… Well, let’s be hypothetical. If there was a man who lived near me, much bigger and stronger than I, who had it in for me and generally made my life such a misery that I “snapped”, took his life and then thought, ‘Well, he had it coming”, I, quite rightly, wouldn’t get away with that. I can understand the impulse, but if we gave in to every impulse we ever have… And it is much easier today for women to get out of these situations, thankfully, so why don’t they? A man would end up homeless. I’ve chatted to a lot of homeless men over the years who have told me their stories, from battered husbands who couldn’t take anymore to Gulf veterans who were tossed out because she had found somebody else to slap her feet on. None of this stuff is ever addressed, and it isn’t because men are inarticulate – were Keats, Tennyson, Wilde, Lawrence, et al, inarticulate? – but rather that they know that no one will take them seriously or even remotely care. Oh, well…

        Top of the morning to you, hope you are well.

  10. Great letter, Robert.

    on a slight tangent, I recently heard the oft-mentioned BS feminist “statistic” of male-on-female DV being the leading cause of death women in Australia (for probably the 1000th time). Being fairly sure this is and was complete crap, I decided to look into it. Google lead me to the following page…….‘s%20leading%20causes%20of%20death,%202016~3

    According to this, male-on-female DV is not only NOT the leading cause of death of women in Australia, it doesn’t rank in the top 20. If this is not proof the feminists in charge of the DV industry talk through their assholes, I don’t know what is.

    Not that I was surprised by what I researched.

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