Fighting to keep the message alive

As many of you know, for the past couple of years I have dedicated most of my writing to video scripts for my YouTube channel, An Ear for Men. Producing an average of two videos per week, I have focused my efforts on providing material for men of an interpersonal nature that enhances their well-being and supports a red pill lifestyle. The channel has been successful, growing to over 40,000 subscribers, many of them men who contact me to say that the channel’s message has been helpful, and in some cases life-saving.

Unsurprisingly, it did not take long to encounter problems with internet thug Google in monetizing the videos. Recently, I opened my channel page to find that large groups of videos were demonetized as being advertiser unfriendly. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the videos that were targeted. They even demonetized a video I did on the therapeutic benefits of dogs.

Given that I have some support for my work via my Patreon page, I elected to simplify matters by just not monetizing videos. I hoped that this would keep Google censors out of my hair. Of course, I was wrong.

Today I was notified by Google that a video of mine, “Why Men Shouldn’t Have Children With Borderline Women,” had been removed from my account and a strike issued against my channel for “spam or misleading content.”

Of course, the video is in no way spam or misleading, so I appealed the decision. It took them less than 10 minutes to reply that my appeal was denied.

I have no choice at this point but to respond to Google’s bullying with different, if less attractive options. First, I have uploaded the targeted video to a different video site.

I will begin the process of uploading all my videos there over the weekend and will put new videos on that site as well. I will continue to post my work to YouTube until Google fabricates a reason to pull my channel, which I see now as a matter of when, and not if.

In taking this new direction, I must ask the moral supporters of my work to take even more supportive action, allowing me to continue to reach out to men and boys with information and a narrative that is in their interest.

Doing so is simple and painless. First, please follow my new channel on I need 50 followers there before I can bypass their bandwidth limitations and upload all my videos.

The other thing is to support the videos through my Patreon page. Google/YouTube can and likely will ban me from using their platform eventually, but I will still have the ability to create and post videos to Patreon through the

Patreon support need not be a financial burden. You can select how much you want to pledge per video and cap it wherever it suits you. If you so choose, you can pledge one dollar per video and cap it at one video per month. So, for a dollar a month you will get an email notification of every video I release and instant access to it on Patreon and the platform.

I produce on average two videos per week, week in and week out. Each video represents an average of more than two full days work writing, editing, recording and post production. In other words, it is a full-time job all on its own. It is not something I can afford to do without support from the men whom I am trying to service.

So, we are at a crossroads here, friends. The world, as you know, is a hostile place when it comes to honestly discussing the issues faced by men and boys. I have been hacking away at it online for almost ten years now and they are still trying to silence me.

I am still wholly committed to defiance but just as it has been since the beginning, I need to count on you to help me make this happen.

Please visit the Patreon page and make your pledge today, no matter the amount. And please follow me on, where I will be working to build a new subscriber base.

Thanks to all in advance who choose to help.

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56 thoughts on “Fighting to keep the message alive”

  1. There are alternatives to youtube that don’t censor…, dailymotion, Flickr, Metacafe, Vimeo. There have to be more.

  2. Thanks Paul, I’ve subscribed to your new channel and am now a Patreon supporter. Will link to this piece and encourage others to do likewise. More power to your elbow!

  3. A bit of guerilla thinking here . . .
    Upload a brief video with the title and a 10 second promo of what the video is, and then a link in the content to the page of the actual video.
    I want credit for this idea 🙂

  4. I guess there are a few borderlines working in the monetization and diversity Dept. at Google. According to Google’s diversity policy if 2% of women are BPD then Google staffing requires two per hundred on the team.

    Subscribed to your new channel.

    1. If they take this diversity policy seriously then someone should point out that 99.999% of all people to ever existed are dead, and ask them what they are doing about their systemic necrophobia?

    2. I find it ironic that Google was born, not from “diversity” in it’s teams, but from the technical ingenuity of two young men (who both look to be … dare I say it? … male, cis and white. They might even be heterosexual…

  5. I think Peter Wright is……… ‘right.’ There must be a lot more than a few BPD’s at Google I recon. They will definitely take offense to some guy calling them out publicly on their rotten behaviour. And of course in retaliation they exhibit such behaviour.

    Looks like we all need to create accounts over at Vidme, which I have done.

    Maybe Paul, you could assist in advertising this site, but placing an ad for it on AVfM’s home page for all to see. Perhaps a slot on the right hand column where you can advertise ‘Videos too hot for the Goolag.’ That would be a hyperlink taking you straight to the AVfM and Ear For Men Vidme accounts.

    You will be responsible for directing a lot of traffic there and making the platform well known, so I hope Vidme take that into account as well.

  6. This is unfortunate. I imagine its only going to get more aggressive. If that video was worth banning as of right now, wonder whats next.

    The future of youtube will be SJW rants, and cat videos.

  7. I think it is time to sue Google. It’s also time that these politically active social sites lose their status as common carriers if they edit content.

    By the nature of the technology, these sites become an irresistible public space.

    1. Google is a public accommodation imo (standards already set by SJW’s, not me). If it’s not illegal, then they shouldn’t be censoring it.

        1. You never know, maybe they would like to be sued, and lose, to give them a way out from under the mob pressure and wouldn’t fight it too hard.

    1. What would the contention be? That their interpretation of a contract governing a service they are giving away for free damaged a business they never guaranteed to provide support for? Even if the suit won there wouldn’t be enough damages awarded to pay the legal secretaries, much less the lawyers. Lawyers really like to get paid. Even if there was money to be had, Google has so much money they can wipe their butt with what any of us would consider to be a hefty yearly salary so they could afford to drag their heels through discovery until there’s no money left to pursue the suit and it would have to be withdrawn. IANAL, but I’ve been through suits before.

    2. I am up for most anything, brother, but it would be a bit of a dead end. They are too big, and the law is actually on their side. I think the only hope is that at some time in the future forces will be mustered in the gubbamint to break operations like Google down, sort of like AT&T back in the day.

      Otherwise, all the advocates for free speech should be trying to figure out a way to work together to foster an exodus from PC platforms. That is the best I have. Wish it were more.

  8. Build a video streaming platform. It’s not uncommon for businesses to have their own video streaming solution for training videos etc. , and with the advent of cloud platforms becoming commoditized it shouldn’t cost that much or take that much capitalization. It’s a project, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. It sounds like a better long term solution than getting kicked off of the public video streaming platforms, one by one.
    N.B. Did you read’s terms of service? Mean talk and hurt feelings are definitely not allowed.

  9. DAME them .. .. .. for these very same reasons I deleted my facebook account somewhere around 6-yeaars ago. A couple of years later I stumbled across an internet article that said if you don’t have a Facebook account there is something mentally wrong with you, Geewhizz color me totally batshit insane, will ya.

    Remember the popularity of the move series the Hunger Games, yeah, ummm, I think we are on our way to that type of society, if you DO NOT comply to their way of thinking defiance will make us martyr’s.

    1. Deleted my facebook too. Always used yahoo search engine too instead of google until they bought yahoo. They are essentially a monopoly.

      1. I’ve used Yahoo for years, once Google bought them I started getting notices to follow their posting guidelines or else my account could face deletion. If that happens I’ll just learn to live without my Yahoo account.

  10. Kind of reminds me of a Paul Harvey story. He tells this story about the owner of the only dairy in town and how he keeps hiking the rates up, and ignoring the complaints of the customers about the prices and service. Then one day it changes the rates come down and the milk and cream are delivered to the doorstep fresh and early every morning. People start wondering what happened. So some of them drive out to find out only to find that the man who owned the farm across the road put up a sign on his side of the road in front of the entrance to the dairy that read, “Coming Soon! A New Dairy!”

    1. 🙂 The sad part is that Google, like Microsoft will acquire any serious competitor. In fact, attempting to be bought out by the big players is a common business strategy for these startups.

          1. Indeed it can be and I am still learning it but I do find that it is not really filtered as it would be on Face Book or deliberately misleading with its trending topics. You can see when someone has promoted something with their own boosts.

          2. I accidentally had subscribed to an account there pretending to be you, Paul, but turned out to be an impostor. Yet Minds had disabled my account because they decided I was not allowed to have the user name “Angelica”. (Which I had obtained simply by being the first to register it there). I can’t be bothered with “minds” now.

  11. In fairness, a lot of YouTubers are having trouble with monetization and subbing these days. And it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with political ideology. YouTube isn’t making my new and Google is panicking. There are full-time gaming & make-up tutorial YouTubers (oddly, two of the most successful channel-types) who are getting demonitized and getting strikes.

    I’m just the messenger today. Don’t shoot me!

  12. Randall Stephens

    Paul … You are a voice in the wilderness. I’d walk through the gates of hell to keep hearing your message.

  13. MartianBachelor

    Between Fakebook and Giggle it’s not clear what the greatest evil on the planet is and has been for the last decade.

    Good luck to the hackers!

    I don’t know if you’re into writing alt-future genre sci-fi, Paul, but a nifty scenario would be a near future where are the male coders have all quit Sillycon Valley because of the way it effs them over, and everything the big sites do is done with girl ‘programmers’, kind of along the lines of the movie “Idiocracy”. See the Urban Dictionary def of “chick science” and you get the idea.

    My gift in lieu of $$’s. Have all the fun you want w/it.

    -Loved the clever photo… compare with the one at the top of

    Funny how great minds think alike.


    1. I think it’s still a tossup between the routine sexual mutilation of 40% of American infants, and the slave trade of family courts.

  14. I think the pressure from advertisers is a myth. I think Google is just scapegoating them to take the hit for their own obvious bigotry.

    1. yes, I think U have a point there. The fact the very same advertizers are happy to advertise on sites that Google deems undesirable is all the proof we need really ;o)

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