Trump proves that anti-feminism isn’t enough

In the interest of fairness and intellectual honesty, I am going to have to say some unkind words about Donald Trump. At the very least about his new tax plan.

As regulars here know, I have been quick to point out when Trump has gotten things right. I lauded him for giving political correctness the swift kick in its genderless crotch it so totally deserved. I was ecstatic recently when he did away with the Deal Colleague Letter and all the sexual assault witch hunts it created. And I have barely had a chance to do my happy dance when I recently caught up with the news that he will appoint Penny Nance as his ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues. Nance has been trashing feminists and the butthurt political arm of the LGBTQ community for quite some time.

And yes, I know full well that Nance is from the neosimp, cuckservative wing of modern politics. I’m not fooled for a moment into thinking she gives a rat’s ass about men. Still, since Trump isn’t going to nominate Karen Straughan or Alison Tieman to the position, so I’ll enjoy Nance’s appointment for the pure spectacle of it, anticipating she will create a feminist purgatory and fill it with fresh souls.

Again, I’m not imagining an MRA-MGTOW victory dance about any of this stuff. Trump is a gynocentrist, and of all the positives he serves up as president, red pills aren’t one of them. He’s a man who buys trophy wives and doesn’t mind the millions it costs him when it’s time to trade in on a newer model.

Which may explain the big, blue pill he slid into in his newly proposed tax plan.

As we all know, the biggest problem divorced men who pay alimony and child support have is what to do with all the stacks of cash that are cluttering up their Beverly Hills Estates. At least you’d think as much from the way the President’s tax reform proposal aims at relieving them of some of those stacks.

The proposal removes the federal income tax deduction on money paid out for alimony. True, alimony itself is straight up government theft; another way to grab cash from the havers and doers and give it to the have nots and do nothings. And the tax deduction is just a way for the government to appear magnanimous while they bend you over.

But it is, after all, a tax deduction, maybe enough to help a lot of men keep food on the table. Of course, to people in Trump’s circles, losing the deduction isn’t even an annoyance. It’s just something they pay a team of other people to bother with — without breaking stride or breaking a sweat.

If Trump’s plan to reduce taxes passes, it will come with a sadistically stiff tax on every divorced, alimony paying man in America. Well, for 99+% of them, anyway. There is that small fraction of men who will litter the highways with fucks they don’t give from behind the wheels of their Maseratis.

…while they’re getting blow jobs.

This is how President Trump will help pay for his tax cuts. By taking money from men and giving it to women as personal income. And then tax the guy who it was taken from.

The women, of course; the one’s receiving the money as income, are not taxed for it. Oh, no. We can NOT have women paying taxes on their income. That’s the man’s job, says our patriarchal government.

Maybe the rationale is that since women don’t actually do anything to earn that money, then it would be wrong to tax it. Or perhaps it is some sort of reparations, like for the slavery women endured back in the day, just like happened to black people. I wouldn’t put any of that kind of thinking past feminists or their male quislings.

There is little else to say about the specifics of this oh-so-typical raw deal for men. Gynocentrists gonna gynocentric.

You can write your congressman if you like. You might even scratch out a few words on some of that cash you got laying around. Still won’t do you any good. The system is FUBAR.

The only saving grace we have is the larger lesson; the value in this story that proves some very red pill points in a very graphic way.

One, as I have jabbered about for some time, you could end feminism today and gynocentrism would still be the most oppressive force in our society. Men would still be getting screwed, MRAs and MGTOWs would still be getting trashed in the media, sexual assault allegations would still be acted on with brutal mindlessness by state functionaries, media across the spectrum would still be trashing men, boys would still be getting mutilated at birth and men across the board would still be getting raped in family courts while the society chants, “You go girl!”

All of this is so certain that “antifeminism is not enough,” was once a candidate for AVFM’s tagline.

Second point, every bit as important as the first. Let this be some icing on your reminder cake. Don’t get married. Just whatever you do, don’t get married. Marriage, or anything resembling marriage in the eyes of the law, is the most bewilderingly pin-headed move a man can make. It’s a government constructed honeypot, a gynocentric flytrap aching to snap shut on your scrotum.

That’s not cynicism, it’s fact. Even if you escape divorce and the clutches of family court, you are as likely to end up miserable as you are happy, probably more so. And the rules say that as long as you chase that pipe dream, you will work yourself to death to keep it going.

If you need any more convincing, please marry the nearest woman so some other poor schmuck doesn’t have to.

If you really want or need a woman to share a life with, I really suggest holding out for one with a moral code that prohibits her from allowing the government to place the loaded gun of marriage in her hand. You will most probably wait in vain, or you might get lucky, or you may find you have the right stuff to train a woman correctly. Whatever the case, the values driven outcome is so much better than being dragged by your cock down the suicide isle.

Finally, and visiting the first point yet again. Today’s politics; the modern versions of left and right, both want to cut your balls off. If you want to, go out and dedicate your life to pushing for shared parenting. Put your soul into it, your money and your time. Then count on the fact that you only have two outcomes that are possible. One, you lose, hands down, because the left will fight you on it like Kamikaze pilots — and the right will whistle and look the other way while it happens.

Or two, you get something passed, but only after it gets watered down to nothing, or until gynocentrists figure out a way around it. Despite decades of attempts on fixing this problem, there is still no such thing as a family court in any state in the US that treats fathers in a just way, or that doesn’t shake them down like Tony Soprano.

The only thing that will solve these issues is public demands, and we are light years from having that. For every red pill man out there, there is a thousand weak-kneed cucks and at least that many princesses, feminists, and purely gynocentric traditionalists.

The only thing that will create the public demand for change, is a change in the cultural narrative on a scale that does not appear possible. That, my friends, is a blessing in disguise. When you see the world for what it is, you wrest your life and your fate out of the hands of politicians. When your only refuge from the insanity is the one you create in your own mind, you can get comfortable there. You carve out your safe space, and I don’t mean that in a snowflake coed sort of way. I am talking about the real safe space, walled off by personal agency, accountability and wisdom. It’s the red pill man’s raison d’être.

To be honest, I still like President Trump. I’ve known exactly what he was from the start. And I still think hands down he is the best alternative to crooked Hillary that the current culture could produce.

But whether he is better, worse or no difference, it really doesn’t matter to me, politically speaking. For the most part, I’ve resigned myself to view politics as entertainment and little else. That’s what you do when you realize that the average politician is a reflection of the average voter. And the average voter is either a zombie, a moron or both. All you can do is enjoy the ride and hope you live long enough to see it burn down.

And of course, you can be entertained while you wait for the great fire. For that, we’ve stumbled on to a big, fat pay streak with The Donald. The most entertaining president who ever lived, or likely who ever will.

But in spite of his election, and in some ways because of it, the gynocentric machine rolls on, ready to consume your wallet, your balls and your blood. And that leaves us with the certainty of what any thinking man must do in this crazy, crazy world.

Set your course wisely, guys. Keep your hand firmly on the rudder. Know the waters you are in, and know how to swim. Your ass is yours and yours alone. Keep it covered.



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51 thoughts on “Trump proves that anti-feminism isn’t enough”

  1. Giving the guy the tax break typically meant that there was more money to give to the woman since she is usually in a lower tax bracket. I think there will be plenty of women in addition to the men that pay the price on this one.

    1. Women’s welfare, child support and alimony do not count as “income” and they are not taxed. Women will still receive the same money. Only men are affected.

      1. For child support – that is after tax.
        For alimony – that is deductible and the recipient pays the tax.

        “Because no taxes are withheld from alimony payments, you may also need to make
        estimated tax payments or increase the amount withheld from your paycheck. For additional information about alimony, please refer to IRS Publication 504.”

        There will be less total money – so someone or both will have less. I think there could easily be more suicides because post divorce could me more bleak when the tax burden is placed only on men.

  2. evilwhitemalempire

    “The only thing that will create the public demand for change, is a change in the cultural narrative on a scale that does not appear possible.”
    See Elam’s recent ‘sexbot’ articles.

    1. “Scale that does not appear possible” has to be something that makes women collectively shit their pants and disempower pussy. Sexbots indeed!

  3. They are looking for ways to offset tax cuts. But they “overlook” one of the best ways to do this: cut funding for women, minorities and other interest groups. I say this with only fairness intentions. IMO, a government has no business extracting monies from the citizens to pay for equality. Such changes in societies are not the responsibility of the government, rather should come directly from the citizens via a change in attitudes, all done with private monies. Selecting who gets funded and who doesn’t is not fair to all taxpayers who also might want their endeavors financed by the public. Either we find a way to help everyone get funded, by fairness intentions, or we should help none.

      1. I think most people have little problem with helping truly needy people who haven’t consistently contributed to their own situation deliberately or out of willful ignorance.

        We all need a bit of compassion from time to time. But, like you, I think far too many have made a “career” out of exploiting our charity. That does need to stop and I think most people agree. But these forms of help have tentacles into politics that if the programs are axed, certain ideological politics will suffer. Thus, not gonna happen, that we will ever see an end to abusive welfare (abusive, meant both ways).

        You’re also right about them having to find work and get paid. Apparently though, the “half” that sees what we discuss here doesn’t want change bad enough to warrant their energy input that will make the other part comply.

        1. Get rid of the Quangos that take most of the money,
          Though many of them are little more than a mechanism for transfering tax revenue held by the government into party funds, as they use most of he money they get to lobby parties.
          (this is true in the UK anyway, after some changes to laws around “charities” made by the idiot Blair)

    1. Michael in Pittsburgh

      True. I also believe that US workers shouldn’t have to compete against slave or exploitive labor. That any good sold in the US needs to adhear to an 8 hour work day with overtime pay if called upon for starters.

    2. I still remember the old grass roots left in the UK that thought social engineering was one of the most evil things a government could engage in.
      I miss them.

  4. It doesn’t matter how bad they make things for married men, or divorced men, as long as you refuse to ever, ever, get married…..or enter into any arrangement that creates similar legal entitlements for the woman. And yes, it’s pointless trying to get things changed… least as long as most men are still willing to put their head on the chopping block with an axe in the hand of their imagined NAWALT. Now if most men, and I mean a large majority…..say…..75%…just decided their is no way they are putting their head on that chopping block… matter what the woman is like….no way…..ever. Then maybe we could get things changed.

    For every man who does what I’m doing…which is saying NO WAY…..not even when hell freezes over…..there is one more woman out there who will never have a partner, and will get older, and more miserable. Just go cruising on sites like Plenty of Fish. Look at all those women who are actively seeking a life partner. Then there are the ones who say……Not looking for a relationship or any kind of commitment. Well I can tell you for a fact that most of them are full of shit. The only women I involve myself with….are ones who state that they are not wanting a committed relationship. Then I find after a few get togethers…..they can’t shut up about moving things forward. Then I stop seeing them….and move on to the next woman who doesn’t want a committed relationship. I’ve managed to develop a handful of ongoing friends with benefits over the years, who are truly ok with just continuing something casual and non exclusive…….but these are the exceptions……most women are just itching to get another guys head on the chopping block no matter what they say. Things will change when all these women can no longer get what they want……and they realize that the only way to be able to get what they want will be to make relationships and marriages safe for men. And for that to happen……they must be denied. As long as men are giving them what they want…….there is no reason for them to change anything.

    Since most men are pathetic pussy begging manginas, and so arrogantly believe that they will be one fo the tiny minority that gets a NAWALT and lives happily ever after, the only thing I think that will alter this pea brain moronic thinking……is for feminsits and gynocentrists to make things so bad, so draconian, that even the die hard manginas and desperado pussy beggars will view committed relationships as playing Russian Roulette with all chambers loaded. So for that reason……I actually smile when I hear of another new law designed to punish men for entering into committed relationships and marriages…..because it is actually moving us closer to the tipping point.

  5. I stand back and wonder at how bad things have become, for unknown numbers of men – and the numbers look pretty big already – to be prepared to overturn one of their strongest instincts, which is to attach themselves to a woman. It has been an amazing feat of government and the sections of society that play along with its dirty game, to break that instinct in so many men and make them want to steer clear of the people who are their most natural soulmates and partners.

    Future generations might well boggle at how this one ever managed to sink this low.

    1. The men might, the females will ‘high-five’ each other that men were stupid enough to let them get away with it for as long as they did.

  6. There is a fundamental discriminatory hole in the taxing logic of this alimony deduction change.
    The tax plan now is money paid in alimony is tax deductible by the payer, and taxable income to the payee.
    The tax plan impending, is that the payer can take no deduction and the payee pays no tax.
    So, it is a double whammy, man is now (governmentally) forced to pay money that he can never use for his own purposes, i.e. NOT income, and woman now gets to have the money she receives, i.e., income, completely tax free, just like child support.
    I am not sure, but it seems actionable in federal court as a violation of equal protection.

    1. It’s really interesting how some of us from those paragons of feminist virtue like Massachusetts pay lifetime alimony as a default (until a few years ago). And now they are going to make it tax free to the women (probably to make up for the fact that the new divorces don’t get lifetime alimony?) You go girls !

    2. It certainly does seem like it’s “actionable” but it would be males bringing suit so, nope.
      The entire system is rigged specifically to procure money. Fathers money, so anything that gets in the way of that will be instantly quashed. This is why child custody is hardly ever 50/50, the corrupt Anti-family court would not get their cut and yes, they get a cut of fathers extorted monies. It’s BILLIONS per annum! People are killed for less so misely fathers don’t stand a chance and that’s mostly because they just don’t give a shit about losing their rights.

  7. Why isn’t trump going to nominate karen straughan or alisson tieman?
    Why couldn’t he? We could push him… Believe me, men all over would. And so would women.

  8. I’ve been a bit busy lately, and I realize I’m an ineffectual MRA…dealing with changing laws and such. But I am a part of a very powerful interest group who is addressing this alimony dealio. With luck, we will insure the powers that be understand the concerns.

  9. welcome to the party boys…..Canadian men lost that writeoff decades ago.
    but otherwise….
    the narrative is changing, not only do I now feel comfortable correcting ppl on feminist myths lies and unfounded stereotypes, but im finding the reaction is now more awe or interest, than disgust. it will be interesting to see the changes in another five years, as even more ppl learn the facts to support that nagging feeling we are fed lies and served injustice.

  10. “…while they’re getting blow jobs.” Yes, by other men.
    There is one big thing you get wrong, Paul. It´s that the man who pays alimony pays it for the child, and not for the woman.
    Grow up, aggressive snowflake.

    1. I don’t what’s more ridiculous…your clueless statement, or the fact that some other equally clueless dip wad that doesn’t know what alimony is, up voted you.

      Oh and how the hell do you know the blow jobs are mostly from men? So does this also mean that you agree with Paul that when it’s a gay director coercing other men for sexual favors to star in a movie, that it’s hush hush? Hmmmmm?

    2. Samantha Stephens

      Alimony is paid to the wife, you moron. She is getting paid by some man to no longer be his wife.
      The poor creature is to delicate, oppressed, and special to get off her fat ass and earn her own living, so she has the state sanctioned luxury of alimony (a paycheck from her former husband) for divorcing him – a divorce she herself most likely initiated.

      Child support is paid by the man to his ex wife so she can support the children. Hence the name “child support.”


      1. Samantha, you know I love you but Child Support does not exist. Never has. When was the last time you made the check out in your child’s name? The little wifey is allowed to spend it on anything her cold heart desires including her new boyfriends truck payment! No accounting is ever asked for AND it is not taxible income for her.
        Yup. Unbelievable but it gets worse; father can NOT deduct this legalized extortion from his tax burden. This is how much men are hated on this planet. And to fuck him even further, we created alimony; for a LIFETIME in Florida!

        And we men allow this insanity to continue.

        1. Samantha Stephens

          I have to agree, Kronk – child support is supposed to be used to care for the kids, but yes, the wife can do with it exactly as she pleases. I have always felt there should be some kind of system in place to make sure child support is spent on the kids. Proof of this should be mandatory, but as we all know, to demand such proof from the superior gender is unthinkable – the misogyny!

          The whole don’t tax her, but don’t allow him the deduction is absolutely insane. Alimony is an archaic female privilege which in the name of true “equality” should have been done away with decades ago. Paying a woman to no longer be your wife makes no sense, and is just plain cruelty to the man paying it.

          You never hear feminists bitching about women receiving alimony do you? You would think they would be screeching about how it makes women weak, disempowered, and dependant on men – but no – it’s about just what feminism is always about – money and privilege for women only.

          What’s going to happen when men stop marrying and having kids? MGTOW, though great for the individual man is disastrous for society. I can see a “single man” tax being levied in the not to distant future.

          1. ” I have always felt there should be some kind of system in place to make sure child support is spent on the kids”

            There is- its called SHARED CUSTODY 50/50. You pay for them when they are with you and I pay when they are with me. This cannot happen because the corrupt court could not get their cut of fathers money, and because men are too stupid to put down the remote and TAKE BACK their stolen rights by whatever means necessary!
            The only possible hope now is true and ubiquitous MGTOW until the insane feminists beg to have something warmer at night than their cats…

            Looking back on men’s stupidity over the last 50 years; I will NOT be holding my breath.

          2. Samantha Stephens

            I have to agree with you Kronk. MGTOW seems to be the only rational and sensible solution for men given the present insanity.

            I believe ALL women, even your most radical feminists are very much aware that women have far more rights than men, and are now regarded as being superior to men. I also believe that the vast majority of women, feminist or not, know how badly men are mistreated, used, and disregarded by society. Most will not do or say anything about this because, quite frankly, the current situation of men being slaves and door mats for women makes women’s lives very soft and easy. Some women will stand up and speak out and the wrath they get from feminists is incredible. Trust me I know.

            What I truly find astonishing is, as you put it, “men’s stupidity.” Very few men seem to be aware of feminism’s destruction in their own lives. When people like you and I tell men flat out face to face – as we do here on this blog – how feminism has ruined their lives, they look at us as though we are nuts. I’m sure you can totally relate to this. Very few men seem to “get it.” I think though this is starting to change VERY SLOWLY. Far to slowly. Until real and rapid change starts to happen “by whatever means necessary” feminists via every institution they have permeated, infiltrated, and taken control of will continue to, unchecked, push female superiority and supremacy at the expense of the entire male gender.

            The combination of “men’s stupidity” and a government backed, taxpayer funded, media assisted hate movement – feminism – spells death for our civilization unless men do something. It has to be men, because government and the vast majority of women won’t do a damned thing but keep pushing the envelope further.

            The sixty four thousand dollar question is what exactly can men do to save themselves. Even if, by some miracle, every man on earth suddenly saw the light and got busy trying to correct the situation, look at what they’re up against.

          3. After years of viewing this insanity and the same amount of time spent in reflection as to what can be done, MGTOW is the only option available to men that actually has the potential to be effectual.
            Since man have stood by and watched their rights viciously stolen from them without even a whisper out of their mouths I don’t expect them to put down the remote and take up the cause anytime soon. Therefore, the individual man has to take upon them self to become MGTOW and In turn, hope the other stupid simps can finally stop worshiping the vagina. Perhaps sex robots?

    3. MichaelZWilliamson

      So, you’re not clear on the difference between child support and alimony.

      Anything further you might have to say is irrelevant.

    4. All your up-votes are from yourself – you’re a scream! Let’s face it, tea bag, with enemies like you, who needs friends?

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