The Pervert Flu: watching Hollywood burn

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43 thoughts on “The Pervert Flu: watching Hollywood burn”

  1. Don’t ya just love it when this guy says stuff you’re already thinking. Sheesh. I may not have used the same language, but boy, you told it like I see it Paul and I agree with every word.

    Light a match to the whole state and let it burn. I have not one ounce of sympathy for the women, nor anything for the men either.

    If any of them didn’t want this to happen, they should have seen the writing on the wall years ago and got out while the going was bad, BEFORE it got any worse.

    I have only one thing to say to all the men and women in Whorelywood who are involved in all this drama.

    So long suckers. You all deserve each other and you all deserve the consequences of your actions.

    1. They don’t need new laws to stop what’s been going on in Hollywood and Washington. The only thing required is the enforcement of the laws and business practices that have been the books since forever everywhere else on planet earth. It seems like the very people who made those laws and pass judgement on the rest of us with them think they never apply to themselves.

  2. I remember a book I read about The Black Dahlia murder. There were 4 prominent Hollywood moguls suspected in the case. They all had the alibi that they were all attending the same Hollywood party with a hundred other people. The party was held at a house modeled on an Aztec temple, complete with a sacrificial alter in the basement.

  3. I’ve had to wonder if the sudden epidemic of allegations is just a matter of some snowball effect, or— something else. Arises from the observation that nearly every high-profile allegation — as mentioned in this podcast, and on campus or not — has proven to be false, grossly exaggerated, or highly suspect. Even the Cosby accusers. Not one of them has a case, the one said by some to have the “best’ case has openly and explicitly admitted that she was in it for the money and felt hurt when it didn’t materialize, and a couple or three of ’em come sportin’ criminal records, including such things as false allegations.

    So, only certain cases get the intense coverage, and it’s always these intensely covered cases that turn out to be as above: false, grossly exaggerated, or highly suspect. Mighty damn odd, that.

    And here we are, suddenly the media has turned the spotlight on the “issue”. Goes to the observation, neatly presented in that astonishing youtube video in which a bajillion different local tv stations all kick off the same news story with the exact same verbiage, that the media are startlingly controlled.

    I mean, if you haven’t seen it, it’s quite astonishing.

    1. evilwhitemalempire

      “I’ve had to wonder if the sudden epidemic of allegations is just a matter of some snowball effect, or— something else.”
      Perhaps an expression of frustration at being unable to stop the ‘Trump Train’.

      1. I have long wondered whether frustrated women, not happy their pussy power hasn’t besieged every man out there, are orchestrating this thing as revenge for President Trump. The #metoo seems like a recruitment to bash men who won’t succumb.

        It is gullible to believe that at least some of the women, and men, aren’t just piling on.

        Anyway, as the saying goes, if you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Serves them right for trying to be part of the pretentious, vacuous, haughty, silly crowd that values pretending for a living. How could anyone trust any of them when they professionally lie for a living?

      2. The rescinding of Dear Colleague letter made them lose their “moral power” over the culture through their alleged rape victimhood. This is how they get it back. If these Hollywood accusations get the Rolling Stone treatment and get exposed as false, then women will move on to something else.

    2. The “snowball” effect is a result of a combination of Briffault’s Law, female automatic in-group bias and female intrasexual competition.
      1) These women no longer benefited from sexual transactions, as they turned 35-40, lost their looks, or already had their careers made. Once the female no longer benefits from the association, no such association takes place (Briffault’s Law).
      2) Reputation is everything for women. If they accuse by themselves, they risk being called sluts; but together they are automatically believed. They always act collectively in order to deflect attention from their individual selves, and rather make it about “evil men oppressing women as a group” (female automatic in-group bias). Even ancient Greek women did this (Lysistrata).
      3) These women do not want to be replaced by the new generation of younger, more attractive female actresses who are constantly joining Hollywood, as looks are pretty much everything in Hollywood. So they decided to make it impossible for the younger actresses to make these sexual transactions, therefore shutting down the careers of a lot of young actresses who are more attractive than they are (female intrasexual competition).

      Once some women make accusations, all of them must; otherwise they are “left behind”, they get no attention, no sympathy and no “victim points” from the public. They must do it quickly before the “fashionableness” of accusations wears out, or before the public wakes up and starts questioning (as even some MSM articles started calling it a witch hunt).

      1. My only disappointment in all this idiocy, is that the lying scumbag women who are making false allegations, and you can bet for as long as your backside points to the ground it will be close to 100% of them save for maybe 1 or 2 real cases, will never be punished for their evil.

        Sure, I am not that bothered that these men cop this crap, because these pussy begging purple poodle manginas have done far too much damage to men in the general community, but for the sake of ‘justice,’ I hate to see criminals go unpunished. And these lying women are indeed criminals.

  4. WOW Paul – that pretty much sums it up. It finally looks like the infected butt-hole of the planet, otherwise known as Hollyweird, just opened up and is sucking the diarrhea back in. This also speaks of the character of some of the so called female stars, some reported things at the time but many others traded in their dignity and morality for that opportunity of fame, wealth, stardom, allowed themselves to be objectified for that opportunity to walk the red carpet, and thus giving them the wisdom to working their little manicured fingers to the bone on Twitter, espousing intellectual retorts, like if we just hug terrorists and give them jobs, then they won’t cut our heads off and fly planes into buildings. They have earned, a thousand times over, every micro second of condemnation and disgust, they are now getting.

  5. I think it’s true that men who are falsely accused of some sort of sexual abuse of women can sometimes gain from the experience 🙂 Yes indeed. Providing they were blue pill…….manginas, white knights, male feminists, SJWs, etc. The more of those boxes the man ticks….the more he will gain from being falsely accused. It might even cure him of some, or all, of the above mentioned mental illnesses lol

    Personally, I love it when some pussy begging, virtue signalling mangina gets the red pill wake up call that he deserves. And my threshold for what makes a mangina is pretty low. But the more of a ;pussy beggng, virtue signalling mangina a guy is…..the more I like it when he is brought down and torn limb from limb by the feminazi hordes. It’s hilarious to watch these pussy begging simps who thought that they were exempt from the hatred because they crawl up women’s asses at every opportunity…and join in the chorus of man hating. For once in their mangina lives……they are being useful to the cause of men’s rights… being a premium example of how pathetic it is to spend your life kissing up to women……only to be thrown under the bus as soon as one woman, anywhere……makes any totally unsubstantiated claim against you. LOL They enabled this shit… is fitting that they should perish in it.

    1. Since the Hollow-wood scandals started filling up the TV screens (as if they want us all to pity them, as they make spectacles out of themselves because it is they who choose to hang out with those that they do and pursue “fake reality” as I call it), I have said over and over online that it is at least partly the fault of men who foster this sort of atmosphere when they white knight and jump on the accusation = guilty circus.

      Imagine some women, who would love to get back at a man for any number of things, be it rejection, being too truthful, not getting the acting part, or whatever, seeing how quickly men jump to the “rescue” of the damsels when the “other” guy gets finger(s) pointed at him, no wonder the bad women eagerly exploit this worthwhile means of getting attention that will damn the men. “He is guilty… castrate him…throw him under the prison…kill him” are just some of the ways unwise men set the stage for false accusations, especially.

      Recently, Judge Roy Moore, a man I do not particularly like everything about but would strengthen a majority of Trump-leaning US Senators, helping our president accomplish at least some of the things that surely would not bode well for the hollow-wood types, has now had 4-5 women come out of the drainage ditches to finally “find the strength” (in spite of having at least 3 decades!!!) to tattle on things that by pedo-standards dramatically pale in comparison, and conveniently right at special election time (wink, wink) in which Moore had been seriously leading in the polls.

      Thus, I say to the suddenly-bewildered white knights, hopeless rednecks and ignorant buffoons that find their sense of what they would call manhood in being vacuously flattering to women: “It’s not any fun when on the receiving end of floods of (coordinated) accusations—many of them false, is it?” I can tell they hate me. But it is par for the course. In a way, they, by being so knee-jerking reflexive and overly competitively-protective of women that they do not even know, they have participated in developing the conditions that make such accusations possible.

      I know I will not change the world, thus change men by my comments but it is at least some comfort in knowing I didn’t foster this environment and that I can say ” I told you so”. I doubt any of this will shake men enough to make them change their ways, that is… until the fingers are pointed at them or at their own boys. I tell them that too.

      Final note: can you believe it was Hillary that repeated and old proverb (as if she is oblivious to it describing herself much more than anyone she fingered !#$%^&*! : “Show me who who walk with and I will show you who you are”. It is correct to say that the Hollow-wood types deserve each other and many of us will not care how much they squirm. They shouldn’t be living shallow as they are because shallow begets more of the same.

      I hope a majority of people see that Hollow-wood is a self-perpetuating cesspool swirling out of control and they they brought it on themselves.

      Boycott all of Hollow-wood!

  6. moral of the story

    men cant be trusted, hire women in positions of authority, coz when they do it there are no victims, just lucky guys.

    but as long as we forget what heros men where in the hurricanes, that’s good enough.

    the real filth isn’t some sluts and pervs, but, a society looking to demonize degrade and persecute men down to a slave class, for the benefit of selfish women and greedy govt.

    1. > we all know this will fall on all men, and cost all men.

      Correct. It was waaaay back on the 2nd weekend of the Weinstein sh1tstorm that George CrapAndPoopOnUs had on a feminazi going “blah, blah, blah… …ALL MEN MUST PAY!!”.

      Now that she’s a belle of the plantation she gets to order all the slaves be beaten, whipped, and robbed some more because of some gossip she heard about what Rhett Butler did to Silly Sally.

      The irony that she was a black woman was lost on the rest of the assembled observers.

      This is the “despotism of the petticoats” Adams warned about, should we “repeal our masculine systems”, a century or more down the line.

      With any luck they’ll get stuck in an endless atrocity mongering feedback loop and never cause any more trouble for the rest of us but don’t count on it.

  7. Yeah, it’s very difficult to empathise with these mangina male feminists, even if they are being destroyed by false accusations. Hopefully some of them get red pilled from this experience.

  8. While I don’t want to see a guy get the shaft just because he’s blue or purple pill, I look at these mangina cucks that Paul described in the same light as the fucking bitches that slept with the Nazi’s when their European towns were occupied. These fuckers never passed up the opportunity to throw their brethren under the bus while sucking up to women.

  9. Well said Paul.
    What I find extra amusing is the unavoidable hypocrisy on the left because Hollywood is their show-house of ” change the world through feminism. ” Honestly, most feminists would blow Harvey everyday for a chance to star in one of his movies, – and that ain’t going to change. The movie elite will protect the pimp whore structure because they are a part of it and it is the water they swim in.
    Soon, everything will transform into political left-right mud at which time we must ask feminists, -‘What about Bill Clinton? Feminism is hypocrisy!

    1. What do you mean “most feminists?”
      You can be rest assured that MOST women in society would do this, so they could get a high paid role in one of Harvey’s movies.

      For a woman to make the decision to sell her body for personal gain, the gain doesn’t have to be huge. It just has to be something she wants.

      And women, that is almost all women bar just a few, have been selling their bodies for personal gain for thousands of years. Giving it to Harvey is just as easy as giving it to a prospective husband.

      If the price is right, they’ll hand over the goods. And when it comes to whorelywood, the price is almost always right!

      1. The verb was hypocrisy and the noun was feminist, — hypocrisy = feminism was my point. Men and women can make choices without feminism.

        1. Yes of course. I did get that. Femtards are no different to any other woman, in that they would jump at the chance to have all the goodies and drop their knickers to get it. I totally agree.
          The epitome of a hypocrite.

          I just felt like adding in all the other women out there as well.

      2. “most feminists” should always be replaced by “most women”, just look at Japan, Iran, Africa (over 70% false paternity), places that have no feminism, etc.

  10. Wow it’s the gift that keeps on giving isn’t it? More and more allegations, they just keep coming. Right now every celebrity and high profile male has a giant target on their backs.

    1. Yep, we now have Sly Stallone and John Revolting formally accused of being naughty little boys approx 100 years ago.

      Can someone please tell me who agreed to allowing women to drag stuff up from decades ago, report it to the police and have some man’s life annihilated and him locked up in prison?

      I find that to be a most reprehensible part of law. I believe the only crime that should have an open ended timeline is murder or severe cases of torture and abuse. In other words, the case should remain open until the perp is caught and dealt with.

      If any man or woman is raped, bashed, abused in anyway, touched on the tit or on the bum, stalked or even farted at, and they don’t report it within 5 years (that is 5 years past the age of 18 for children) then they should never be able to bring that allegation to the police. EVER!

        1. Yeah well, don’t expect any move in that area before the year 2099. Women in the general community are a long way from having the stomach to even think about females who abuse children in anyway at all, let alone sexually.

          It is my opinion women do it far more than men do. They do over 80% of all other child abuse and they are as sexually deviant or more so than men are in many areas of society, so it only stands to reason that they sexually abuse children a whole lot more too.

          You and I’ll be long dead before they address that crime I’m afraid!

          1. Personmed Ansikte

            “You and I’ll be long dead before they address that crime…”

            Only if we leave it to the criminals to come clean. I’ve always found that bombarding people with physical evidence will, slowly and by degrees because their investment in their own crapulence is DEEP, take away their ability to deny reality and force them to face it.

          2. I’m NOT so sure about that. It’s the next Big Scandal TM. Victim mentality spreads like wildfire… Feminists, leftists, liberals never meant to burn their own (not to that point), and now the Flames are too big, and to Fun to stop.

            And theire is Fame and Money to earn…

  11. The actual incarnation of Poetic Justice, tho, is any and all accusations brought against Joe Biden — substantiated or not.

  12. Personmed Ansikte

    We must also acknowledge that “false accuser” has become a career choice for many.

    Anita Hill, who attempted to derail Clarence Thomas’s nomination to the USSC in the early 1990s, is still getting paid to peddle her unverifiable claims now almost thirty years later.

    Most people are aware of Jackie Coakley’s “Rape on Campus” hoax out of Rolling Stone in 2014. There are dozens of others just in the last several years (and that’s not counting the innocent men unable to disprove the accusations), and they seem to be increasing as time goes on.

    The Innocence Project–a legal group which uses DNA evidence to advocate for victims of prejudicial prosecutions from decades of prison–has freed a LOT of men falsely accused of rape & sexual assault. Most of the time these stories are played from the “innocent black man” narrative, but the reality is that being a man at all is what got them falsely convicted.

    Other fun facts: according to the Uniform Crime Report out of the FBI, about 1/4 of rape accusations are unsupported or insufficiently supported by evidence, or even positively disproved by exculpatory evidence at the time of accusation. Further, some 27% of women change their story when confronted with a lie detector. Try to find that information in the “rape culture” narrative.

    1. No no no. I am telling you that we need to play up the fact that they are black MEN. Yes it’s the fact that they are men that is the common denominator; however it flies right back in SJW/feminist faces when you bring up the fact that most of the guys were black men falsely accused of rape, because SJW’s/feminists fancy themselves as friends to men of color. Watch them fucking squirm when they try to justify the “women don’t lie about rape” shit in these cases. It shows what lying sacks of shit that they are…that ALL men suffer because of their bullshit.

  13. It’s good on three part.:

    – Leftists tasting their own medicine.
    – Real perverts getting their reward.
    – And finally, when the chips will fall, general consciousness than false accusations ARE a thing. And a trend. And a way to get fame and money.

    AVFM is about changing the global narrative. ‘Usefull idiots’ are doing that for us. Where is my pop corn…

    1. I understand your position and it is the same position most of us here hold, but I would like to play just a little devil’s advocate here if I may, so that we don’t lose sight of what could happen if this gets out of control.

      What about the (probably large number of…) innocent men who are about to have their reputations and indeed whole lives trashed by these lying cows?

      Are they part of the entertainment too?

      This will not stop at men in whorelywood or in positions of power. This campaign will ignite that spark of hatred far too many women in the general community hold towards men and they will also start making false allegations against men. They will think that because female movie stars can do this, so can they. Women are the experts at copy cat crimes and they will go at this whole hog.

      If that does happen, then there will be so many innocent men abused and probably locked up in prison, all on the lies of lunatic rotten women.

      1. I agree. You are absolutely right. There is nothing worse than false rape accusation, exept real rape itself.

        But let’s me be a little devi’ls advocate, too.

        I think than actual F.R.A wave is very much like AIDs in the 80s. It’s deadly, it spreads, but as long it only touchs Gay men, nobody cares.

        Then, celebrities began to testify, and it became a national cause. Aids ceased to be a dirty thing nobody wanted to hear about.

        As long as F.R.A touche mainly poor schmuck like us, nobody really cares. (plus there’s money to make…).

        But when it will be CRISTAL CLEAR than beloved celebrities have been targeted, when Famous X and Y will tell their horror in big shows, after the ultra mediatic trial (wich they can afford), in front of an appaled, massive audience…

        Things might begin to change. The global narrative might begin to change.

        That’s our chance. We should prepare to take it. THE MRA will have the perfect arguments to make their points. To make allies. To push things further.

        Idiots are creating the perfect opportunity for us. We don’t choose the fight. They’r coming for us anyway.

        So i say:

        Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

        “Let’s enjoy it”.

        1. I got that point some time back. Yes it is an advantageous thing to have high profile men falsely accused, which may in turn aid all the men below them. We have already discussed that point here.
          I was simply pointing out that there will be women in the general community who will see this as an opportunity to do the exact same thing to other innocent men in the general community.

          However, you said something that I have to disagree with in the strongest possible manner.

          You said, “There is nothing worse than false rape accusation, exept real rape itself.”

          Not only do I totally reject that notion, I will argue against it till the end of my days. Almost all women are fully aware that any man accused of and/or imprisoned on a rape crime, will suffer far worse than she ever will, both in the public arena AND in prison.

          The crime of rape is an overrated and over punished crime and in my opinion if there is no other form of physical assault, it should be treated as a misdemeanor crime. It is indeed not that important and not that bad a crime, when we take into account the serious crimes committed against children and men, BY WOMEN that are almost always never dealt with appropriately.

          So while ever women keep getting pussy passes in law, we should not see any rape crime that is of a lesser degree, seen as anything more than a misadventure on her part and a slap on the wrist to the guy she accuses.

          Don’t ever think that any rape crime is worse than what is done to men. That is one single attitude that most men in society have towards other men, that is purely gynocentric in nature and has seen millions of men over hundreds of years abused and murdered, when they should never have been.

          Show some compassion toward your brothers. Yes, even those who commit crimes. For it is true that women are no more important in this world than men are!

          1. You’re right i’m quite desensibilitised to the comon horor that all men have to face. It’s a war, a mostly silent one. Now, it’s becoming a noisy one. I think it’s better.
            But i don’t ignore my brothers sufferings. I help whenever i can. I do my due around me.
            I just don’ t expect anything better until our dear pyromaniacs burn themselves.
            An i fucking enjoy it.

            About rape, i disagree. It’s not a woman’s thing (even it’s mainly a feminist propaganda weapon) Real fucking rape (sexual violence and torture) destroys men, kids and of course women. Some get away without much prolems, some don’t. at all.. And women are not the least to practice it.
            Cognitive dissonance prevent public opnion to admit it, but i believe that the flames that comes from Hollywood can help to change that.

            That’s another step. We are still far from it. The actual step, and we are quite close from it, is that tthe general opinion have to understand, to integrate that women are massively lying. Then…

            Everything is possible. If we use what we have at hand cleverly. Lots of MRA themes who were unspeakable not so long ago are slowly spreading.

        2. Kristian Metzger

          If you actually stop to think about it, a false rape acussation, if landed “right” is much worse than rape.

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