Birmingham City Football Club breaches contract then lies about It

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64 thoughts on “Birmingham City Football Club breaches contract then lies about It”

  1. Thanks Paul, much appreciated. Only one point, the conference dates changed to 6-8 July some time ago, I’ll send you the new images to put up.

  2. I would have never trusted a football club to start with. Look at them, the world over, no matter what code, soccer, Aussie rules, Gridiron, all donning their pink boots,and bands, for women’s issues, breast cancer, domestic violence, blah, blah, blah. Pack of manginas. And look at the way they throw any of their men straight under the bus as soon as any random woman accuses them of anything. Most men are white knights and manginas and will abandon their brothers to appease women and chase pussy, but sportsmen seem to make a second sport out of it. No surprises here

    1. Yep, agree entirely Stu. As soon as I saw that it was a footy club I thought there would be problems. But I think Mike has anticipated this as well.

    2. Stu, the contract terms couldn’t be clearer. There are no grounds on which the club can unilaterally terminate the contract, so they’ve had to fabricate a charge of misrepresentation. The club’s fans will soon be making their voices heard on the matter. After all the conference is about issues affecting the demographic to which 95%+ of the club’s fans belong. We recently handed out a huge number of leaflets promoting the conference, to fans before and after a match. Had plenty of conversations with people who were very supportive of what we’re doing. I expect the conference to be held at the venue. If necessary, we shall take legal action against the club, but hopefully we won’t be driven to do that.

      1. Great stuff Mike. I will be emailing my objection to the club tomorrow morning. This is just another barrier placed in the way. Stick to it. you have great support.

      2. I hope the fans—mostly men and boys—dare to care about themselves enough to be honest with the BCFC. If they are not, what a disgrace! It will show just how much men and boys have been trained to hate themselves. I am not holding my breath but hoping an end to this type of senseless self-hatred is on its last breath.

        Thanks, Mike, for all you have done, are doing, and undoubtedly will continue to do so that our world can finally recognize men and boys just as human and worthy as females. We have a long way to go, but with visionaries like you, we will succeed.

        If you find a great need for financial support in order to legally pursue the club in an effort to make them honor their contract, I am in. May I also recommend starting a fundraiser. Also, remember how much help MILO was in bringing awareness and money to Cassie and her truth-telling Red Pill movie?

        The good thing about this happening so early is that it provides the time to pursue the Club legally…to make them care about men and boys…or at least seem to care.

        1. Thanks MGTOW-man. My conviction is that the club’s decision – not open to them contractually – to terminate the contract was a knee-jerk reaction to the scurrilous attack on J4MB and the conference – It’s full of inaccuracies and misleading statements, which I’ve detailed. My warm thanks to the many people who’ve made comments, including luminaries such as Paul Elam, Tom Golden, Karen Straughan, Janice Fiamengo, Alison Tieman… High upvote counts (e.g. 70+ for Paul) will tell any intelligent person that the article is a hit piece, and we are not as we’re being portrayed there.

          It is my belief (and hope) that once the club takes the time to consider the matter, and realises it has been duped by the article, they will reverse their decision. If they won’t do that, then we will consider taking legal action.

          1. However, don’t be surprised if the comment section you mentioned mysteriously disappears. It would be just another way to censor the truth, since their ideology can’t survive scrutiny, that is.

          2. We’ve been regularly archiving the article (in case of changes) as well as the comments section since it was published three days ago.

      3. Well I haven’t read the contract of course, and I’m not overly educated on contract law in the UK, but I do know one thing. Pussy trumps contract. Maybe not in this case, because as you say, the contract is watertight……but…..we do seem to live in a world where anything can be done if it’s to appease women………..if the feminist organize a massive march against that club and threaten to boycott them in future……and force their husbands to boycott too of course…….remember they have the pussy 🙂 I figure it is big risk to continue organizing the conference with only that venue. What will happen if it gets to two weeks out and they pull the plug…..deciding that all the sueing in the world isn’t as bad as being looked at as misogynists by the womenz.

        Yes, the majority of the supporters, including where most of their money comes from…..are men. But you wouldn’t know it when you look at how they jump on every women’s issue they are asked too, and how they throw even their own men under the bus when some women claims any sort of inappropriate behavior. They pretty much take their male fans for granted. And I can see why…..I have not known one man……except me……that has abandoned giving any major league sports one single cent of my money in any form….because of the pussy begging and misandry they demonstrate. Privately, I don’t know what any of them think…….but publically……they might as well be feminists.

        You’re a brave man Mike. You can handle the hate, the heat, and being looked at as misogynistic etc, etc…..but you won’t find many men like you on a football field, much less in the administration of the club.

        1. Stu, I once went to see the Braves in Atlanta because a few other friends were going, in which an after party seemed very worth it—and was. But that is honestly, THE only time I have ever spent a single penny on major ballgames. Other than loving and playing baseball as a teen and young adult, I also have spent my life trying hard to avoid the “manly sports trap.” But do be assured, I see what you see.

        2. Thanks Stu. If we relocated to another venue, what is there to stop them folding in a similar manner? No, we stand and fight, like members of any class which has been assaulted for way too long, and refuse to be assaulted any longer.

          1. If they show their butts in the last few days, the way I see it is since we were coming anyway, might as well still, and turn the energy into THE biggest street protest of our movement so far. Make their selfishness backfire in a way that yields so much more attention for men and boys than they hoped possible.

            It would not be a time to bail out and let ourselves be empty-handed. Knowing how so many of us are unable to risk our incomes and families, still, no matter, the time will have come for our movement to change its tactics. What other choice would we have since we will never be silenced, which must include physically and not just online activism?

            If it comes to that, I am in. I hope my brothers and sisters here that have the compassion for males too will join in as well. A lot to sacrifice? Yes, but well worth it I beg.

          2. It’s amazing how brazenly selfish these animals are. Every day of our lives, we get “wimmin’s ishoos” rammed down our throats and the minute anyone tries to shine a light on our needs, that scum can’t handle it. Misogyny? Carry on the way they are and they’ll see plenty of genuine misogyny all right. Even most women don’t support the current witch hunts taking place. For every misognist, there are a thousand misandrists drowning them out, but as usual, this goes unreported.

            Oh, this is a little off-topic – well, a lot off-topic actually – but you’ve heard of Adam Sandler touching a woman’s knee on TV (shocking, isn’t it?)? Well, on the same show, Emma Thompson couldn’t keep her hands off HIM and no one raised a ballyhoo over that. I didn’t watch it, but a female columnist pointed this out.

            Also, while I’m at it, re ‘Carry On Up the Commons’, this is a quote from John Bercow’s wife (he’s the Speaker, for anyone who might not know)…

            “Since John became Speaker, the number of women who hit on him has gone up dramatically.”

            To “hit on him”, you have to make advances, am I right? You were saying, “ladies”? The usual double standards and turning a conventient blind eye and deaf ear to the sins of woman. Cherchez la femme…

          3. Even if your case is watertight, as it probably is, BCFC is quite wealthy enough to afford to pay you damages. It’ll be a drop in the ocean compared to what they pay for a player or to pay off a sacked manager.

        3. Stu, do any of us really care anymore about being labelled a misogynist? I don’t even bother to deny it. I think that’s their problem. Might as well be hanged for a sheep…

      4. I am not a barrister, in fact I don’t even like fancy coffee drinks ;-), but it seems to me that if legal action might conceivably be necessary it should be started now. At least the way these things work in the US is the defendant with big pockets will draw out the discovery phase forcing the tiny pockets plaintiff to waste their war chest on paper shuffling. Plus there’s a finite window of time to get this resolved. On top of that, it’s always better to have a hammer and not use it, then need a hammer and not have one on hand. Impending legal action will help them focus on the fact they signed a contract and you intend to hold them to it.

        1. Thanks Artie. We have a short time window in which I believe the club will come to its senses and avoid a PR disaster by reversing its (illegal) decision.

          1. I hope you’re right. It’s hard for most organizations of that size to change course once they’ve taken a stance.
            Question: Do you think it’s really the one hit piece that has done this, or could it be poaching in Jess Phillips’ preserve? Does she have that sort of clout? That would seem to be a harder problem to solve. Large business owners do not want to be on the outs with their local representative, just in case they need a city council nudged on a zoning issue, etc. .

          2. Artie, this is a rerun of ICMI14, with the difference that we’re in a much stronger contractual position this time. Let’s look at the timelines:

            Criticism of Jess Phillips MP – we’ve been relentless since the autumn of 2015, when Phillips sought to block Philip Davies’s bid to host the first debate on men’s issues in the House of Commons, on International Men’s Day, and almost succeeded. Video here We’ve just reported that the bid to host the third consecutive debate on men’s issues in the House of Commons on IMD was successful, and will take place 14 November

            Announcement of the ICMI18 venue: Well over three months ago

            Football365 hit piece on J4MB, ICMI18: 1 November We’ve publicised a whole series of inaccuracies in the piece.

            Email from the club terminating the contract (albeit with no legal grounds to do so): 1 November, a few hours later.

            I have no doubt that the Football365 piece was the factor that made the club decide to terminate the contract, despite the club having no legal grounds to do so. The club had expressed no concerns before the publication of the piece.

          3. Based on what I’ve read in the past and her Twitter spat with Sargon, she seems the sort that would try to do dirt this way, using the article as cover. However, I’ll gladly defer to your superior knowledge of British politics as the football club’s naive white knighting seems the easier problem to overcome.

          4. I still cant see how someone who openly says that they refuse to listen to half of their constituency can go around calling themselves a public representative.

          5. That’s UK politicians’ stock in trade. That’s the only thing they are good at, apart from drinking on the job (when they bother to show up, that is).

          6. Speaking of Sargon, he has 700K+ subscribers and while his pill varies between the palest pink and ruddy he cares about free speech and no platforming. I would assume there are some BCFC fans amongst his audience, might he be induced to say something ?

    3. Stu, as usual, I agree with you again. Sports-minded people are the worst advocates for anything besides obsessing over ballgames—fabricated problems in a world of real and heartbreaking problems that leave us reeling. This does not mean that I fault Mike for pursuing this path. No, not at all. In fact, with so many men and boys comprising the audience of their beloved ballgames, I see how he and others would think that such a path might help bring due awareness to the causes of our movement.

      However, I did see this coming. All one has to do to get these traitorous types to fold on their word is to damsel the women even if such appeal is remarkably fake and shallow. That is all those kind of men know; expecting more fair and reasoned responses from a group that derives their sense of manhood from group-think, herd-approved senselessness, and that idolizes abusive and clueless women, is like pulling hen’s teeth.

      1. And isn’t it a wonder how guys will almost literally and constantly worship “teams” and “players” but when said guys are in some kind of trouble they never call “the team”, they always have to call someone else(lawyer, repairman, etc)?
        Talk about feminist-type disconnect.

    4. Sporting clubs have an achillies heel in the form of ‘respect for women’ embassadorship woven into thier constitutions.

      All a sabateur need do is announce the club is falling down on that part of thier charter to cause a scramble.

      Low fruit, easy targets. Modern sports clubs are particularly entangled in the chivalry code, something I traced the history of here:

      Fortunately Mike has a legally binding contract and the knowledge and spine to hold the org to it. Lets make an example of such clubs gynocentric cowardice.

      1. Sportsball became lame from the moment it was gentrified by taking it off the street.
        The stadium was invented to tame the unclean men of the underclass.

        One of the few sporting events I atend is the local cheese rolling,
        And the have been numerous attempts to shut this traditional event down.
        (some namby-pamby crap about health and safety, or thinly veiled attempts to monetize the event being the main problems)
        However the council have not managed to stop the event.
        Strange that one of the few times the local community comes together in these parts is to fight for the right to do this.
        But it shows what people can do when they think something is worth fighting for,
        keeps a proper wild sport going, and is a good opertunity to have a chat with people from all over the world as the event is rather well knowen these days.
        (vid included for people who do not know about the cheese rolling)

    5. Ouch… You are always like listening to Dylan’s ‘Time Out of Mind’ – depressing, but nothing other than 100% truthful. I despair at men and I really wish I didn’t have to. Every time, I think we’re motoring away and slaying these feminist animals, and then I read one of your comments and it reminds me of how much work we have to do.

  3. I can’t seem to find the direct link to the football club so I can provide my opinion. Can someone point me to it? Thank you. I know I can search for a contact link on the web but given how there are so many ways to do things, I want my message to be delivered to the same link (and eyes) that everyone else uses.

    Knowing I can be brutally honest, expecting others to be receptive—unrealistically—I will confine my words to be succinct and “respectable”. We shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells just to be honest, but we do, and I will.

    1. Tom, the club’s website is here We haven’t yet posted email addresses it would be worth writing to, but may do that shortly. You’re right, comments will need to be succinct, reasoned, and temperate.

  4. My email to the club.

    To the Birmingham City Football Club

    To whom it may concern,

    I wish to express my deep disappointment at your clubs
    decision to cancel your commitment to have the International Conference on Men’s
    Issues at your venue.

    There have so far been three of these conferences on three
    different continents. The USA, Briton and Australia. All of these conferences
    have been an outstanding success; I attended the conference on the Gold Coast
    in Australia.

    These conferences are convened so that people who have major
    concerns about the unique issues facing men and boys can get together to gain
    information from learned speakers, and to look for solutions to these problems.

    These issues include, the horrendous rate of male suicide,
    Family Court prejudice against fathers, male homelessness, recognition of male
    victims of domestic violence, criminalizing the mutilation of male babies
    genitals and many other issues.

    Speakers at the first three conferences have includes
    Senators, MP’s, politicians, physiologists, respected journalists, doctors,
    solicitors and others.

    Your football club was considered a perfect venue given that
    it is a male team and the vast majority of your supporters would be men and
    boys, the exact demographic that the Men’s Human Rights Movement are trying to

    Now !! Would there be
    some anti-feminist sentiment during the conference? Absolutely!!

    Because it is almost always feminist groups that stand in
    the way of the MHRM effecting changes that will help fix the problems. For
    instance —-

    The National Organisation for Women (one of the most
    powerful feminist organisations in the world) has consistently fought AGAINST shared
    parenting for fathers and their children after separation or divorce. They
    claim to be for equality, but obviously not for fathers and their children.

    The White Ribbon organization, a feminist organization
    operating in 60 countries including Canada, Australia and Briton, consistently promotes
    the false idea that domestic violence is a gendered issue whereby men are
    always the aggressor and women are always the victims. This is patently false,
    and there are a multitude of studies that prove this. Domestic Violence is
    mostly generational learned behavior, which is to say that most people that
    use violence in relationships came from violent homes. Just ask Erin Pizzey, the women who started
    the first shelter for women in England. She was a speaker at the first ICMI in

    These are just two examples out of many where feminist
    groups directly affect the well being of Men and Boys. Hence the anti feminist

    However, do not fall into the trap of conflating feminism
    with women. There is no anti women
    sentiment in the MHRM. In fact every conference has had many female speakers.
    And the MHRM is abundant with female supporters.

    I respectfully request that you reconsider your decision to
    cancel and be true to your original conviction, and to host the conference. I
    think you will be pleasantly surprised at the support you will get by standing
    by your word and contract, and not giving in to the bullying that you have
    obviously been receiving.

    Hosting this conference would be a great way to enhance your
    reputation of equality for all. Please consider this, for the sake of Men and
    Boys and the women who love them.

    1. Great letter. I hope the recipients do as Cassie Jaye suggested and proved worthwhile in her tedx talk. ( I don’t have handy the link but it is a YouTube, pretty sure.) She said to actually listen, really consider, check out the info while really allowing yourself to release from the preconceived notions that which people cling. It is the only real chance at truly doing what is morally and ethically right when it comes to saying you really tried to understand.

      Right then, red pill in full throes.

    2. Fantastic letter. Erin was also a speaker at ICMI16 in London and will be a speaker at ICMI18. The management of St Andrews could have come and heard her speak in their own facilities had they not cancelled the booking.

  5. My email to the club..

    I understand you have breached a contract with J4MB to be the hosting venue for ICMI18.

    This is unfortunate. I had hoped to visit your city, spend tourist dollars and purchase some
    club souveniers for my children.


  6. Mike, I know it has been said many times in the past, but I just want to repeat it again.

    Thank you for putting yourself out there. You cop a lot of flak and you have shown that you have the spine and maturity to forge ahead undeterred all for the sake of the human rights of boys and men.

    I don’t live in your country, but for my younger and older brothers in the UK and around the globe, I would like to say thank you.

    I know most of these attacks don’t bother you, but sometimes they can sting. Just know Brother, you have a solid heavily reinforced concrete wall hard up against your back that NO ONE will ever move. And that wall is all of us!

    We are there for you and we appreciate everything you do!

    1. Shrek, this is off-topic, but remember we were talking about censorship of comments on Conservative Woman last week? Well, when you have time, check my profile if and when you have time for further examples of this, only this time, it was on another site that I would have expected a little more from…

      1. Sorry Mate, I went and had a look, but don’t quite follow you. I can’t see any ‘pending’ posts on your profile. The one I had is still there. They are not going to delete or pass it. So much for that site being supportive in anyway.

        1. Hi, Shrek. I think they had a change of heart because they allowed my original comment to go on after all and removed the subsequent ones. It was only a quote from the Daily Mail, as I pointed out, from the wife of the Commons Spreaker, John Bercow, who said women have been constantly “hitting” on him since he became Speaker, which no one seems to have picked up on in the light of the sexual harassment witch hunts that are currently taking place against the men. Once again, the wandering hands and tongues of women go unacknowledged. Did you hear that one of these men, Carl Sargeant, has committed suicide? I hope the feminists are proud of themselves.

          The comments are there, but branded ‘removed’, so the only ‘pending’ comment is the one we discussed last week, on the Kathy Gyngell article, one of my replies to that Nasty Woman jerk. These ‘pending’ comments, stuck in eternal limbo, are a real blot on the profile. I had one of these ages ago, also on Conservative Woman, so I replaced it with “Bah!” – it’s still there, in my profile – ‘Bah!” You gotta laugh.

          Anyway, sorry I appeared to have led a bit of a dance, Shrek.

          1. No probs Mate.

            No I didn’t know this man had killed himself. The femtards won’t batter an eyelid. They will more than likely celebrate.

            I hear Rolf Harris has new evidence on one of the most serious cases he was gaoled for. Apparently the father of the female has now come out and said she couldn’t have been anywhere near Harris at the time.

            It is my belief Harris has been stung by lying women and paid a dear price for being a bit ‘touchy feelie’ when around children and women. He probably never sexually abused anyone, but today women from all walks of life, including the right and religious groups, will all get on the bandwagon and accuse a famous man if there is money and fame in it. The stories these women were telling sounded preposterous to say the least.

            If Harris is innocent, which I believe he is, then I hope he gets his convictions over turned, then he can sue all of them for his incarceration.

          2. Oh, the femtards won’t bother that they’ve driven a man to his death, I suppose, but it doesn’t reflect well on them.

            I never thought Rolf Harris did anything particularly wrong. Morally questionable, if it’s true, but from a criminal perspective? He’s not really in tune with how people think these days. In the past, if anyone was a bit tactile with you, it was usually because they knew you well or felt comfortable with you, but much more is read into it now. The trouble is, people are grafting modern sensibilities onto the past, which, as it says in The Go-Between, is a foreign country. Confusing sensibilities too. People are into everything now, yet they have this strange Victorian morality that they impose on everyone but themselves. How old is Rolf Harris now? Eighty-six or something? What a waste of his valuable time at this stage of his life. And even if he is proven innocent, the mud will stick and his reputation will never be restored. In the UK, he was much-loved until the witch hunt, despite the jokes. He should have stayed away from ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, of course, but as an artist (I was once an aspiring artist myself), he was/is a great talent.

            Yes, it is a bandwagon. No one wants to be left out. I accidentally brushed the table leg with the back of my hand at the weekend and it’s gone on to #metoo to report me and my alleged lustiness. Come on, we all know that table legs should be covered up in this day and age, when a glimpse of stocking is looked on as something shocking…

            Ah, it’s demoralising how easy it is to become jaded, isn’t it, Shrek?

          3. Jaded? Yep, been that way for some time now!

            Just a little tidbit for you. Back in the mid 1970s I once worked with one of Harris’s old school mates. This guy was almost as talented as Harris, but as a comedian. We worked in the meat works and he was one of my work mates. Some of the stories he told me of when they were all young men, with a bunch of them loaded into an Austin A30 heading down to the pub in Bassendean to get drunk and chat up sheilas.

            Typical Aussie/Pommy behaviour and nothing wrong with it back then.

            As you say, you put a hand on a kids arm, leg or bum back in the 1960s/70s or 80s, and when we get into the next century you are labeled a pedophile.
            It is sickening and I hope these damn women who have crawled out from under their rocks to either lie about Harris or just whine about some insignificant touching from almost half a century ago, feel good about what they have done.

            They have destroyed the life of a man who has done a lot of great things for the entertainment industry.

            We need to have a limitation on how far back women can report any kind of sexual assault. We must do this, because this lunacy is out of control.

            And you cannot blame the femtards for this. This is all on the heads and shoulders of the women in the general community. If they want to allow this to continue, then they are 100% responsible.

          4. Yes, and a lot of the men too. So many men cheer them on. It’s gratifying in a way that those manginas in the Commons are getting a dose of it now. That’s the thanks they get, but I’ve always said that manginas have an ulterior motive. I had a friend like that. He had sympathy bleeds and all that, but he once asked me, if I was married, would I stay in the marriage if the sex was no good. I told him that I would if everything else was fine, that it didn’t really matter in the great scheme of things. He said he wouldn’t, so there you go…

            Rolf Harris always seemed such an avancular chap, but avuncular seems have taken on a whole new meaning today. When I was a child (and adolescent), I was seen as a pretty cute kid, so my face got rammed into countless bosoms and I lost count of the number of wet lips planted on my cheek. Guys would wrestle you, playfully punch your belly, squeeze your leg, bear-hug you… none of this was abuse. These were women and men I knew and I knew a lot of people, even though I had a very small family (I was the only nephew/grandchild until I was a teenager). People liked children, nothing more sinister than that. I’d hate be a child now, suspicious of everyone and everything, but I suppose they don’t know any different. The only people you were wary of then were strangers, but family, friends, family friends, neighbours, teachers, etc, were all trustworthy. But as I’ve said before, it wasn’t such a sexual climate then, even though these historic witch hunts appear to contradict me.

            Sure, it was a slightly saucy era, the age of Carry On movies and bawdy sitcoms, a fun era, but that’s how innocent it was. There was all that hoo-ha over stuff ‘A Bouquet of Barbed Wire’ and ‘Rock Follies’, which were like ‘Sesame Street’ compared with what they show now. They weren’t so explicit – I watched ‘Follies’ again recently and I’m surprised my mother let me watch it back in ’76-’77, but she knew the seedier aspects of it went over my head at the time. It’s such a pity they are trying to discredit that wonderful time and make the past seem as miserable as the present.

            We could do to educate these women, get their minds out of the gutter and consequently stop them grafting their own obsession with sex onto us (do you know any man who is even remotely interested in junk like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?). It’s dangerous now, with careers and reputations destroyed for no good reason, lives ruined, families ripped apart and now victims of this witch hunt taking their own lives. They cry wolf over everything and it will get to the point where genuine female victims of domestic violence and rape will not be believed. With these cases like the Weinstein affair, the actual truth gets lost in the rush to grab a slice of the pie. He may well be guilty, but not as guilty as all that. There will come a time very soon when even men who don’t consider themselves MRA’s or MGTOW’s will refuse to have anything to with them. The funny thing is, if you don’t flirt with them or you’re not physically demonstrative with them (and I never was unless I was romantically involved – many moons ago now!), they say you’re cold, po-faced, unfriendly. In my case, it was due respect long before it was mistrust.

            One of the points I have tried to make on other sites, that the femtards will not grasp, is that women are just as guilty as men when it comes to making advances. They will not acknowledge this, as with the domestic violence issue. They say the number of male victims is nowhere near the same as women, but they overlook a few things, 1) men don’t whine about being sexually harassed (but that doesn’t mean we like it), so it goes almost entirely unheard, and 2) men are less likely to report being battered by their spouse/defacto. In other words, men don’t play the victim, so society believes that women never do bad things. I don’t deny there are wife-beaters and rapists out there, but women do deny their own proclivities in these areas. Numbers? It isn’t a competition – wrong is wrong, wrong is equal. I encountered a couple of femtards on Spiked (I think) a few weeks ago, both running away with their fingers in their ears, like they do, after resorting to their usual cheap shots and cliches.

            Well, let’s hope things turn around for Rolf Harris now, but really, the damage is done, isn’t it? It seems to be human nature to want to believe the worst in anyone, whatever the evidence (or lack of it).

            Sorry to have gone on a bit, Shrek.

  7. The footie club took a knee. Against the collective well-being of their own supporters.

    While the players tough it out physically in the field once a week for 60 and or more minutes, a certain percentage of the fan base live a lifestyle of taking it on the chin that very well paid sportsters don’t regularly experience because of their monies.
    So who’s tougher? The man, or men, having the warped system continually thrown at them for months on end in divorce, custody, maintenance courts, or the oblivious ‘tough guy’, the “real man” physically playing games during a decimal sized fraction of the time? I’m betting on the former.

    Don’t forget your pink socks for the next game, boys.

        1. 😉 Yeah, well they are sports franchise owners, not rocket scientists. The NFL owners have allowed their players to trash their industry and drive away their fans, so it isn’t exactly unknown for sports executives to take a misstep for the sake of fashion. 🙁 I hope J4MB doesn’t give up on these guys. Not for the venue, but because sports clubs are such a direct link to average guys (and the women who love them) who would benefit from hearing your message.

          1. It’s a bit hard to not give up on football clubs and the football players themselves, Brother. Just look at Australian Rules Football. The ponces run around in pink shirts, socks and kick pink footballs.
            They look like bloody queers out for an arvo of fun and frivolity! Sickening to watch actually, when knowing full well that the whole male dominated sporting association worth billions of dollars does not a single thing for Prostate cancer and men.

            The world knows more men are diagnosed and die from Prostate Cancer than women do of tit cancer, yet no one gives a damn!

            Give up on them?
            I would actively campaign against them and denounce them all as pseudo men who play aerial ping-pong half dressed as girls, just to please their female mistresses out in society and in the media. The whole lot of them are nothing but manginas’ and they should be ashamed of themselves.

            When the day comes that we see these losers doing something for men wearing blue socks, shirts and kicking a blue football, then AND ONLY THEN, will I think about changing my mind.

            Until that day comes, I have nothing but utter contempt for them all in every western country!

  8. Yep, agree entirely Stu. As soon as I saw that it was a footy club I thought there would be problems. But I think Mike has anticipated this as well.

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